Unexpected Mexico Horrors: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Reacting to a letter from our friend Efrain in Mexico, we packed our bags and boarded a plane. Efrain shared he was in some sort of trouble and he thought we, of all people, could help him out of this jam!

Although Cancun was always the point of interest for a getaway, this time the city would be Sisal, a city North West of Merida, MX. We had first met Efrain in California while on assignment, and he was an arts student that had befriended my wife and I while on assignment for work.

Although it had been over 10 years, we had kept in contact and continued to share our love of pottery. But the cry for help from this old friend seemed most important. Upon arriving in Sisal, Efrain showed us around his casa revealing its large setting room and its beautiful veranda overlook the ocean. With its 8 bedrooms and it large kitchen, it appeared to be a dream home, even for America!

The next morning at breakfast, Efrain shared that he asked us to come down to help him straighten out some legal matters he had become entangled in. He currently owed two important families over $200,000 dollars US. We told him we were more than willing to help, but there was no way we could provide him with this much money. Efrain told us he understood and still believed we were the answer to his problems!

After breakfast, Efrain and Susan headed into town to do a little site seeing and I was left to review his accounts to try and determine what the best solution might be for their resolution.


Efrain began to cry telling me he was so sorry for asking me to help him out, but he didn’t know anyone else to call upon. As we continued to walk, He point out an old looking building, sort of a government looking one; but quite run down for sure. I ask him what was so important about this building and he told me that it owned by the Hernandez family, one of the families he owed money to.

As quickly as we entered this building, I could see it looked more like a hotel, well a cheap hotel, with a large indoor pool and a few dyke looking ladies standing around. Efrain walked me over to the Registration Counter where I was taken by my arms and lead away from him.

“I’m so sorry Susan,” Efrain shouted! “They promised this was the best way for me to solve my problems and pay them back!”

I was drug to a large room within this massive building. The strongest of these women ripped my dress from my body and started pinching my nipples like she wanted to tear them off my breasts! The second woman pushed me down onto a large bed and pushed her hairy pussy onto my mouth.

“Eat me bitch!” She commanded!

I could hear the other woman as she began making calls on a telephone.

“Yes, the new American whore is here and she is ready SO setup all the appointments for this month!” She shouted.

Appointments . . . for a month . . . I tried to scream but having my mouth stuffed with his very hairy Mexican pussy had me kind of occupied at the moment! She finally scooted forward placing her asshole in line with my mouth and commanded for me to lick her clean! Clean wasn’t even close to describing this woman’s asshole. Almost as hairy as her pussy, she appeared to have missed a good week’s worth of showers. After several minutes she stood up and looked down at me laughing.

“Not bad for an American gringo!” She said. “We’ll see what other talents you possess little whore, ones that will pay well!”

Appointments . . . for a month . . . pay well, oh hell I began to think, what am I a slave. The first woman came over and set on the couch by me.

“He’s how it’s going to go gringo!” She shared. “Your faggot friend Efrain has put you up as an American Whore to work off his debt for the next month! You can accept this and simply go with the flow, OR I can tie you up and beating you, either way we’ll still use you as the whore you are!”

“What are you going to do with me?” I asked.

“You will service any and all women that come to you, ensuring they each are very well satisfied sexually and you will do it willing or else!” She said.

“Isn’t there any other choice I might have?” I asked.

“Sure you can work this debt on stage at the Donkey Bar fucking some of the best animals in our town!” She said laughingly. With no answer from me she shook her head saying, “I didn’t think so bitch!”

After days and days of eating and licking hairy pussies and assholes, this morning began with what appeared to be a young bride that demanded I lick her pussy! She crawled upon me in a 69 position and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Wow, it was loaded with fresh cum, either from her new husband or possibly some gigolo breaking her in for her upcoming breeding! I sucked the man cum from her pussy and then began drinking down her own personal cum. She was very turned on and responding well to her vaginal stimulation! Turned on enough that I felt her nose against my pussy hair, then her lips and finally her tongue pushing into my pussy! It appeared that she knew her way around another woman as she quite expertly ate me out! Then with a cute little fart she climbed off the bed. I saw her paying an older woman as she left the room.

