Two Naked Women

by Kayla (NH)

Marcia and Lonnie were walking along through the wooded area quite all together naked. Even with both of them being comfortably barefoot as they stepped over the grass and fallen leaves.

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this,” Marcia said, thinking of being so totally naked outdoors like she was. Although with Lonnie being just as naked did make it seem more of a companionable thing.

“Well, it’s not like the first time that we have done this,” Lonnie pointed out. Addressing the issue of privacy she confidently added, “And it’s not there’s ever anyone out here.”

“No. I know,” Marcia said, agreeing that it was very private. She was looking down, watching where she was putting her feet. "You’re lucky to live in a place like this. It really is nice.”

“I like it.” She smiled Marcia.” And it’s nice that you’re here.”

“It’s nice of you to have me.”

“Oh,” said Lonnie dismissively. “”We’ve been friends for how long?”

“Well, for several years before we retired. They were both in their sixties. Marcie as sixty-four and Lonnie was sixty-five. She smiled perhaps just a bit self-consciously. “I just never imagined my self visiting a friend and going for nude walks in the woods.”

“Well, we are pretty close friends I would say,” said Lonnie.

“Yes. I know. And I never imagined myself being like this with another woman.”

“I didn’t, either. Not until I met you. Sometimes it’s nice when things like that can just workout between friends.”

“Mmm. Yes,” Marcia, reflected.

“You could just move out here, you know,” Lonnie mentioned, offering this as a thought.

Marci gave her an uncertain look. “We’d look like two old lesbian school teachers.”

“So? Neither of us are married. We’re both divorced. And frankly I’m just too old to care how it looks.”

Marci had to smile over her friend’s uninhibited attitude, which extended to more than just having become something of a nudist. “But what would they say in the village?”

“In Overcross? Not much … except maybe that we’re two old lesbian school teachers.” In consideration of this Lonnie added, “Which is what I suppose we are. I mean, we’ve been having an affair … if you want to call t that, for over a year now.”

“It’s just that … I don’t know. Being a lesbian. That has such connotations.”

Lonnie smirked. “Okay, then. Just lovers and we both happen to be women.”

“That’s not much better.”

“Just friends, then. It doesn’t have to be labeled. That's my point. We’re friends who like to have sex. Lots of women do with other women. That’s nothing new and hardly shocking. And people can just think what they want. They will no matter what.”

“I suppose …” Marcia relented in her assessment, realizing that she was probably just being overly sensitive and critical. Overcross was such a small village, did it really matter what anybody there thought? It wasn’t like she was sixteen and was worried about image, where if you let a boy fuck you you were a whore, and if you had a fun fling with another girl you were automatically condemned to being a lesbian. Besides, those days were hopefully changing and past.

The truth was that she really did like Lonnie as a friend, and even though she might not be madly and romantically in love with her, she did like being with her. She liked it when they had sex, and when they fucked – which was what they did in spite of either both of them lacking a penis. They did fuck, and it was fun and exciting and wonderful, to say nothing of being very satisfying. Perhaps even in a way that she had perhaps ever felt with a man.

Lonnie gave her something of a wry grin. “Do you want to stop and make love?”

“What? Right here? Out in the open?”

“It’s not all that open,” Lonnie chastised. She grin again. “And since we’re both naked …”

Marcia wrinkled her nose.

“Come on,” said Lonnie, picking a spot near some bushes for them to sit.

“Ooo … I just feel … so naked,” said Marcia.

“Good. I like you that way.”

They kissed. It felt so delicious having Lonnie’s lips pressing against hers, soft and warm and wet.

“Maybe …” Marcia said, drawing back and taking a breath, “I could move out, and we could live together.”

“You know,” Lonnie said, “to me that sounds like the perfect plan.”

They kissed again and they made love right there, freely and enjoyably and meaningfully.

It was wonderful. Two naked women who were friends.

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