VIXEN: Candy The Snow Bunny

by Scarlett (Australia)

I watched as mummy rode Willard’s cock and the force of her riding shook the bed and I knew from past viewing of my mother fucking my step-daddy that the bed would soon break.

I was boiling with anger as I watched mummy. My pussy was aflame with sexual heat as I stood naked in the bedroom doorway and touched my pussy. I was still thinking on how I could kill my daddy and get away with the pleasurable act and get a permanent position in my mummy’s bed.

Suddenly the bed broke apart and both Willard and mummy were tossed on the floor. Willard looked up and straight into my eyes, he then looked at my erect nipples, my fingers buried in my pussy and juice trickling down my leg.

He turned red and yelled “WHAT IS THAT FUCKING BRAT DOING WATCHING US?......I know she is fucking strange but really?......get the fuck OUT OF HERE”

I continued to work my pussy and was not in the least scared or ashamed of my perversions. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and licked them before rubbing my clit and sending my body to sexual ecstasy.

Willard yelled again “GET OUT YOU PERVERSE BITCH!!”

Mummy put her hands around poor daddy’s neck and started to choke him while telling him “Leave my daughter alone. Can’t you see she is close to orgasming?”

I hoped there and then that mummy would kill Willard and I shuddered with orgasms as delightful pictures of him dying went through my mind.

As I calmed down I was disappointed that mummy let him go and Willard got down on his knees and kissed her toes while chanting “Oh POWERFUL GODDESS please let me lick your feet”

I was just so disgusted to have him as a step-father. He was just a pathetic wimp. I left as mummy picked him up, turned him upside down and got him to bring her to orgasm with his tongue.

Thinking of our dogs I walked down to the kennels to see our beautifully muscled brutes. My lips drooled as I looked and felt their big testicles and cocks. They all got so delightfully big as I sucked them in turn and they erupted into my mouth. I was licking up doggy cum when daddy stepped into the courtyard and yelled at me “YOU PERVERSE BRAT!! STAY AWAY FROM MY WIFE!!”

The dogs were now hungry after they had cum and I was hoping Willard would come closer. The dogs didn’t like him at all. Angrily I replied “She is my mother”

Willard shot back “SHE IS YOUR MOTHER!! NOT YOUR LOVER!!”

I pulled on the chain of one of the dogs and ripped it out of the wall. I held the growling animal ready to let him go when mother appeared and stopped me “CANDY!! Get that dog away from your step-father”

This time Willard was lucky. I pulled the dog around and hooked it up to a spare chain.

Calming down I looked up and smiled, mummy dragged Willard up by his neck and carried him inside. I followed them and was joined by some of my mother’s butch soldiers as mummy proceeded to pound Willard with her whip, the soldiers watched with delight. I ran my fingers up into the wet pussy of one of those female fighting machines and gave her a powerful orgasm. I sucked the juices off my fingers and stared at Willard as he squeaked with delight at the pounding he received. He didn’t frighten me at all and thanks to mummy tampering with my DNA I was physically stronger than he was and much tougher.

The encounter with me was too much for daddy and now he plotted my death. He spoke to a business associate “I want to get rid of my bitch of a step-daughter. I’m thinking about getting her on one of those new pilotless planes on her own and crashing it. Make it look like just an ordinary plane crash”

The associate asked “How will you get her on the plane? On what pretext?”

Daddy just laughed “She is a sex mad nymphomaniac. She is an absolute monster who just thinks of sex all the time. I need to get the brat out of my hair.....I’ll send her a text saying she has been selected to visit ‘SEX ISLAND’ for a week. She’ll be on that plane in seconds”


Before I knew it I was on a private plane to Sex Island and it was full of sex toys and porn to watch. I wasted no time and for hours I pleasured myself with all sorts of goodies.

After pleasuring myself for several hours I was still looking for more toys when suddenly the plane took a dive. Shocked I headed for the cockpit door and found it was locked. I smashed my hand through the door and ripped it off its hinges and I was shocked to find there were no pilots.

Thinking about what to do next I decided to get off the plane. I pulled myself up the steeply angled aisle until I was at the rear door. I kicked the door and smashed it out of the plane, I was carried out when the plane depressurized and I found I was only a few hundred feet above the sea and snow covered land was not far away.

