Used And Loving It: Pt 2

by JuiceyTits (Heaven)

....'Dirty whore' i breathlessly replied. 'That's right cum bucket, and who's dirty whore are you?' Riy questioned. 'Yours' i moaned he sneered at me, pushed down on my shoulders as his friend cam over and over in my ass.

He ripped me off of him turned me to face him, held my hair and slammed his cock in my mouth. His friends jeered on 'look at that dripping cunt' 'fucking whore loves it' 'choke on his cock slut'

'Bet she got fucked by her daddy' 'ill be her fucking daddy little slut' 'bet she can take 2 cocks in that cunt'. Rou stopped pounding my mouth, he looked down at me grinning, 'Alf' he barked as he pulled me off the table 'sit here, little cum bag is going to sit on you'.

Alf sat on the table.legs dangling as Roy helped me climb on him, i started to ride Alf's cock, he was the only one who hadn't been in me yet, he grunted with every movement of my hips. Roy shoved me forward my tits in Alf's face he started chewing on my nipples. I felt Roy hold my hips and then slowly he started to ease himself into me 'FUCK, OH FUCK' i screamed as his cock joined Alfs in my pussy. 'Fuck yes, oh my god'.

'Do you love it whore? I know you do, your flooding' the began to simultaneously pound me deep and hard, i came, squirting over Alf, which in turn made him cum, his cock slopping out of my filled pussy.

Roy continued destroying me as Alf lay there playing with my tits i felt hands on my lower back sliding to my ass as they slapped it hard, 'feel her shes covered in us lads' Roy groaned as i felt fingers poking my asshole, i raised my head to see cock and balls in my face, the owner of them grab my hair with 1 hand uses his other to slap his dick across my cheek then shoved it in my mouth, i could taste myself on him, he came quick, pulling out wiping his cock across my face,Roy was grunting quickly. I knew he has about to cum. ' give me it please' i moaned at him 'give me your cum'

'FUCKING.....FLITHY....BITCH....HAVE IT' he shouted as he came deep in my pussy. I pulled out and i felt everything leak down my thighs. One of his friends turned the camera off as alf moved from under me, i turned laid on my back as they cheered and shook each others hands. 1 by 1 the came upto me, spat on me, slapped my destroyed pussy and left. Roy threw a towel at me.

'go home and clean yourself you vile cunt' he ordered, i stumbled home and done as i was told.

As i got out of the shower roy was in my room, smirking at me. ' don't ever tell me when to cum' he sneered, 'ill fuck you when i'm ready, don't you dare wear panties'.

So here i am, hoping he will come over to fuck me again. I'll let you know if he does.

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