Vacationing in Puerto Rico

by Anon (Canada)

I visited Puerto Rico on a short vacation and booked in a small guest house owned by a lady named Liza aged in her late 40s with three helping hands – one man two women – all aged in their 30s.

Soon I gathered that she runs a private whore house, but I needed some novelty and I do have a thing for older women! This started with having local wine with Liza on a warm evening.

She was a chubby woman with ample pair of boobs, deep cleavage and as I stole a glimpse between her thighs – thick bush. Soon she got almost drunk – drew me in my room. I found her braless showing most of her ample boobs.

She took my boxer down to hold my erect cock in her hand, wasting no time, sat down on her knees and took my cock in her warm mouth and swirled her tongue all around the tip of my cut cock, then ran her tongue up and down my shaft stroking my ball sack all the while.

She slid my throbbing cock all the way in. She began sucking, sliding his dick in and out of her mouth letting me fuck her throat, taking almost whole cock as deep as it would go. It did not take long before I started squirting the largest load she had ever tasted in her mouth. She pulled my dick a bit to capture all my cum in her mouth.

She looked up at me, and then swirled her tongue around her mouth around and swallowed it all. She laid me in my bed on my back to climb up to straddle me my cock in her juice flowing pussy. She grabbed my hardening cock and guided it into her pussy. She got the tip just inside her and held it for a second and then dropped herself down on it in one quick motion.

I moaned in ecstasy. She started sliding up and down my 8” pole and I loved every thrust from her – my throbbing cock sliding in and out of her thick warm love hole. She bounced and I fucked her madly. She clenched her pussy muscles and squeezed my cock as hard as she could.

After a few minutes I shot jets of my warm semen deep inside her. The heat and the squirt made her cum as well. She had tremendous orgasm and her juices mixed with my cum started dripping down my shaft passed the ball sack! I did have my climax but she did not stop there. She kept grinding her pussy against my cock…. My cock started to harden again.

After a minute she experienced a voluptuous orgasm with muffled voice, as if crying. I too was squirting even harder than before and this made her cum shaking her whole body. She stopped and just held my cock in her. She was totally spent and I was almost devastated having sex with her.

We held ourselves together feeling the warmth of our bodies and relaxed for some time. She raised her face up and felt my cock by her hand as it slowly softened but she did not let go of it till it went totally limp and slipped out of her. She stood up kissed me long with her fat lips – still moist with my semen and asked me to stay in her guesthouse for a few days more in order to take on the two other women.

Before leaving my room she asked: tell me … how do you feel about older women? I love all women - older the better, I replied…they know how to fuck and get fucked!

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