by Annon (England)

It was mum who had got us started in our affaire when dad took a job working abroad for six months away and six at home. The money was good and his contract was solid for five years. It took a few weeks before mum started to get the itch and become morose and short tempered. That was until a package arrived for her, which she took upstairs to open in her bedroom.

I got a chance to sneak a brief search a week or so later while mum was out shopping and my search uncovered the mystery in the shape of a very realistic Dildo. The male appendage was a nine incher, jelly, veinery, curved and the knob covered by a soft thin foreskin which was easy to skin back to reveal the blunt head.

That satisfied my curiosity and seemingly my mums morose attitude for some time. She became a bit vocal at night in her bedroom at night and I used to tease and torment my ragingly throbbing dick listening to her fucking herself until her moans and groans ceased, indicating her orgasm........or so I thought.

There was a tapping on my bedroom door, it opened and my mum stuck head around it and asked if she could come in for a minute, of course I said ok and she came and sat on the bed. She was wearing her blue nylon dressing gown, which did little to conceal her womanly fullness and curves.

She said she needed to ask me something and that it was something personal and very intimate and she hoped it wouldn't embarrass me. I nervously said for her to go ahead, there was a long silence and then she blurted out asking me if I masturbated a lot.

I was gob smacked, here was my Mum blatantly asking me if I was a regular 'Thrapper', if I 'Throttled the Bishop' a lot. I cautiously said I did so fairly often but just to relieve any sexual tension that guys my age got, then I asked her, haltingly, if She suffered the same thing with dad being away.

Mum blushed a little then told me that dad had ordered her a gift before went away and she then told me about it and when she used it, not knowing that I was privy to her nighttime activities with her Jellido. It soon became clear to me that Mum was definitely NOT a sexually satisfied woman. Then came the Bombshell.

She suddenly suggested that I could be a great help to her while Dad was away and be his sort of substitute in her bed. I was lost for a reply, but then Mum shrugged her dressing gown off her shoulders to reveal her extremely lush white tits with their thick red/brown nipples which stiffened visibly as I stared.

There was not much more said, Mum looked down at my crotch, looked at me, smiled and taking my hand, led me to her bedroom and her crumpled bed, at that point nature and sheer animal lust took over. Mum shucked off her dressing gown revealing her full naked form, very full figured, big tits, mums belly, dark forest of rich brown pubic her, thick shapely thighs supporting her big globular arse cheeked and the deep crevice dividing those mysterious cheeks. I gawked at her in wonder but my cock simply raged in my underpants. Mum quickly too matters the next step forward.

Practiced hands removed my Tee shirt, My jeans were pulled down and I stepped out of them and I caught my breath while she slowly pulled my undies down allowing my dick to spring free, slapping against my belly.

Sprawling naked on her bed, I asked Mum what she wanted to do? Her whispered reply was to do the kind of things I did with Zoe and Amanda, my girlfriends. Straight away I went down on Mum, nuzzing into her very hairy pussy, savoring the smell and slimy wetness. It soon had Mum writhing and moaning so I rolled her onto her front and got her to kneel up with her glorious big white arse fully exposed.

Her pussy was well splayed and runny and her crinkled anus so pinky/brown was winking obscenely, I had no hesitation in pressing my lips to the tight well of mystery which brought a little yelp of shock from Mum, but when my tongue pressed into that tight star she gasped and buried her face in her pillow and wailed with shock then pushed backwards onto my face as if wanting me to sink into her arsehole.

I licked Mums arse while she fingered her wet pussy and then at her eager request I knelt up and sank my throbbing dick deep into Mums wet hairy cleft in one heavenly hot velvety clasping action, bringing a sighing aaaaaahhhh! from her.

Our fucking was quite violent and almost savage and I was hard pressed not to cum too soon, but when I felt myself verging I panted to Mum that I was cumming and couldn't stop, she just spat out urgently to do it in her arse, to shoot my spunky offering up her arse.

That and subsequent trysts always made my Mum squeal and her arse grip my cock fiercely, but at least it stopped getting tubbed. Those six months as my Mums Cocksman was only the start of our incestuous relationship.

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