Two Friends And Discovery

by Anonymous

Greg and Josh had hiked out and into the woodsy area that was near where they lived. It was a warm summer morning and when they reached the stream that was there, and with no one around, they happily decided to strip off their clothes in favor of the fun of being naked.

The water was cold as they waded out knee-deep, but it felt refreshing. Each could feel the gravel bed of the stream washing away beneath their feet with the current and they slipped arm around behind each other’s waist to keep their balance. They grinned at one another over the closeness.

“Man, this water is cold!” Greg exclaimed.

“You’re telling me!” Josh agreed.

They waded back out of the water to warm up in the sun.

As they did so, each began to get an erection.

Being naked, of course, there was no way for them to hide this. The fact that they were becoming visibly aroused made it less embarrassing to be sure, and they grinned over the revealing fact.

“Geez … I’m glad there’s no on here to see us,” Greg mentioned. “This might look pretty gay.”

Josh smirked at the concern. “Can’t two friends have a boner together if they feel like it?”

Greg laughed. “I suppose so … since we are both having one.”

They stood there enjoying how good it felt to let their male-feelings show like that with one another, as their penises pushed stiffly and handsomely up. If they had been in a locker room experiencing something like that might well have been embarrassing. But here, with it just being the two of them, it was enjoyable to be male like that, and to feel the full extent of their sexuality. Something which only assured their erections and served to make them as enlarged as they could be, to the point where the heads on each of their boner was fully swollen and shiny smooth and becoming a purple-tinged shade of deep red.

“Man,” Greg remarked, “you think that it wouldn’t get this hard with another guy!”

“Well … with a friend,” Josh allowed. ‘It feels good, huh?”

“Yeah. It does feel good having a boner with you,” Greg admitted. He smiled at his friend, feeling only too pleased really to let him see the exaggerated measure of his raw sex, and to see his friend’s looking no less. “I don’t think that my dick gets this big and this hard with a girl,” he confessed.

“I know. Mine’s huge!” Josh laughed, and his erection was. “I guess it just says that we’re good friends.”

“Very good friends,” said Greg.

They were standing there smiling at one another, and they slipped into each other’s arms to share a naked embrace, allowing their stiff organs to touch and slide together. Without hesitating, they were kissing and doing so quite passionately. Each moved his hips a little so that their erections fucked together.

“Oh, man …” Greg breathed, holding onto Josh as they experienced this rewarding male intimacy.

“Mmm … this is so nice … with a friend,” Josh murmured.

He squeezed his hand down between them to take a hold of Greg’s masculine rigidity and squeeze its enlarged shape, while Greg did the same to his. They did this for a moment and then went back to kissing and letting their boners rub and slide and fuck freely together with the same shared urge. Some pre-cum started to ooze out from each of them to lubricate their effort.

“I’m about ready to cum,” Josh breathed.

“So am I,” Greg breathed back.

They held one another tightly as their stimulated organ climaxed and each ejaculated. Of wet surge of male-liquid gushed upward between them with intense pleasure, and their boners throbbed again and again without constraint. As they finished climaxing they continued to hold each other and to move their hips and penis together, smearing and blending their sperm to make them as close as any two guys could be. It was such a wonderful ritual of male-friendship do be able to do this.

Both savored their nakedly male loving moment. It felt so good, so satisfying to experience this together, and to feel their combined wetness now leaking down over their hairy balls and legs. They knew that his would be a good day. No doubt about that. Although not expecting to do so, they had managed to explore their feelings of friendship, to find the male love that was just naturally there, and to express it to one another in a most positive way.

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