Unexpected Mexico Horrors: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)


Several hours later, Efrain returned to his casa but without Susan. I asked him where she was and he told me he had taken her a the local Spa Center where she would enjoy a wonderful day of luxury. As we were talking two rather healthy men came into the house, without even be announced for sure!

“Is this the faggot that’s taking your place?” The first man asked.

“I’m so sorry Bob,” Efrain shouted! “They promised this was the best way for me to solve my problems and pay them back!”

I was dragged to an old truck and then blind folded as they drove out of town. I couldn’t understand what these men were saying but they laughed as much as thy talked!

Wherever we arrived a man began speaking to me in English.

“Welcome my American friend!” He said. “Your friend Efrain told us you are a good American fuck boi, so we created some special scenes for you in our current movie!” Several other men were also laughing at his statement but I sure wasn’t!

The first thing that happened, I was stripped out of my clothes, and laid across some sort of large pillow kind of hump. My knees were drawn up and I think I was starting to look like some kind of frog getting ready to jump! Finally they tied my arms and knees together and patted me on my ass.

Now besides the laughing I could hear barking. Barking??? Dogs??? Sure enough I felt a large tongue on my asshole and could feel the nose of a dog pushing against my asshole too! After a few minutes of being licked, I felt a man come up next to me and he lifted the dog onto my back. I felt his hand guide the dog’s cock into my asshole and my breeding began. All kinds of Hispanic words were being shouted and shouted.

God how this dog could fuck! His cock was quite large and long. Ready or not it made no difference I was part of a breeding scene in whatever movies these fools were making! While his cock felt like it was tearing me apart, I knew from seeing Susan’s breeding years ago in St. Louis his knot would soon follow! Oh God how it did! This dog kept rapid firing his cock in and out of me and finally lunged a last time forcing his knot inside my asshole too! I cried out in pain as his knot grew larger and larger appearing to rip my asshole to pieces! Again with the laughter and all the Hispanic talking but for sure I was the focus of the action and the attention!

Every day I would be awaken as they brought dog after dog to breed me. Most of these dog smelled really bad especially those who’s cocks were pushed into my mouth! Many times I could tell they backed the dog up to my face and pulled the dog cock back into my mouth. How . . . let’s just say that my nose was right at the dog’s asshole and it smelled terrible! Dog cum tasted very different than human cum, more wild and gamey! Only a couple of times did they have me suck off a dog while another one was breeding me. Only if they would put gloves on all of these dogs as they have my hands!

I found it strange that they would keep me in a sort of a kennel and actually fed and watered me from dog bowls. I never was allowed to take a proper shower but someone did take a hose and shoot it on my asshole every day! A couple of times, the person actually shoved the hose into my asshole to give me an enema. While the tip of the hose felt large and cold, the actual water felt relieving. As far as for my body generated pees and poops, I was lead out to a grassy area a couple times a day the told to do my business. I knew I was a submissive sissy and have been ass fucked multiple times by various men BUT none of these men fucked me as rough and hard as any of these dogs!

I couldn’t even take my blind fold off as they had put my hands into some kind of glove and had place one of those cones around my head they put on dogs after treating their ears at the vets office.

Besides the multiple dog breeding’ and was fucked my an untold number of men, and boys, at this location. At first I wondered if this was some kind of different movies or all part of the same Bestiality Movie, but I soon lost any interest I guess because having my ass raped over and over again took all of my thoughts and shoved them into one sad situation! I lost track of the number of cocks I sucked dry and the number of assholes I licked clean, oh yes, licked cum from the assholes too!

The wildest, and last breeding, was some dog that was so large it literally stepped over me, with his front legs out far from the front of my face and he felt like he wasn’t even laying on my but fucking me standing up! His cock was the largest by far, larger than any man I had been with; larger than any strap on Susan had fucked me with! He didn’t appear to be in any hurry, just pushing in and out of my asshole. All to soon I could feel his knot pushing up against my butt cheeks and then begin to be forced into my asshole.

Unlike the other dog knots I felt push into and pull out of my ass, this one seemed to be taking its time, splitting my asshole further than it had ever gone! It had to be the size of a softball, massive it felt! As soon as it had been pushed fully inside my asshole, I could feel this dog was just standing there, not pumping anymore, but flooding my bowels with his massive load of cum! It was so hot and the pressure was tremendous! He stayed knotted with me for over an hour and when he turned around he continued to pull against my asshole until it did finally POP out. God this dog had to destroy my asshole. I cried in pain thinking I would be in diapers the rest of my life!

All this time I continued to be blindfolded and naked. All that changed was what appeared to be the location of the filming. Always out in the country somewhere, but sometimes I could also her women around me too! I could only hope for a pussy to lick or suck clean but none were availed to me!

It turned out not only was I being used to help pay off Efrain’s giant debt with my own body, but additional funds would be collected from the sales of The American Dog Bitch videos that would be distributed around the world, yes even back to America!

Yes I was finally released and taken back near Efrain’s casa. When I walked in Susan was setting on a chair in his courtyard, crying. I ran over to her and hugged her long and hard.

“You won’t believe what has happened to me!” I told Susan.

“You won’t believe what has happened to me!” She replied back.

It took us days but we both shared the story of the terrible acts we were thrown into, against our will for sure! Neither of us could actually believe that our Efrain, who we thought was our friend, had brought us BOTH into such horrible times!

“How are we going to get back home?” Susan asked me.

I told her I didn’t really know since we had no passports, no ID, no money, no credit cards, and no access to our money back in the United States . . .

As we were talking one of Efrain’s gardeners came up to us and shared he had heard us talking. While he seemed embarrassed, (so were we knowing he had heard about everything done to us and us doing them) he began to share that he had an Uncle that owned a large Hacienda Tabi (Plantation) where we might find work to earn monies.

“Can we meet your Uncle, please?” We both asked!

Tomas, his name, told us he would gladly give us a ride to his Uncle Hacienda as soon as he finished his work today. Susan asked him what his Uncle did on his Hacienda.

“Oh, he raises horses; yes very pretty and quite big horses!” Tomas shared smilingly!

“This sounds wonderful, yes please take us to your Uncle so he might help us earn the money to go home!” We both all shouted out with hope!

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