Two Pussy's are Better Than One

by Sally (Between Lucy's Legs)

I have been living in this house since my wedding, my husband John passed away a few years ago. I always loved to sun tan in the raw, as the houses in my neighbourhood are all one storey. John planted cedars in our backyard to give me maximum privacy. I always came out, generally in a robe, then off it went. I love being naked.

Our neighbours moved, then one day a moving truck arrived and the new occupant was a woman. After her belongings were unloaded, I went over and welcomed her.

"hello I am Sally, I live next door" she was happy to see me and had me come in.

"Lucy, I am single with no children" she smiled at me, she seemed very nice.

"well, no children either and a widow to boot"

"divorced here, just getting out on my own" she was pleasant as we worked on settling her in.

We became good friends over time, spent a lot of time together, shopping, meals and just going out. Lucy was about my age and attractive, maybe a guy would appear in her life.

"Lucy what interests do you have"

"I love to garden, I have a green thumb, the backyard will be my paradise. How about you"

"sun tanning in the nude" that seem to interest her. "as you can see my backyard is very private and no prying eyes"

We spent a lot of time together and it was pleasant. One evening she invited me over for supper with lots of wine. We drank and got drunk, as the evening went along. Lucy sat close to me with her foot going up and down my shin, I did not mind her doing that as we drank more. I was very drunk and wanted to leave, Lucy tells me that I should spend the night here and I agree.

By now I was very tipsy and wanted to sleep, she undressed me and I went under the covers, I was naked. Waking up in the morning, I was embracing Lucy. I thought it was my husband, I did not realize that it was Lucy. It felt nice to have a warm body next to me. I started to kiss the shoulder and pressed her close to me, still thinking it was John. Lucy turns around and kisses me, she was naked as well. I looked at her and apologized for kissing her. She gave me a big smile

"wish my husband was like you" she tightened up her embrace.

"thought that you were my husband. I haven't slept with anyone since he died" I was enjoying her in bed.

"how about after breakfast I show you my garden"


We ate and she took me over to the side against my backyard, we both got down as she worked on the soil. I noticed that at the bottom of the cedars she could see me where I sun tan. Then I left and went home. The day was sunny so I undressed put on a robe and went to my lounger. I took off my robe, put on lotion and laid down. Here I was all naked and looked over, there I could see Lucy looking at me. It excited me knowing that she enjoying me naked, I got wet.

I closed my eyes and thought about Lucy, she was attractive and interested in me, it was a new feeling, I was enjoying the moment. Eventually I got up and let her have a good view of my naked body. Pretending that I didn't know what she was up to. This went on for a few days and each time, she would be watching me. Then I masturbated as she watched, I exploded and it was hard to not scream, sure enough she watched me the whole time masturbating. I was getting horny and excited as I thought about Lucy.

We still spent a lot of time together, I knew that she did want me as I wanted her. I decided to bring over another lounger, all naked I could see her.
"Lucy are you there" I knew she was.

"Sally are you calling me"

"how about coming over, get naked and we can sun tan together"

"give me a few minutes, I'll get my robe and be right over" I knew that it would be a hot day under the sun for sure.

"Lucy lay on this lounger" I watched her as she got naked, she was in good shape and she excited me a lot.

"could you put lotion on me" I smiled

"with pleasure" I could see that she was waiting for me to rub it all over her body.

I slowly rubbed it all over as she kept telling me that I was missing some spots. Both naked and tanning, I sat up and put my foot on her hip and started to rub and move lower on her thigh. Lucy began to breathe deeply and not resisting me. I just wanted to love her right there, never thought that I would want a woman to love. Then my foot went to her bush and slowly got closer to her clit.

She just breathed heavy with my touch. I stopped and stood up pulling my lounger beside hers. Then I laid back down, I reached over gently caressing her arm and hip. Still no resistance from Lucy. I reached up and touched her left boob, her nipples extended as I did, she made me very horny for her. Then Lucy reached over and touched my thigh gently rubbing me, I wanted her.
"Sally glad that you invited me over" I was soaked

"I am glad that you came"

"ever since we slept together, I wanted you" I looked at her

"for me it was you watching me as I sun tanned" she reached and found my pussy, gently rubbing my lips

"just exploring" I opened my legs and she went in my pussy from top to bottom, now I was breathing heavy, we embraced and kissed, our tongues played with each other. We kissed passionately only stopping to suck on our boobs, she had sensual lips and knew how to excite me.

"Lucy lets go to my bedroom"

"thought that you would never ask" we got up, holding hands we went inside.

In the bedroom we kissed and kissed, god it was so sensual to love her. Falling on the bed arms around each other and just kissing like mad. Then she put one finger in my pussy, then two and three. my god I loved it as my fingers entered hers. Masturbating together until we climaxed. Lucy put her fingers on my lips and pushed in as I licked my juices and I did the same to her. Then we went back to kissing passionately, our tongues mixing up our juices.

Then she put her mouth on my pussy and started to lick me, as her tongue went in deep and her lips covered my pussy. Then she got up and we kissed again as she let me taste my own juice. I went down on her and did the same, again kissing. We both loved our wetness, then Lucy went back between my legs, I pushed her off and we did a 69 until we both exploded. Then we kissed again, I reached over and put my fingers inside her pussy, then I licked them. We embraced boobs to boobs, my knee was rubbing her clit, we kept kissing.

"god that was hot Lucy"

"I was hoping that we would make out"

"so was I"

Lucy spent most of her time with me. She finally sold her house and moved in with me. Sex and more sex with Lucy, we really loved each other, how lucky can a woman be.

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