by Wrulf (Pueblo, Co.. U. S.)

Unfortunately, my wonderfully lascivious wife, Vanna, died in a car accident 4 years before the ensuing happened when Neva, my black-haired daughter was 20 and I was 40.

Nevertheless, I won't detail how I learned that Neva was even more lascivious, considering her interest in virtually anything.

As well, her desire for humiliation was bottomless, while the more she was insulted the more excited she'd become. Too, I trained her to address me as 'sir.'

And I'll never forget the first time we copulated, though when we were finished, Neva surprised me by asking, 'Do you think men would pay for me, sir?'

'You want to be a prostitute?' I responded.

'Yes, sir. Prostitution's degrading and it's my opinion that all women should occasionally be sold.'

'You're right,' I answered.

The following Thursday evening in August, I established a crudely-titled webpage, “Brothel Meat” to which I posted her nude, my city's name and a message: - 'Neva, my 20-y/o daughter, is starting a hustling career and I'm looking for guys to use her. She's sexy and willing to submit to whatever's required to satisfy her johns, including golden-showers, rough, though non-violent sex and unlimited verbal abuse. Contact < >.'

Within 2 hours, I received a reply from the white, 23-y/o Adam, 21-y/o Theo and 19-y/o Rob: - 'We live in your city and read your message. Neva's hot, though we can hardly believe she's a hooker. Is a get-together possible tomorrow night?'

I wrote them: - 'Come to 447 Van Buren Ave. at 9 and bring $60.'

At 8:45, however, I commanded Neva undress and wait in the living room until Rob, Adam and Theo arrived and I greeted them: - 'Hi. I'm Wrulf; this is Neva.'

'I'm Adam and these are my friends, Theo and Rob.'

'Nice seeing you,' I said.

'The same here. So, you're a pervert – huh, bitch?' Theo inquired.

'Yes, sir.'

'Your daughter's a pervert, Wrulf!' Rob jeered.

'Yeah,' Adam said, followed by him, Rob and Theo examining her nakedness.

'Hustling suits you perfectly,' Adam remarked.

'Are you worth $60?' Rob asked before he removed 6 $10-bills from his pocket and handed them to me while Neva said, 'I have no value or self-respect.'

'Really, you dumb twit?' Theo snorted.

'Yes, sir.'

'Well, I must say you're a fine 3-holer,' Adam complimented her.

'No-way, man! She's morally ugly!' Rob laughed.

'Go ahead and insult her!' I smiled before Rob, Adam and Theo stripped.

Theo then pushed Neva to her knees, bent over, shoved his anal pucker against her lips and growled, 'You'd better not be too ugly to KISS - MY - ASS!'

'Uh-hmm!' she mumbled as she began feathering her tongue along his butt-crack.

'Wow!' Rob exclaimed, after which Theo turned and spat on her pretty face.

'You're a contemptible piece of shit!' he disparaged her.

'That's an insult if I've ever heard one!' Rob grinned, followed by me saying, 'I'm rather misogynistic and you guys are, too – right?'

'Yeah, since girls need to be kept in their inferior place,' Rob answered, then slapped Neva's firm, medium-sized tits and round haunches.

'So many girls are uppity and we have fun taking them down a notch or 2 – huh, dudes?' Theo said.

'Yeah,' Adam replied, then ordered Neva to lean forward on her hands, slid beneath her and plowed his 11-incher into her snatch.

'Yes, yes! Fuck this worthless female dog!' she implored.

'Listen to her!' Rob chuckled as he crouched behind her and sank his 10-inched cock into her pooper.

He'd scarcely done that when Theo guided his 10-inched pecker into her mouth and snarled, 'Suck my dick, you vile whore!'

'Eeem!' Neva unleashed a muted squeal.

Meanwhile, I was stroking my 9-inched penis and relishing the gorgeous studs' filthy talk.

And they continued their raging assault until she loudly moaned through an orgasm.

'To hell with you!' Adam shouted.

'Yeah, you little scum-cunt!' Theo said, followed by Rob grabbing her tresses, tilting her head back, and yelling, 'I despise you, slut!

Theo then withdrew from Neva's mouth before she wailed, 'Oooh, myyyy gaaawwwd!'

'Quiet!' I told her.

Next, Adam punched his seed into her vag, Rob her bowels and Theo her gullet, before I unloaded in a glass, gave it to her and instructed, 'Drink your loving daddy's jizz!'

'Thank you, sir,' - and she obeyed.

Once she had, Theo, Adam and Rob led her outside where they massaged their poles into new hard-ons, inserted them in her anus and urinated - with Theo ending the night by smirking, 'You'll always be a vile whore and a contemptible piece of shit!'

The End

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