I landed in the ocean and swam towards the shore. I thanked mummy for her meddling as the freezing temperatures had no effect on my body. I came ashore and trudged through the snow in my wet clinging little mini-skirt number I was wearing.

I walked for a few minutes before I sighted what looked like a base camp and once again I felt the tingling in my pussy, there were cocks and hopefully pussies to be ravaged in those buildings.

My heart skipped a beat there were sexy beasts here and more than made up missing out on Sex Island.

I made out I was sick and frail and collapsed near the camp allowing my short skirt to expose my pussy while waiting to be ‘rescued’

I was spotted by a team returning from trying to investigate the plane crash and the thought of finding me half naked made my pussy start to juice up.

One of the guys was stunned by my beauty. His eyes almost popped out when he viewed my perfect features.

Another said “The poor thing must have washed up from the crash. She is so lucky”

They didn’t know I’m extraordinarily tough.

One guy picked me up and I let my legs come apart giving the guys a good look at my pussy.

I dropped my arm and made sure I felt one guy’s crotch and rubbed along his bulge. I brought my hand back up and squeezed it pushing my fingers around the shaft.

The guy exclaimed “Shit!! This chick is so randy! She is feeling my cock”

Another pointed at my hard nipples pushing through the thin material of my top “Look her nipples are fucking hard. She wants it”

I jumped down from their arms and pushed my fingers into my pussy and pulled them out dripping “I’m wet boys and I’m ALL YOUR”S”

The team leader exclaimed “You just came down in a plane crash!! Aren’t you hurt?”

I shook my head “Nope!! I’m a tough chick”

I quickly pulled my one piece outfit over my head and exposed my fully developed teenage breasts and my blonde pubic hair.

The leader, who was a hunky spunk exclaimed “What are you doing? Aren’t you cold?”

I shook my head “I don’t feel the I told you I’m tough”

They all stood there slack jawed so I took the lead by ripping off the hunky spunk’s clothing. Being such a hot beautiful chick I had him hard and I licked by lips and slurped his big dick right down my throat.

One of the other guys couldn’t believe his eyes “Wow she isn’t shy”

I pointed to my pussy and arse “I have two other holes boys. FILL THEM UP!!”

Soon I was being banged by two guys and sucking a third. A fourth guy was licking my hard nipples. Still there were ten more waiting their turn.

The first three came, one filling my mouth with his juice while the others erupted into my holes. I fingered myself to a shuddering orgasm and then the next three took their places.

They came and once again my body was rocked by a long screaming orgasm. I licked my lips as the wave past and I commanded “NEXT!!” And the next three stepped up to pleasure me.

Soon all were an exhausted heap and I stood over them and demanded “I need more FUCKING!!”

One guy croaked “My God!! Haven’t you had enough? You must have cum over 10 times”

I sulked “Ten times is just a warm up. I WANT MORE!! NOW!!”

The former hunky spunky and now spent loser whined “You are going to fucking kill us”

I turned my nose up at the loser. Now spent he held no more interest for me. I decided it was time to skip these losers so I demanded “Radio my mother to come and get me”

The spent loser whined “Its winter in Antarctica!! How is any one going to get here?”

I smiled “My Mother is Wanda von Krupp. She can get anywhere”

The mere mention of my mother’s name sent fear across their faces. My mother treated men as disposable objects.

Within a day one of my mother’s big planes landed at the field and I was taken on board to the relief of the base personnel who I ravaged again in another cum dripping orgy.

Mummy hugged me and looked at my cum soaked body “Pussycake! Looks like you have been having fun”

I licked some of the cum from my lips “Oh I did mummy. I fucked all of the men on the base”

Mummy lounged back on her big bed and spread her legs “Now Pussycake you can have some more fun”

I bubbled up with the excitement of playing with mummy all the way home”

Back home dear daddy went into a raging fit when he heard I have survived and was coming home “THAT FUCKING BRAT IS STILL ALIVE?!!! AND COMING THE FUCK BACK HOME”

Then it hit him “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! She’s on the plane with my wife!!”

The End

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