Uncle Irv

by Carol (Florida)

I received a phone call recently from my Uncle Irv. He says hi Carol can I come to Florida and pay you a visit. I haven’t seen Uncle Irv since I was a teenager, many moons ago. Rocky is sitting there and I say is it alright for my Uncle Irv to visit. Rocky, always the easy going one says sure why not. I tell Uncle Irv it’s ok. He says great and hangs up. Rocky says who is Uncle Irv. I tell him my mother’s brother and what I can remember a real ladies man.

I also tell him his name is Irving, but he prefers Irv instead. We’re Jewish and it seems we both love sex. Well it’s Saturday and the bell rings. Rocky answers the door and says Carol it’s Uncle Irv. I come downstairs in a one piece bathing suit because I’m going to our pool. I look at Uncle Irv and the years haven’t been kind to him. He kisses my on the cheek and says Carol you’ve grown to become on gorgeous woman. I say Uncle Irv it’s great to see you.

He says I want both you and Rocky to call me Irv. I show him his room and he says I feel like I’m in a palace. I laugh and he joins Rocky and I by the pool. He tells Rocky you’re a very lucky man to have married such a gorgeous woman. Rocky laughs and says Irv I’m no ham sandwich. Irv says I didn’t mean it that way. Well now the three of us are in the pool and I say let’s go in the hot tub so we can talk. The three of us get out of the pool and go in the hot tub.

I asked Irv why he never married. He laughs and says Carol I can’t be faithful to one woman. I laugh and say neither can Rocky and I. Irv dropped that subject immediately but I know he won’t forget what I said. Rocky says it’s getting late and I’m leaving tomorrow so I better get some sleep. Irv says you’re leaving and Rocky says yes, business. Irv says then I guess I picked a bad time to visit. I say no you didn’t, I’m glad you’re here.

We head to bed and Rocky is waiting for me with this massive hard on. We always have great sex and I never asked him why. We fuck for about an hour and I came a couple of times, as did Rocky. We both go to sleep. I wake up the next morning and Rocky is gone. I get up take a shower and put a robe on. Irv is sitting at the table so I put the coffee on and ask him does he want breakfast . Irv says no I’m really not hungry. I make us coffee and we’re talking again.

He again says Carol you’re one gorgeous woman. I say thanks Irv. He’s looking at my big tits and I realize that my robe has suddenly opened. I close my robe and Irv says just as I was enjoying the view. I laugh and Irv tells me he’s dying of cancer. He also says I was on his bucket list because he wanted to see how I was doing. Irv says Carol I see Rocky takes very good care of you. I say yes Irv that’s why I love him to death.

I was I was in shocked when Irv told me he was dying. He asks Carol what are we doing today. I tell him whatever you want. He says let’s stay by the pool. It’s hot and sunny and I say sure. We go to our rooms and I put on my yellow thong. I only own one bathing suit that covers my whole body. We meet by the pool and Irv says wow my niece is one hot mama. We both laugh and I lay on my back putting lotion on.

Irv puts his chair right next to mine. Irv says Carol you need some help with the lotion, I tell him no I’m ok. I’m getting a little leery of Irv. I roll over on my stomach and again Irv asks do you want me to put lotion on your back. I say ok and Irv gets up and straddles my back. He starts putting lotion on my back but he’s also massaging me. Irv is going down my back and he undoes my top. I say ok Irv what are you up to.

He laughs and say I only want to lotion your whole back. Ok so I let him. I can feel Irv’s cock getting hard on my back. Now he gets up and he’s going up and down my legs. He’s done putting lotion on me and goes and lays back down on his chair on his belly and I know why. We sit there and chat and I’m really hot so I get up and Jim in the pool. Irv follows. We’re swimming around it starts to storm so we run in the house.

I tell Irv I’m going to take a shower and maybe watch a movie. He says I’ll meet you on the couch. I wash off all the lotion and put my robe on and go downstairs to meet Irv and watch a movie. We decide on what movie and begin to watch it. Irv and I are sitting there and Irv says you can put your head in my lap. I do it and Irv starts to rub my hair. Then he starts rubbing my shoulder. Now he puts his hand inside my robe grabbing at my big tits.

I know I should get up, but his hand feels nice. Irv says Carol you’ve got great tits and very big nipples. I say oh Irv I know. He says stand up and takeoff your robe and let me see all of you. I say Irv I can’t this so wrong. He says Carol I’m dying, grant a man his dying wish. What do I do now? I stand up and drop my robe. Irv says my god you’ve got the most gorgeous body I’ve ever seen.

When a man compliments me like that I squeeze my big tits together and say thank you Irv. He stands up pulls his shorts down and says look at the size of my cock. Now I knew why all ladies loved him. I grab Irv’s cock and put it in my mouth and started to suck it. Irv is saying things like I always knew you sucked a great cock. This made me even suck his cock better. He’s nice and hard now so he says lay down and let Irv fuck you with his big kosher cock.

This made me laugh but I did what he wanted. I laid down on the couch, spread my legs and said my pussy needs your kosher cock. Irv climbs between my legs and sinks his cock into my pussy. OMG Irv fuck me with your big cock. He says Carol I plan to and I’m going to make you cum a lot. Mmmmmmm just what I wanted to hear. We fuck for awhile both of us cumming multiple times. He pulls out of me and says I want to fuck you in your bed.

Ok I get up grab his hand and lead him to our bedroom. Irv throws me in the bed and says Carol spread those legs and give Irv all your pussy. I do as I’m told and again Irv is deep inside of me. We both cum again and Irv pulls out of my pussy and puts his big cock in my mouth. I suck him dry and he asks do I have to go to my room. I tell him no you’re going to stay right here and fuck me until Rocky comes home. I grab his cock and climb on top and start to ride him.

Irv says not only are you gorgeous you can fuck. I laugh and tell him yes I’ve had plenty of practice. Irv rolls me over and starts to ask me questions while he’s fucking me. He asks how many men have you been with. I answer him I lost count years ago. Then he asks have you ever fucked a black man. I tell him yes many of them. Now he’s fucking me like crazy. I tell him yes Irv you’re fucking me like black man right now.

Irv shoots a big load inside me and collapses on top of me. Irv rolls off me and says did you enjoy black cock. I’m watching as Irv is now pulling on his cock and I tell him yes black cock is my favorite. He then asks are there any videos you’d like to share. I say yes. He says let’s watch it together. I grab the video of Stan and I. I tell Irv Stan has a magnificent fourteen inch cock.

I put the video in and told Irv he’d have to watch the whole video without touching me. I got so wet and Irv was rock hard watching Stan fuck me. The video is over and Irv says I can’t believe you took all of that black cock. He climbs between my legs and fucks me again this time asking me did I enjoy Stan’s huge black cock. I tell him Irv yes I miss his black cock. Irv cums again inside me and he rolls off me and lays next to me.

I ask Irv would you like to fuck me like Stan did. Irv says what do you mean Carol. I pull out my huge black cock and my strap on and tell Irv strap it on and fuck me. Irv straps it on and pushes the head into my soaked pussy. He starts to fuck me and I scream yes fuck be Stan. Irv asks me where did this happen. I tell Irv Jamaica. Irv states talking like a Jamaican man saying ok white slut enjoy my big black cock.

Oh yes Stan fuck me. I cum all over that black cock as Irv is pounding me. He says I feel your white cum all over my cock. Yes Stan I’m cumming all over your big black cock. I tell Irv I’m all fucked out he stops and my legs are shaking. He says I’m glad I came to visit and I told him I’m glad too. We fucked for the two weeks he was here and he recently passed away. I hope I made his stay a fun one.

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