VIXEN: Candy’s Conquest

by Scarlett (Australia)

Daddy was driving me into town one Saturday morning so I could go shopping. I was on my mobile phone speaking to my jogger friend Madison. I told her of my sexual encounter with a virile footballer. I told her all the juicy details “Maddie, he was just hung like a fucking horse...huge shaft and balls..” Daddy squirmed as I breathlessly told Madison “I rode him and FUCK!! He stretched me and he actually came THREE TIMES!! But in the end I wore him out”

I sat in the passenger seat with my legs spread and my micro skirt up around my thighs and my pussy fully exposed.

Daddy frowned “Candy close your legs”

I spread them even further “You are such a prude daddy!! Nothing to be ashamed about.....that is my VAGINA!!”

Daddy dropped me off at the shopping centre. After walking a few paces I reached down and bent over to adjust my shoe allowing my skirt to ride up exposing my pussy to Daddy’s gaze and everyone else. A few cars screeched to a halt and one ran into the back of another car. I was well pleased with the chaos I caused.

Being the most beautiful girl in the shopping centre all eyes were on me as I strode around ignoring all of them.

After shopping I sat down to look at the things I bought and I had my legs spread wide allowing all who passed me to see my pussy. I ignored the shocked look on people’s faces.

I sucked on an ice cream and looked at the nerdy boy watching me lick my lips and his eyes darted down to my glistening pussy. I felt a wave of power run through my body and this led to me dripping juice on the seat.

I got up and started walking towards the boy with a smile on my face. As I approached he shuddered and came in his pants. I smiled as I saw the spreading stain in his pants and licked my lips.

I bent down and purred “Who’s been a naughty boy?” I then kissed him and and turned around and bent over. I said “Go and feel my wet pussy, baby”

He touched my dripping pussy with his shaky hands. I said “Push in your fingers baby”

I felt his fingers explore me and I smiled as shocked people watched as I wiggled my butt and encouraged him to continue. I felt the pleasure building and I started to shake and slowly building to an intense shuddering orgasm which brought a surprised look of the face of the nerdy guy. Intense spasms lasted almost a minute.

Calming down I adjusted my short skirt and walked away without looking back.

That orgasm was just a warm up for me and I thought about what I could do for some more tricks. There were dozens of hot guys and girls in the centre and the thoughts of more sex was just driving me crazy.

I went to the toilet and there I was hit over the head and taken out of the centre in a concealed trolley. I woke in a van and attacked two males who were alongside me causing serious injuries to both of them before I was knocked out again.

Waking I found I was strapped to a bed with nylon cord and found I could not break the bonds.

One guy stood over me and I can only say he looked tough and ugly in a gangster way “Well, well, the von Krupp brat is finally awake. What happened sweety, smear your makeup?” I yelled “Peasant!! My mother will destroy you and all your gang”

He ran his finger down my stomach and across my clit and for the first time I realised I was naked. Electric shocks of excitement ran through me as I hoped sex would be involved in my kidnapping.

Just then a big brute of wonderful male virility entered the room and the boss man smiled “My guerrilla is here, ‘Sol the Slammer’ is going to soften you up sweety”

I watched with growing excitement as Sol shed his clothing to show off his muscles and monstrously huge cock.

I licked my lips and purred “Oh goody!! I like this game now!!”

I wiggled my butt and tried to spread my legs to open my dripping pussy. ‘Sol the Slammer’ gave me a quizzical look “Sorry babe, nothing personal”

I laughed “I don’t mind at all”

Meanwhile the big boss Gino phoned my mother “Wanda ya Swiss bitch! I have your daughter Candy and you don’t stop your feminist domination I’ll kill your brat. My guerrilla is raping her at this moment”

My mother laughed “You don’t know my daughter. You have unleashed a tiger”

The bangs, crashes and sounds of bed pounding increased in intensity until Gino looked at his henchman “Get the guerrilla out of there before he wastes her. I need the bitch alive at the moment”

Next moment the door was smashed off its hinges and shattered as I kicked it open. I stood there and joked “Round One to me. Anybody for a 10 km jog around the park?”

