Two Squirting Guys

by Dale (WA)

It was so wild fucking together like that as guys, and neither was even gay. But they had become friends at work, and somehow that sort of thing had just worked out between them.

It was just uncomplicated fun, and it felt so rewardingly and satisfyingly male in a way that was great to be able to experience.

It was a warm summer evening, and Derrick’s back yard was private and it was dark enough. So they had they had taken off their clothes, and it had been easy to nakedly let one thing quickly lead to another.

Derrick was lying on the soft grass with Brian straddling his hips and riding his hard dick, sliding his butt hole up and down along its stuff length.

Oh, yeah … yeah …” Brian panted as he continued to fuck is friend, loving how that felt.

It was making his own boner rigid like it always did.

“Oh, man …” Derrick breathed as Brian again and again easily rode his butt hole up and down his erect organ, his anal depths encouraging his sexual urge.

Brian, though, was already starting to climax. Derrick watched as the white liquid pulsed from his friend’s dick which was right there on display, shooting out to wet his chest and stomach.

This excited him and he started ejaculating, too. His dick throbbed repeatedly deep inside of Brian, giving him his sperm. It was so satisfying the share that with another guy.

In another moment they were both sighing heavily, savoring yet another successful fuck.

“Oh, man, this was so good!’ Brian exclaimed, feeling entirely unashamed by the fact that he thoroughly enjoyed having another guy’s maleness in him like his.

“You’re telling me!’ Derrick agreed.

‘You know – until I met you, I never even thought about doing this with another guy,’ Brian confessed

“Me, either,” said Derrick. “I mean, I heard about guys who liked this kind of stuff, and I always thought that they were like fags and queers.”

“I know. Me, too.”

“I didn’t realize how male it was.”

“Yeah. And doesn’t it feel god to be male with each other?”


Brian leaned over and kissed derrick on the lips.

“Let’s see if we can do it again.”

Derrick laughed. “I think that we can manage that.”

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