Up The Ante

by Carol (Florida)
( )

My hubby, Rocky likes to play cards and have a few of his friends come over on Sunday afternoons. You would think they’d want to watch football, but I guess cards it is. I usually go to the beach, but today I’m laying by our pool. I have a yellow bikini with a thong bottom covering my very tan body. I’m usually by the pool naked, but because the men are coming over, I have to wear a suit. I’m outside and I hear the guys come in.

They’re laughing and one of the guys, Mel asks Rocky where’s that gorgeous wife of yours. Rocky tell Mel she’s outside by the pool. Rocky Val’s for me, Carol come inside the guys want to say hello. I get up go inside and the three men are stunned when they see me. Mel’s mouth is wide open and the other two, Tom and Ron eyes are bulging. I said hi everyone and I go over to Rocky give him a big kiss and tell him have fun, then I go back outside.

I hear Mel say to Rocky your one lucky guy. Rocky says I know and she loves to fuck. The three just shake their heads and begin to play. Mel says Rocky my mouth is so dry after seeing Carol in her bikini do you have anything to drink. Tom and Ron also say they’re thirsty. Rocky says Carol could you do us a favor and the guys and I some beer. I get up and say sure.

I’ll do anything Rocky asks me to do because he has a huge ten inch cock that I’m in love with. I get the beers and hand them to the guys and go back outside. Again Mel says how lucky Rocky is to have me. They’ve been playing for a couple of hours and they’ve been drinking so it’s getting pretty loud inside. Rocky isn’t doing well and he has money for one more hand. Rocky has a great hand but he can’t call the bet when Mel says use Carol as collateral. I thought to myself me as collateral for what.

Rocky says to me you hear that honey. I answer I sure did and Rocky says are you game. I said whatever you need. I should’ve said no as Rocky had two pairs, but Mel had a full house. Mel said Carol come inside. I go inside and say ok Mel what’s next. Mel is a short heavyset bald man and he says ok Carol take off your top. I walk over to Mel and say ok Mel undo my top.

I feel Mel’s fingers fumbling with the clasp when he finally gets it my big tits fall free for all to see. I was a bartender in a go go bar for twenty years and my close for Birthday parties I would get on stage and strip so I wasn’t shy. I laid on the couch squeezing my big tits together. Mel says Rocky you going to play another hand and Rocky asks me is it ok with you. I say sure go ahead.

Well needless to say Rocky loses again and this time it’s Tom’s turn. He tells me Carol takeoff your thong. I slide my thong down my legs and throw it at Tom. The men are going crazy staring at my naked body. I’m laying on the couch so I open my legs and spread my pussy wide open and stick my fingers inside. Ron asks Rocky are you in and Rocky answers yes.

Again Rocky loses and Tom who is a tall thin young guy wins and says Carol pleas come over here. I get up and walk over to Tom and he grabs one of my tits and starts to suck my big tan nipples. I was waiting for Ro my to say enough but he never did. Tom was getting me wet and horny when I pulled away from him. Ron whose short and black said one more hand for everything. Rocky agrees and he loses.

Mel gets up and starts to get undressed and so does Tom and Ron. Rocky is again silent so I guess I’m fucking all three. All three men are already hard so I tell them I take two of you. Well Mel puts his cock inside me and Tom puts his in my mouth. Ron says to Mel don’t cum in her. Mel is fucking me hard the way I like it and Tom is fucking my mouth. I look over at Rocky and Ron and they’re both jerking their huge cocks.

Mel pulls out of my pussy and cums all over me and Tom takes his place inside me. Tom has a long skinny cock but I’m enjoying him. Ron puts his black monster in my mouth and I start to suck it. Ron is actually bigger then Rocky so I want him to fuck me. Tom pulls out and cums all over my tits. Ron now gets between my legs and says Carol are you ready for my big black cock.

I said yes Ron black is my favorite as he sinks all of his cock inside me. Mmmmmmm I moan yes Ron fuck me with your big black cock and he slams my pussy..OMG he’s stretching my pussy but I love it. Ron asks me Carol how does daddy’s cock feel inside you. I answer Ron yes daddy your big black cock feels great as I cum all over him. He says Carol ride daddy’s cock which I lower myself down on it.

Oh yes daddy fuck me. I look at the two guys and Rocky and the three are jerking off watching daddy and I. Daddy Ron then gets me on all fours and slams his cock inside me doggy. I feel his big black balls slamming my ass when I turn and say yes daddy fuck me. I cum again and I feel daddy fill my pussy with his black cum.

We lay there and Rocky says to Mel and Tom cmon lets get dressed and go get something to eat. They leave daddy and I alone and we fuck three more times as my pussy is now sore and full of daddy’s cum. I’m so happy Rocky upped the ante and I can’t wait for the next card game.

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