Sol crawled out of the room. He had aged twenty years “Boss!! It was like some horrible nightmare”

Intense orgasms give me increased strength and stamina and I tore the nylon bonds off my arms and broke down the locked door.

Quickly I bashed into submission all of the gang and when mummy and General Germaine Grr, arrived with our private army I was sitting on Big Boss Gino’s chest and masturbating over his face.

The busty butch dykes bundled the gang into a truck ready to be transported back to our home for some intense torture.

Mummy tortured the males while I watched and masturbated as they screamed for mercy. Torture was so sexually exciting that I orgasmed over fifty times before mummy fed their battered remains to our hungry dogs.

Under our castle mummy had constructed a garrison for several thousand of our PUSS warriors and many come to watch this exciting torture session. Pussy juice was trickling down my legs as I watched our warriors enjoying each other’s bodies in a big lesbian orgy.

I listened to the dogs ripping and tearing apart the bodies of the gang and it was delightful music to my ears. I should have asked mummy for them for my own sexual delights before the dogs ate them.

Our warrior’s uniform consisted of a button up tunic which was a one piece and with large pleats on either side which formed a very short skirt. The tunic was flared open at pussy level to reveal white panties. It was also flared at the back to expose the panties and butt cheeks. A green peaked cap and thigh high black leather boots completed the uniform.

To increase our power and to fight the male supremacists, mummy had plans to acquire RAPAC, the world’s largest energy producer and we sharpened our feminine weapons for the conquest. Mummy looked just magnificent as she bulged out of her tight see-through dress while I was in my usual sky high mico skirt.

Jason Wainwright, owner and CEO of RAPAC gulped as we entered the room and sat in front of his desk. I sat with my legs spread wide and my panty-less moist pussy on full display. I sucked on my index finger and stared directly into his eyes. Mummy sat there with her bra-less boobs bulging through her transparent blouse.

Jason’s eyes bulged at the onslaught of extreme female beauty. He stammered “So errr...Ms von Krupp who want to invest in my company?”

I lifted one leg and rested on the side of the chair allowing an even better view of my dripping pussy while mummy smiled “No Mr Wainwright I want your company for myself”

Before he could answer I stood up and walked around his desk and pulled the helpless male out of his chair and ripped off his clothing with my considerable strength.

As I pushed him to the floor mummy laughed “Mr Wainwight, meet my daughter Candy”

I got his cock hard and mounted him and with growing eagerness banged him hard. He came after ten minutes and I fingered myself to orgasm. I was ready to go again but I had to wait a few minutes before he could perform again, such is the limitations of men. After an hour of hard fucking the physical wreck that Jason Wainwright had become pleaded for mercy “Stop...stop... please stop you are KILLING ME!!”

I was hardly satisfied but the poor male was on the verge of complete physical exhaustion. I wanted more sex but then mummy intervened “I will spare you from my ravenous daughter if you sign over your company to me”

Poor defeated Jason signed over his company as I angrily got dressed. My sex drive was unsatisfied and once again the male of the species proved to be inferior.

I got back in the car and started to sulk. Mummy noticed and she felt my pussy “All wet and not satisfied, Pussycake?”

I huffed “Wimp ran out of puff. I need more fucking, mummy”

Mummy pulled off the road and she purred “Get in the back seat baby. Mummy will satisfy you”

My heart skipped a beat. I was so excited.

We fucked hard for two hours and we both orgasmed about 50 times in pure sexual heaven. I was covered in sweat and mummy’s pussy juice. My hair was mattered together from sweat and the smell of sex filled the car with its delightful aroma.

Only one thing stood in my way of getting into mummy’s bed permanently, Willard!! I must kill or disable my dear step daddy so I could get to mummy’s sexy body anytime I so desired.

The President of the ‘League for Male Supremacy’ Robert Mortimer was in deep despair “Those fucking Swiss bitches have beat us again!! Wanda has acquired RAPAC and that is worth 150 billion US dollars!!”

Doug West nodded “The von Krupp family fortune exceeds the trillion dollar mark. She is as financially formidable as she is physically strong. He daughter beat that gang we hired to kidnap her and her mother got the entire gang. We don’t know what she did with them”

Robert Mortimer pondered “What and where will they strike next?”

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