"Unintentional" Exhibitionist

by John

My older sister's bedroom was next to the basement bathroom in our house where I showered. One day I noticed a small hole in the wall just about at dick height. I went in my sister's room and opened her closet that was behind that wall and pushed her clothes aside. The drywall on her side of the wall had been cut away and if you put your eye up to the hole that had been poked through the wall into the bathroom and looked through you could see into the bathroom.

The next morning when my sister went into shower I slipped into her room and looked through the hole. When she got out of the shower I had a perfect view of her at cunt level. I watched as she dried off and left just before she left the bathroom. I knew she had been watching me each morning when I showered. At first it upset me but then it kind of turned me on.

The next morning when I showered, I got a hard on because I knew she was watching through the hole. Then I listen at her door when my younger sister went in and I heard them talking. My older sister said she was watching through the hole and I got hard. She said he is really big he would probably split a girl in half "I'm not that big average sized". Come down tomorrow and check it out maybe he will get hard again.

My older sister was 17, I was 16 and my younger sister was only 14. I started using the Hole when my sisters went into shower individual when no one was in my sister's room, staying as long as I could and leaving just before they would leave the bathroom. I was surprised my younger sister already had thick black pubic hair. I could only see from about the waist down and wished I could see their breast. I knew they watched me so I started putting on a show.

I would get out of the shower and face the wall and start masturbating. I would be loud so they could hear me and cum on the wall by the hole and then wipe it from the wall with a towel. Sometimes I would face my ass to the wall and finger my ass as I masturbated "for their enjoyment" and mine. I would listen with my ear to the door when they were in the room talking.

They liked the show not knowing I was doing it on purpose. Then they started sharing the room so they could watch me in the morning and I noticed another hole appeared in the wall so they didn't have to take turns and both could watch. Then they started inviting their friends to spend the night. I loved knowing they were watching and would put on special shows when I knew who was staying over was someone I wanted to impress maybe Cumming twice in a row just for them.

I think my dick was the biggest (Pun Intended) attraction in the neighborhood for a while. I loved walking down the street and see the girls look at me whispering to each other. I found out that my sisters were charging girls for "The Show" and were inviting girls from school to spend the night. It turned me on and this went on for a year and a half before I left to go out of state.

I hope every girl who wanted to see got a good show. I found out my sister even had a gay friend over to watch hope I gave him a good show too. I ended up marrying a girl that lived down the street. I know she watched the show although she never has said a thing nor have I, she was one of my sisters' best friends. Funny she likes for me to stand in front of her and masturbate until I cum on her. Go figure?

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