Unexpected Boy Love

by Anonymous

The Regent Hotel was one of the largest in town and quite exclusive. It was a summer’s day and Brad was out not doing much of anything, just being a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops and enjoying the nice weather, when he happened to be going past the hotel. He saw the other boy who looked to be about his age. He had short bond hair and was dressed casually in a striped shirt, chinos and sandals.

“Hi,” he said as Brad started past.

“Hi,” Brad said.

“I take it you live here?” the boy commented.

“Yeah. Are you staying at the hotel?”

“Yeah. I’m with my dad. He’s here on business. What is there to do around here?”

Brad shrugged. “I don’t know. Not much of anything. I’m afraid. Here’s a soda fountain and some shops here on the first floor.”

“Yeah. I saw those,” said the boy. “Do you want to get something cold to drink?”

Bard gave a small shrug. “Sure.”

They went inside and into the soda fountain and ordered two ice teas.

“My name’s Derrick, by the way,” the other boy said, introducing himself.


“So … do you, like, have a girlfriend or anything?” Derrick asked.

Brad shook his head. “No. What about you?”

Derrick shook his head, too. “No. I mean, I know some girls at home. But most of them are a pain and not really all that much fun.”

Brad smiled. “Girls tend to be like that,” he agreed.

“Usually I just hang around with guy friends.”

“Yeah. Me, too, I suppose.”

As they were finishing their drinks Derrick said, “Do you want to come up to my room?”

“Sure,” Brad said agreeably.

They left the soda shop and took an elevator up to the fifth floor. There Derrick used a key to open a door and they went in. The room was very nice and Brad said so.

“This is nice.”

“Yeah,” Derrick said, sounding just a bit lackluster. “My dad travels a lot with his work and has a lot of conferences. That’s why he’s here now. A conference.”

“And you go along with him?”

“Yeah. But it gets pretty dull. One hotel is just like another.”

“I can imagine,” said Brad, thinking that this was probably true.

Derrick grinned. “Do you want to mess around?”

The question was unexpected and Brad was surprised by it. He looked at Derrick in an unsure way. “I’m not Gay.”

“Either am I. I just meant … as friends. It’d be something fun to do.”

“What about your dad? What if he came back?” Bard questioned.

“He’s at am all day meeting, and after that there’s a dinner, so he won’t be back until late.”

Brad didn’t know what to say.”I … I don’t know,” he hesitated. “I’ve never done anything like that with another boy.”

Derrick responded with a careless shrug of his shoulders. “It’s not a big deal. It’s just fun. We could get naked and try it.”

Brad remained unsure. He had never felt any sort of attraction toward other boys.

“Come on. Just a little bit,” Derrick coaxed.

“Well …” Brad said. It was funny, because he found himself curious. And the way that Derrick had put it, not making it sound like it was anything gay, did make it tempting. “I … I guess we could.”

Derrick smiled and Brad smiled back somewhat self-consciously.

He watched as Derrick started to get undressed and then he followed his example and started to take off his clothes, too. He really didn’t have any problems with doing that, mostly he was just worried that Derrick’s father might come back early.

In a moment more they were both naked. It did feel uninhibited and fun.

Derrick climbed onto the bed and Brad joined him. He was surprised to suddenly find Derrick kissing him on the lips. He had never imagined himself kissing another boy before. He was also surprised by how easy and inviting it was to do that. As they kissed they stretched out and continued to be romantic with one another. As they did, they both began to achieve an erection.

“Gees …” Derrick said, when they stopped to take a breath. “It feels good having hard with you.”

“It feels good to have it hard with you, too.’ Brad confessed, finding that it did. It was so masculine and such a turn on having an erection together.

Derrick started playing with his penis, so Brad started playing with Derricks. It was very exciting getting told hold and feel another boys’ bare erection.

“Mmm … this feels so good,” Brad murmured.

“Uh-huh,” said Derrick, who was obviously well accustomed to doing stuff like this with other boys.

Then, without a word, Derrick leaned all the way over to take Brad’s erection into his mouth.

“Uh …” Brad groaned a little with the wet stimulation, as he felt Derrick’s mouth slide up and down his stiff length. He laid there and Derrick sucked on his dick for a minute before finally pulling away, leaving the swollen head of his penis shiny wet with his saliva.

He was amazed by how easily Derrick had done that. Encouraged, Brad leaned over to try sucking on Derrick boner. The mushrooming tip felt large and incredibly smooth in his mouth, and just the idea that he was doing this to another boy’s penis, made his erection rigid. Brad found this to be incredibly exciting. He heard Derrick groan a little, and he was afraid that he might ejaculate at any moment in his mouth. Although, at the same time. Brad found that prospect very exciting as well.

Derrick held off from doing that, though. When Brad pulled his mouth away they went back to kissing and making out. Again, Brad liked how all-male this felt to experience.

Finally Derrick said, “Do you want to stick it in my butt?”

Brad looked Ar Derrick, and Derrick looked back him expectantly.

“I have some lubrication,” Derrick announced. He got off of the bed and came back a second later with a small clear plastic tube. Upending it, he proceeded to squirt some of its clear content onto his hand, which he then proceeded to slick Brad’s erection with.

Accomplishing that, Derrick then laid face down on the bed, pushing his hands under the pillow and spreading his legs well apart. Brad was hesitant again, but he found himself taking a hold of his erection and positioning himself on top of Derrick. Slowly he eased the swollen head of his boner into Derrick’s tight pink anal opening. The lubrication made his insertion easy and effortlessly.

“Oh, man …” Derrick breathed as he accommodated Brad’s male organ.

With his erection fully inserted, Brad pull partially back and then went in again, and he began to repeat this movement, looking down and seeing his penis disappearing again and again. He could hardly believe that he was fucking another boy, nor just how good it felt.

“Oh, yeah …” Derrick breathed. “Your dick feels so good! It’s really exciting me! I’m going to come!”
Suddenly Derrick was gasping and tensing as his erection ejaculated fully against the bed.

This excited Brad and he was ejaculating deep inside of Derrick. It was so incredibly satisfying to be impregnating Derrick as another boy with his sperm. His male-liquid surged out again and again from his throbbing penis.

“Oh! Oh! Oh … yeah!” Brad panted.

Then, after a glorious moment, it was over for both of them.

Brad pulled his penis out and they laid there recovering.

“that felt so good,” Derrick said. “I really wanted you to fuck me.”

“It felt good fucking you,” Brad confessed, never imaging that he would be saying this to another boy.

They kissed.

Derrick had a cigarette and Brad had one too, although he really didn’t smoke.

Fifteen minutes later, still happily naked, they each started to get another erection.

“Oh, geez!” Brad exclaimed with abroad grin. “What are you going to do with that? Fuck me, too?”

Derrick was grinning as well. “Do you want me to?”

Sure,” Brad said.

In a moment more Derrick as exercising his boner in Bard’s untested anal sheath, and Brad was loving it. He found it so exciting and wonderful to be fucked like this. It was fantastic when Derrick took his erection all the way and ejaculated in him.

Afterward Brad stayed for another naked cigarette, they kissed some more, and then he had to get dressed to go home.

When he got home his mom was there.

“Hi,” she said cheerfully. “Did you have a nice day?”

“Yeah,” Brad replied.

“So what did you do?”

“Oh … not much,” Brad said. He shrugged. There was no way of course that he could tell his mother that he had fucked another boy, and that he had been fucked by another boy.

No, she would never understand. Nor, he doubted, would she approve.

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