Tyler And Brendan, Love Between Friends

by Marc (WA)

Tyler and Brendan stood naked in each other’s arms, kissing.

It felt so good being that way together as guys.

Tyler knew that if his parents ever saw them together like this, that they would think that they were gay. When in fact they were just two friends who liked each other, and had found it wonderful to be nakedly expressive of their feelings.

Yet, guys were not allowed to be that way with each other. Although that was okay too, because they shared a secret side to their friendship that was just between the two of them, and that made it even more enticing and special to enjoy.

As they kissed, with their smooth bare skin touching, each felt his penis responding and becoming rewardingly stiff.

“Ohhh …” Tyler murmured, savoring just how good it felt to be having a boner with Brendan, and to feel and see Brendan having on, too. It was so pleasing to let their guy-feelings show like that with one another.

They each moved their hips to allow their erections to rub together with a satisfying male intimacy.

“Let’s come on each other,” Brendan said a bit breathlessly.

“Okay,” said Tyler.

The more that they rubbed and slid their erections together, the stiffer they became. Each closed his eyes and savored the stimulation, enraptured to be fucking together like this, since that was what they were doing, even if I did not involve penetration. And it was so compelling to use the pleasure of the reproductive act together as guys.

For the next several minutes they let their erect penises engage with one another with a masculine love. Then, just as each could hardly stand it another moment, they both began ejaculating.

Their organs throbbing in unison to repeatedly pulse out their semen. As they climaxed, they continued to rub together to thoroughly mix their slippery wet substance and their sperm. It was a gratifying conclusion to do that.

Oh … Oh … Oh …” Tyler gasped as they felt weak in each other’s arms.

“Oh, yeah … Oh, yeah …” Brendan breathed back, clinging to his friend.

Although, even with their mutual discharge over, the warm feelings of passion continued.

“We’d better get dressed. My parents will be coming home soon,’ Tyler said mindfully.

“Yeah. I know,’ Brendan said, realizing as much.

They did a kiss on the lips and then reached for their abandoned clothes.

I was ashamed to have to rush and not be able to stay longer in the nakedness. Yet, just being able to share in a secret moment of friendship like this, made it all worthwhile. And of course there would be other times. Many other times.

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