Two Friends Found Each Other

by Yani (Bahrain)

So, about the night one of my dreams came true.

Little about myself and my friend.

My friend is a little shorter than me, Black hair, black eyes, body to die for, and then comes the cock and ass. WOW!

So, we were out drinking for the 1st time in a very long while, catching up and just having fun. I get a call from other friends saying that we must go to their house for some more drinking.

So we get there, and it's just shirtless guys everywhere.

Now mind you, all these guys are straight, me being the only gay one.

So this sight before me, along with the alcohol, is getting me extremely hard and now I must hide my boner.

During the course of the night, my friend keeps on grabbing or slapping my ass when walking past me, I just laugh at him, all of us being drunk, and when he slaps my ass, he winks at me.

I think nothing of it and just go on drinking and talking with my friends.

Well the night is ending and we decide that we're going to hit the road, so obviously I was going to drop him off at home and then head to mine.

But he had other plans.

As we are driving we decide go have a smoke first before ending the night at a secluded place, actually very public but anyway.

As I'm driving there, out of the blue he asks me, "You have a big dick right?"

Now I am stunned at the question, I start laughing and say "I guess, I haven't had any complaints"

He looks at me and says, "Prove it!"

I stop in the middle of the road, turn to him and ask him if he's serious. He then smiles and says yes.

So I unbutton my pants and pull them down to just under my balls, already rock hard as I cannot believe this is happening.

He looks at my dick, takes it in his hand and starts jerking me off!

Wow, this straight friend of mine who I've been lusting after for years, actually has my dick in his hand & is jerking me off.

My night couldn't go any better, but it did.

He tells me to drive to the spot, so I did.

We get there, he leans over and takes my dick in his mouth. Now I am gasping for air, this definitely was not his 1st time.

As he is sucking me, I reach over and rub his, now very hard dick, through his pants. I put my hand inside and start stroking him.

What I feel, feels big and amazing. So naturally, I take it out, stop him sucking my dick, lean over and take his dick in my mouth and started sucking him. What I great dick and taste, leaking loads of precum!

We decide to get out of the car, get completely naked and 69 right next to the car on the grass. I was in heaven, I couldn't believe this!

He stops sucking me, and tells me he wants me to fuck him. He grabs a condom, puts it on my dick, bend over the hood of my car and begs for me to stick it, which I happily did!

He moans and groans and begs me to fuck him harder and faster, and I do as he asks.

After a while I start to get that oh so awesome feeling of cumming and I stop.

I pull out of him, turn him around, got on my knees and started sucking him again. By now he was very close to cumming.

I stop the bj, told him to lie down on the hood of my car, I lift his legs on to my shoulders, line up my dick with his sweet hole, and stick it right in.

After a while I can't take it anymore, I pull out, and start cumming all over his stomach and dick. I then get on my knees again, using my cum as lube I jerk him off till he shoots the best load I have seen all over me and himself.

We chat for a bit afterwards and then I went to drop him off, where he grabs me and starts making out with me.

Needless to say, that wasn't the last time we got together and loads more fun.

Unfortunately he moved away, but he still tells me I'm his Boy Toy and keeps on reminding me how horny I was, well still am for him.

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