VIXEN: A Guest For Dinner

by Scarlett (Australia)

My name is Candy Von Krupp and I am the daughter of the world’s richest woman Wanda Von Krupp. I am 18 years old with blonde hair, 5 foot 7 inches high with a body of 37-22-36 inches and the face of a goddess.

I was coming down for breakfast when I overheard my weak and ineffective step-father having an argument with my mother. My step-father Willard, as usual vented his anger at me “Wanda!! When are you going to send your fucking insatiable brat of a daughter to reform school? She is a morally deficient SLUT!! That girl is a self-centred oversexed fucking machine!! And I do mean a FUCKING SEX MACHINE!! I don’t think there isn’t a person in this city she hasn’t fucked”

I walked into the kitchen with my blouse open and my boobs half on show. I purred “Daddy dear I haven’t fucked you yet”

Behind me the servants carried away the dead bodies of two males and three exhausted males. I had a night of raw sex with five men. None of which could match my sex drive and two died absolutely exhausted.

Willard looked at me as I licked my lips and then at the expended males and exploded “OH MY GOD!! She has done it again. They are DEAD!! YOU MONSTER!!”

Dear Daddy looked at my mother “We have to call the police; your fucking daughter is a killer”

Mother pushed Willard against the wall and looked at the servants “Put them through the grinder...all of them”

The servants nodded and mother looked at Willard who went pale at her cold bloodiness. Mother laughed “Problem solved”

Poor Daddy tried to regain some authority and pointed at me “Well the brat here is dressed like a SLUT!!”

I pushed out my chest and my hard nipples protruded through the white material of my school blouse “Come and do up my buttons, Daddy dearest”

Mother French kissed me as she did up two of the buttons and left the rest open. She pulled back and looked at my quite visible cleavage “There you are, darling, don’t be an old maid like Willard wants you to be”

Willard the Wimp screamed at both of us “Your relationship is so unnatural..don’t deny both of you are fucking each other. I know, Wanda, after you screw me to sleep you screw your daughter!!”

I sat down on the stool and crossed my legs. I flashed Daddy my pantiless pussy “Well Daddy she wouldn’t have to play with me if you could satisfy her”

Daddy screamed “Put some panties on Candy and that skirt is way too short!!”

I uncrossed my legs and spread them “I never wear PANTIES!!”

Willard’s knees almost gave way as he watched my pussy crack open before his eyes “Get breakfast Candy and I’ll take you to school”

I looked at mummy and smiled “I win....AGAIN!!”

My mother is a forty-year old sex goddess with jet black hair and she has been undertaking advanced genetic engineering on her body and she has a youthful appearance of a woman of 25 years. The genetic advancements have increased her physical strength making her so dominant over poor Willard. I have been undergoing genetic strength advancement as well and dear Willard does not dare punish me for my behaviour.

My mother owns the Krupp Banking Empire and my step-father is the heir to the Essington Armaments Works and my mother has use for all its bombs, guns, tanks and planes.

I sat in my mother’s Corvette convertible with one leg folded up resting on the seat with my pussy fully exposed. Poor Willard was hard pressed to keep his eyes on the road as he cursed my masturbation display. I worked myself to orgasm, screaming and panting as we pulled up at a set of traffic lights. A cyclist watched me orgasm and I lifted my juice soaked fingers for him to suck as he sat alongside us.

Willard cursed “Candy...PLEASE stop making a spectacle of yourself”

We moved off from the lights and I offered Willard my other hand to suck clean. He was shaking as he tried to restrain himself “You really are the daughter of the devil!! Have you no shame?”

I laughed “Well Daddy Dear I was created in a test tube and they must have forgot to add things like shame, morals and a conscience”

Greed and sexual perversity was found in dominant quantities in my genetic makeup.

I admired my perfect beauty in the mirror “Well they did add outstanding beauty to my mix. Am I the most beautiful girl in the entire world, daddy?”

Poor Willard gulped, for he knew that apart from my mother, I was beyond compare.

