Used And Loving It: Pt 1

by JuiceyTits (Heaven)

Well Roy, my elderly neighbour had shown our video to his friends.

So long story short he came over yesterday, tore my pants to tear up my pussy and fucked me in all holes God it was good. Anyway, his wife went away yesterday for a few days, his friends were over, no doubt for a wank fest over our video, but i had been instructed earlier to come over for his friends pleasure and amusement.

So, i took a shower, slipped into a fishnet bodysuit, crotchless panties and nipple chains. His my only neighbour so no one else around to see me leave my house like it. My hair still damp i slipped on my best slutty heals and walked round to his backdoor, my heart beating out of my chest with excitement.

I let myself in to his kitchen and looked around, smiling as the memories of making his video came to my mind. I felt my pussy clench as one of his friends walked in.

'Well well, i was going for a beer but this looks much more satisfying' he said loudly, enough so that Roy appeared, along with 4 other old men. He smirked at them then walked over to me, ripped the front of my fishnet bodysuit and grabbed hold of the chain connecting my nipple clamps.

He pulled on them as i left out a moan but dutifully followed him to the dining room.

There was a sheet covering the large wooden table, all the chairs had been moved and a camera set up in the corner.

'Stay whore' he commanded.

One of his friends walked over to the camera, it wasn't Roy's it was newer, bigger than his. Roy smiled, looked to his friends and led me to the table, he sat me on the edge facing the camera, yanked my legs apart and announced 'gentlemen, this juicy cunt is now open, and trust me, it tastes sweet' they all smiled as they inched closer to the table, pulling out their cocks, 3 of them had nothing but a semi that they began to stroke, the other 2 had full on hard on, 1 about 7 inches the other maybe 4 or 5. Roy stood by me and stroked my inner thigh, sending a shiver of excitement through me, he grabbed part of the sheet and wiped my pussy dry as his friend with the 4 or 5 inche reached me.

He was maybe a fee years older than Roy, id guess early 80's, his hard cock his 1 hand he reached out the other and drove 2 fat fingers deep into me. 'Ahhhhh' i moaned as i felt is knuckles against my pussy then he slowly pulled them out separating his fingers as he did. Roy shoved me back and lifted my feet onto the edge of the table, pussy fully exposed to the camera. The fat old guy with the smaller dick lowered himself to his knees and slowly licked from my ass hole to my clit, then rapidly buries his face in my pussy, chewing on my clit, slurping away.

The others stood and watched for a moment, all pulling hard on the cocks, while Roy just stood there, watching, smirking. I was fully aware the other 4 men had reached the table, wanking, cocks me, i moaned as the fat guy bit hard on my clit, his fat fingers digging into my legs as he pushed them as far apart as he could, he spat on my pussy then slapped it, rubbed his spit down to my asshole as he stood, i saw his face, shining wet with my juices, his grin was wide as he took his cock and slowly eased it into my ass, Roy leaned over and grabbed my chain, pulled hard on it and made me moan loudly, his friend began pounding my ass and grunting, one of the other guys who moments ago had only had a semi was fully hard and already about to explode.

I looked over at him 'open wide you dirty cum slut' Roy order, and i did as i was told, a small amount of running cum spat from him onto my face, Leaning over he smeared it to my mouth shoving his fingers in as u sucked it off of them. A few more grunts from the fat guy and i felt another small amount of cum shot into my ass. I looked at Roy, he grabbed the sheet again and wiped down my pussy but left the cum slowly leaking from my asshole.

I turned to look up at the ceiling, as i did another of the men had climbed onto the table a shoved his wrinkled balls into my face, i felt his hands either side of my hips and then his face in my pussy, he was eating it quickly, as if he was starved, it felt amazing, as i moaned he leaned up 'SHUT IT WHORE' he ordered and rammed his cock down my throat, i gagged on it as he thrust in and out of my mouth and returned to eating my pussy, i felt his tongue slide around then felt it slip into my asshole, i tried to moan but my mouth was so full of cock i couldn't. I could feel another old dick pushing at my ear and cheek as yet another guy wanked at my face, with silence from the guy eating my pussy, other than his slurping he reared up with just his tip in my mouth and exploded the biggest cum load i had ever experienced in my mouth.

'Don't swallow that whore' i heard Roy say as his friend got off the table walked around and continued to eat me, his cum seeping out of my mouth as i tried to hold it without swallowing, Roy grabbed my head, lifted it and ordered 'spit it on those tits' i did as i was told i looked at Roy, his cock was rock hard but still in his pants, 'you want to go next?' He asked his friend who had been attempting to fuck my ear, he eased himself onto the table and sat on my chest, his friend who had been eating my pussy stopped, and decided to shove a finger in instead, he twisted it around and them rammed his thumb hard into my ass, squeezing as if trying to pinch the 2 together inside me "OH FUCK" i exclaimed as he done it harder and hard, the man on my chest tossing off in my face, barely got his dick to my lips as he exploded another small amount of cum on my face.

I could feel my pussy flooding as my orgasm climbed, 'Quick' Roy said to one of his friends, who darted to a bag and pulled out a hammer, i knew what was coming, other than me, he handed it to Roy who whipped his friends hand away from me and rammed the hammer handle up my ass pounding me deep with it, the guy who just came on my face turned around, sitting on my stomach i heard whispers then he shoved 4 fingers deep into me, placed his thumb on my clit, it felt like he was trying to rip my pussy open, as he kept pulling and pulling, i came so hard, squirting everywhere, Roy didn't stop his punishment of my ass, neither did his friend stop pulling open my pussy, and i screamed with utter pleasure.

He soon let go of my climbing down as Roy slowly removed the hammer from my ass wiggling it as he did. Mr cum quick on my face pushed me up table and sit up. Another who so far had just been watching and wanking came up behind me, lifted me onto his lap at eased his rather fat cock slowly into my ass, it felt so good i threw my head back onto his shoulder with an arm under my tits he laid us both back, my cum on my face quick was kneeling on the table back to having a hard on as he slapped his cock against my clit, in out in out his friend pummeled my ass, bracing himself my cum on face drove his cock into me as i let out a moan another knelt over my face ramming himself into my mouth, every hole filled i came right away, but of course they weren't going to stop because i had cum, as 1 went in my ass the other came out of my pussy and visa versa as he throat was being fucked fast and hard, i tried to moan but it was just a garbled mess, my eyes watered as i looked to the side, i saw Roy slid.his cock out and start stroking it, i lifted my arm, reaching out as he slid it into my hand.

'See what i mean lads, begging for it, fucking dirty whore, she will fuck anything' he jeered. His friends chimed in 'slut open that pussy take my cock in all the way' 'dirty whore suck it harder, play with my balls' a growl in my ear 'i'm going to rip your ass apart filthy whore' i felt hot cum hit my stomach, must have been from the last guy, he hadst yet even touched me.

Roy is reaching over pulling hard on my nipple chain as i pull harder on his cock, i gag as his friend cums heavy in my mouth, 'swallow that slut' he orders breathlessly as he climbs off me, i let out another almighty moan as i cum again and so does the guys in my pussy, he too pulls out, covering me in cum, but my fat cock is still riding my ass, his friends grab my arms and sit me up urging me to ride the fat cock wedged inside my ass, Roy walks around grabs my face and makes me look at the camera. 'What are you?'


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