Vixen: Candy Gets New Toys

by Scarlett (Australia)

Mummy took me out for a treat and we went to a sex shop which sent my heart racing and my sex drive into top gear. There was nothing I loved more than sex and a shop full of toys or porn CDs, this was pure heaven for me.

I walked into the shop and my eyes bulged with delight at all the goodies I could see. I sucked suggestively on a lollipop as I looked at the young woman behind the counter and purred “Places like this make me so HORNY!! My pussy is absolutely drenched”

The girl turned red with embarrassment but I could see the attraction to me in her eyes. I took a very large dildo off a shelf and looked at the thick veins running over its huge shaft and turned to her rubbing the large knob “Mmmmm I like this BIG ONE!! I would like you to fit it into my wet vagina. To see it it fits properly”

Mummy had an approving grin on her face and the girl, mesmerized by my beauty, came out from behind the counter and took the big toy.

Mummy closed the shop door and put the ‘CLOSED’ sign on the door while I sat on the chair and spread my legs, the juice trickling from my pussy. My very short skirt rode up my thighs and the sales girl gulped that I was so daring as to not wear panties under such a short skirt.

The sales girl rubbed the big head of the dildo on my clit and then pushed the huge thing in between my lips and I gulped as it stretched me and I rolled my eyes.

Mummy asked “How does it feel baby?”

I purred “I love it’s so big”

Mummy looked at the girl “We will take it. Give my daughter an orgasm and then we will move onto the next toy”

I panted as the big monster was worked in and out of my pussy and soon I screamed with mounting pleasure as an orgasm rocked my body. Successive waves of pleasure tore my body and after 40 seconds the waves subsided.

Mummy looked at the sweat glistening on my heated body “Ready for the next one, baby?”

I nodded “Yes mummy, that just warmed me up”

The sales girl brought a vibrator and mummy shook her head “Nothing with batteries. My baby will just wear them out”

The sales girl nodded “A lot of us find that. May I suggest that I substitute for the vibrator? I don’t wear out easily”

I nearly erupted again as the sexy girl stripped off her clothes and I was overjoyed to see mummy doing the same.

For three hours we used a variety of toys and sent each other to orgasmic heaven a score of times. In the end mummy spent hundreds on new toys for me and paid thousands to the sales girl for the hire of the store.

On the way home in the car I tried several more dildos and had a dozen more orgasms by the time we arrived back at the castle.

Sweat dripped off me and my long blonde hair was matted together from moisture. Mummy tapped me on the buttocks “Go and clean up Pussycake and later you can try out more of you toys and if you are a good girl I have several men which I have brought here for your pleasure”

My knees locked together as I fingered my pussy. I panted “Oh my god! Mummy! I have my own men to use?”

Mummy smiled “And Pussycake...go easy on them. I don’t want your toys all dead and broken on the first night”

I ate up dinner at a furious pace in anticipation of the evening ahead. Willard noticed my excited demeanor and looked over at mother “What’s wrong with Candy today? .....I should rephrase that..I know Candy isn’t normal at the best of times but she seems more abnormal today”

I gave Willard a dirty look and extended my foot to rub over his crotch. Willard nearly jumped through the roof “Wanda!! Please control your brat. She is rubbing”

I finished his statement “Poor daddy is a bit squeamish when it comes to sex. Mummy I’m rubbing his COCK!! Trying to see if it gets hard”

Mummy smiled at Willard “I bought some sex toys for my baby to use. You know what her sex drive is like. She needs relief”

Willard nearly exploded “What?! This selfish spoilt brat is 18 years old. And you pander to her all the time. You just keep feeding her sex drive until she can’t be controlled. She is enough of a monster now!!”

Mummy smiled “My baby is not a monster but typical of woman all over this world. Men have shackled our superiority for too long. But now our superior intelligence, strength and sexual capacity is coming to the fore”

Poor daddy started to shake for in his own heart he knew we were superior to him but his ego exploded in a barrage of yelling.

While Willard was yelling at mummy I was undoing the remaining buttons on my blouse exposing my large breasts and starting playing with my hard nipples.

Willard looked back and the sight of my breasts almost knocked him off his chair. He spluttered “Wanda!! Oh my god!! Control her!!”

Mummy got up and knocked the table out of the way. I jumped up with a grin. Violence is such a turn on.

Mother picked Willard up by his collar and hoisted him up in the air “Candy is my baby and if she wants to have sex she will HAVE SEX!!”

Willard crumpled up and babbled “Wanda!! I love your strength and power. Please show Mr Big!! A good time”

I giggled and looked at mummy as she carried him off to the bedroom. Married life is so much fun.

While mummy was fucking Willard to exhaustion I lined up my toys for inspection. I felt their muscles and judged them on cock size. The biggest would come first and the smallest last. Mummy had ten men for me so their combined stamina would at least give me a bit of a workout. When I used one up I would take the next one but I hoped that all ten would at least last the distance with me.

The males were all nervous as they were all well aware of the trial ahead of them. It was hard for them to retain any self-esteem when matched against a female who was superior to them in every way.

Number One toy was ravaged by my sexual onslaught until he was a groaning heap. I was careful not to kill him with my demands and the servants took him away to recover.

I lay on the bed and stretched, my pussy was aflame with desire and I looked at the shaking line of toys and yelled “NEXT”

Toy Number Two nervously approached my spread legs and he looked at my open pussy with cum oozing from it and tried to back away. I hissed “Come here NOW!!”

He put his knob on my pussy lips and I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him forward and in one thrust his shaft rammed all the way into me. I screamed with lust and pleasure but in about two minutes it was all over and he came weakly. I was so angry I kicked him off the bed and screamed “NEXT and you better last longer”

When I was three-quarters the way through my toys and had achieved several orgasms I was running out of men and I was nowhere near being satisfied. I decided to work through the remainder and then start on the first ones again regardless if I killed a few of them through exhaustion.

After another hour of fucking my toys were almost broken beyond repair. I worked my pussy towards another orgasm as the servants carried away the wreckage of my toys. I think mummy may be upset that I was too rough with them.

Next morning mummy looked over the battered males. I stood sheepishly behind her. She turned with her hands on her hips “Candy they cost me a lot of money and you wreck them in one night. You must be more gentle with your toys or stick to women. Women are far more unbreakable than men”

I smiled “Mummy one woman is more than equal to ten men and although I love women and they have much more stamina than men I do love being stretched by a big cock”

In another location the ‘League for Male Supremacy’ was meeting to counter the problem of increasing female domination.

The President of the League Robert Mortimer addressed the all male audience “Gentlemen the male gender is being put into second place by the female gender who are appearing in increasing numbers in universities and outscoring male students by an ever growing margin. Female athletes are starting to outperform male athletes in all sports except those requiring extreme strength and they are fast catching up in strength sports as well. Young women are starting to acquire increasing self confidence and sexual boldness. We are finding that young women are now performing acts of sexual violence that were unheard of only a few years ago. WOMEN ARE NOW RAPING MEN!! We believe that the cause of this development is billionaire Wanda von Krupp whose subversive activities are influencing women around the world”

A member of the audience questioned Mortimer “But how could some subversive activity explain the increasing prowess of women?”

Mortimer looked gravely at the member “Women have always had these superior attributes but they have been suppressed for thousands of years but now Krupp is encouraging women to to dominate in all fields”

Another asked “How can we fight this Wanda von Krupp. She is the world’s most powerful woman. You have tabled the attempt to kidnap her daughter Candy von Krupp but she proved more than a match for our men”

Mortimer nodded “Candy is our target and we will try again with more weapons, more determination and a harder resolve to capture her”

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