I knew Daddy was reaching the end of his usefulness and I wondered how Mummy planned to dispose of him.

I was dropped off at school and I bent over and my very short skirt rode up over my bum to expose my pussy and delectable ass. Willard gulped and drove off.

My good friend Emily came up and ran her fingers into my pussy “Oh Candy!! So nice and wet you slutty girl”

Emily was the daughter of the billionaire Clarence Media Empire and was an oversexed slut like myself.

We went to an exclusive private school in Zürich where the fees amounted to over one million francs a year and the all female school was a hotbed of female debauchery. I sat next to Emily and looked around at my classmates who were all extremely wealthy and extremely spoilt bitches with little regard for the ‘common people’ The teachers supplied ‘services’ to the rich bitches for favourable treatment from the students and large quantities of money was paid to them for services rendered.

The girls in the class were all extremely beautiful as is known that wealthy people have all the best genes where the ‘working class’ have all the garbage DNA left over.

At morning tea I was sitting on the grass leaning up against a tree with my legs spread. None of the students in the school had any pretence of modesty and all displayed their private parts for all to see.

A group of friends sat with me as I told of my night of sexual pleasure “I killed two guys last night”

There was a wave of excitement among the group at my words. Imogen stroked her pussy and purred delight “Tell us every juicy morsel of what happened, Candy, darling”

I took a deep breath and pointed at my own exposed pussy “Well my little girl actually did the deed. I had five guys one after another and two actually thought that they could match a woman orgasm of orgasm and they paid with their lives”

The group laughed at the thought of a man actually thinking he could out fuck a woman.

I went on “I arranged for each guy to arrive at a certain time and I fucked each one into oblivion. The two guys which died I carried them into another room and waited for the next guy to meet his Waterloo”

Emily asked “What did you do with the bodies?”

By now like all the other girls in the group I was working my pussy towards orgasm “My mother had them all ground up for dog food including the three which had passed out through exhaustion. Personally I would have fed the guys still alive and kicking to the dogs fully conscious, much more exciting like that”

There were squeals of delight from my friends at the thought of feeding them to the dogs and soon the squeals were from the spasms of pleasure coursing through our bodies.

The girls treated me like a heroine of female superiority but my best effort was to disable the German male football team visiting Zürich. The coach of the home Zürich team asked through the school for a girl to do mischief to the team. So I was picked and in the ensuring sexual melee I out fucked the whole team and left them a pile of spent male inferiority.

Daddy was there to pick me up after school and Imogen was there with me. I said to daddy “Imogen was coming home to dinner with me”

Poor daddy knew what coming to dinner was all about.

We got in the back seat and I opened a compartment and produced a long double ended dildo and Imogen squealed with lust and the sight of the thing.

We stayed clothed but since none of the girls in the school wore panties and it was easy for us to sit on the back seat with the monster between us as we thrusted back and forward panting and screaming.

Daddy was so embarrassed at the sight of us fucking the dildo in the back seat and more so when we stopped at red lights. Motorists blew their horns at us and we blew kisses back at them.

Soon we arrived at my mother’s castle situated high in the mountains and we both had orgasmed at least a dozen times during the trip. Imogen got out of the car and felt for a tree trunk in poor daddy’s pants.

She laughed at me “Your father feels a bit small down there. How does he ever satisfy your mother?”

I looked at Willard the Wimp’s angry red face “She has me to satisfy her, Imogen, darling”

I handed the dripping dildo to daddy “Daddy, darling, please clean my little toy. I will be needing it again for the trip to school tomorrow”

Willard cursed “You fucking monster, Candy”

Mother came out to greet us “Hello baby. Who is your friend?”

I lifted up my friend’s skirt to show Mummy Imogen’s dripping pussy “This is Imogen, Mummy and she brought a ripe cherry for dinner”

Mother ran a finger over Imogen’s hard nipples poking through her blouse “I can just smell the aroma of that juicy cherry. Welcome Imogen”

I knew we were going to have a most delightful banquette.


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