Unexpected Encounter with Mom

by Steve (Ohio)

I live with my mom who is 52 yrs of age still quite attractive has a good figure and unattached as she has some medical problems so I am very close to her. I have always helped her in very many ways as she has recuring muscular problems.

Sometimes she asks me to massage her to help ease her symptoms which I have always done gladly from a boy and I am now 18.

One night quite late I went past her room to the bathroom and she was laid on her bed naked as usual as we do not hide from each other and she said Steve can you help me with a massage please so I said no problem and went into her room.

She was laid with her head at the bottom of the bed with her chin on her hands so I put on some gloves as the cream is anti inflamatory and not for me.

I put some on her neck and shoulders stood at the side of the bed and softly worked it in then she said can you put some lower so I did and she said it would be better if you came to the end of the bed and work down my back so I did.

Mom smiled and said I am sorry you have had to do mthis for me these years but there is no one else and you are now a fully grown man, I said mom nothing is to much truoble for you as I love you very much and would do anything you want me to.

I massaged her neck and slowly worked my way down her back to her lovely bigsilky knickers and back and occasionally my cock would touch her nose and face and she said you certaily have grown and that is a mgnificent great cock you have and we laughed as I carried on.

The next time my cock bumped her chin she did something she had never done and touched my cock I smiled and carried on then the next time she caught it and kissed it on my mushroom head. Unfortunately it started to thicken and lengthen and mom let out a little moan.

Oh Steve she said I am sorry I just could not help myself but by then my cock had sterted to rise into a full blown thick 9 inch erection, mom said wow its beautiful took hold of it and kissed it again thn opened her mouth and sucked it in. I was shocked but did not stop her as She sucked and gobbled it for all she was worth wanking it in between her big luscious lips.

She said I have wanted to do that for a few years when I have walked past your room at night when you were asleep naked ,sometimes with an erection which has just grown. I said oh mom you should have said before then she rolled on to her back pulled her big lovely knickers of lifted her legs over her head took my big cock back in her mouth sucking it again, I carressed her lovely huge breasts.

l had never seen her big lovely fanny before and it was oozing with her juices she said please would you lick my cunt so I bent forward and buried my face in her luscious fanny. Her smell and taste was amazing as I lapped at her lips and clit as she writhed under me as she slavoured my cock I thought I was in heaven as she came loads.

Then she stopped got on the bed properly and said quick My Lovely Steve I want you to fuck me with that beautiful cock took hold of my cock pulled me to her placed it in her fanny lips took hold of my butt and pulled me to her as my cock inched into her she kissed me passionately our tounges entwined as we tasted each others sex.

This was the most beautiful momment of my life and I could not believe it was with my mother as I loved her so much as we fucked in very position we could totally lost in each other.

Then she got on top of me in a 69 as we sucked and licked each other then she jerked and said I am cumming again then she held my head and squirted in my mouth and all over my head as I came in her mouth spurt after spurt as she swallowed hard as it was ru n ning back out of her mouth.

I have never cum like that before and mom took it all then she kissed me agin as we shared our juices together then we fell asleep in each others arms.

I was awoken in the morning with mom sucking my cock again so we fucked and sucked each other again and she said I loveyou so much and now we are at a crossroads and asked me if I would sleep with her every night so we can fuck anytime.

I do not want any other woman just her as our love is at another level and we are true lovers. Mom said perhaps now you wont pinch my big knickers to wank in and realised she knew I wanted her, she said we will explore that another day and winked at me.

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