Sometime later, two much older women approached me telling me to get upon my hands and knees. One woman got in front of me and she too got on her hands and knees pushing her old hairy asshole back against my face.

“Comer mi miderda!” This old woman shouted! I had no idea what she had said when she pushed out a giant fart as the beginning of a turd pushed against my mouth! The second woman pushed the back of my head against her asshole as the turd continued to push out! Luckily I could still breath, but her shit continued to push into my mouth. God it tasted horrible!

Almost like some sort of distraction, I felt the second woman pushing all her fingers, no her entire hand into my pussy. Yes I was always wet these days, but I wasn’t expecting to be fisted!

The turd ended but yet my mouth was still pushed hard again her asshole! I wondered what was going to happen next. After a couple of minutes, with her shit setting in my mouth, again I heard the old woman yell again, “Comer mi miderda!”

I quickly realized that there was only one way this turd was leaving my mouth and that was for me to chew and shallow it. How could this be happening I wondered as I chewed and chewed? I did finally get this turd chewed up and swallowed as my face was released from her ass and the hand was pulled from my well opened pussy.

Both women were now standing next to the bed and I was still on my hands and knees. I was then pushed down onto my back and each woman took their turn kissing me, of course tasting the shit I had just consumed! Like all the others I saw them paying the old woman setting by the door to my room.

As soon as these women left, the old woman that had been collecting all the money for services rendered approach my bed. She climbed upon my face and ground her old stinking pussy against my mouth. I began licking through her massive hairy bush and then her dangling lips. Wow she did need a good bath, but she was as wet as any that had come to use me! Wet hell, the wetness was her beginning to piss! I started swallowing and she kept pissing. While it was washing out the taste of the shit from my mouth, it was as sour as it could be, like lemonade but without the sugar! As she finished she too shared a fart, this one much longer and so much more foul than that of the young bride. Oh how I wondered how she is doing with her new married life.

Again, no idea of which day it was now, as several women came into my room appearing to be some sort of gang! All in jeans, button up shirts and all with very manly haircuts! One by one they took turns smothering me with my nasty pussies and so shitty assholes! Many took turns fucking me with a large strap on dick they were passing around and a couple fisted my pussy so much harder than the first fisting in my life! I have to admit while I had had multiple orgasms from several of my paid services, these woman were each well learned it the art of lesbian lovemaking! All most all of them ate my pussy and my asshole making it appear as true love making between lovers! I knew I was going to have to purchase a much larger strap on upon returning home . . . that’s if I am able to return home!

I serviced all sorts of women, young (quite young), old, single married, clean, dirty (very dirty) even served as a human toilet multiple times. All activities, without my knowledge, were captured on video by multiple spy cams positioned around the room. It turned out not only was I being used to help pay off Efrain’s giant debt with my own body, but additional funds would be collected from the sales of The American Whore videos that would be distributed around the world, yes even back to America!

Yes I was finally released and taken back to Efrain’s casa. A few days later Bob reentered the casa and looked much more for the worse! He was only wearing a pair of shorts and as we tried to hug he cried out in pain; I saw the claw marks on the back and stomach! I cried with Bob as we hugged! Bob asked if I would find some medicine to put on his broken asshole.

Luckily for us, as we were talking about how in the world we were going to get back home we met a friendly gardener named Tomas. He told us he could help us, if we wanted, to earn some monies to get back to America. He shared that his Uncle had a Hacienda we could work at, earning monies!

Tomas told us he would gladly give us a ride to his Uncle’s Hacienda as soon as he finished his work today. I asked him what his Uncle did on his Hacienda.

“Oh, he raises horses; yes very pretty and quite big horses!” Tomas shared smilingly!

“What do you think Bob, this might be the opportunity for us to earn the money we need!” Susan shared.

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