Two Boys

by Anonymous

I could hardly believe it, but there I was butt fucking Ron. Neither of us are Gay, but I was giving him every stiff inch of my erect penis and he was eager to have it in him.

"Oh, man! That feels so good having your hard dick in my butt!" he panted.

"It feels good having my hard dick in your boy's butt," I panted back. I could only think how excitingly male it was to be having sex together like this.

I suppose that the two of us had just been feeling horny and inhibited, and it had been easy to get naked and let one thing lead to another. Ron was lying on his back with his legs up, and I was on my knees smoothly and effortlessly sliding my lubricated erection in and out of his tight and sensitive opening.

There was just something about our doing this together as guys that we both found absolutely exhilarating, and although this was our first time already we both knew that it would not be our last and there was a wonderful sense of masculine liberation in the idea that we would both be eager to repeat this experience.

Mostly my eyes were close in pleasure, although every now and then I would open them enough to see Ron's enormously stiff erection thrusting up his stomach and then look down to see mine moving easily and uninterrupted through his gripping butt hole.

"Oh, man I really want to fuck!" I gasped.

"I want you to fuck me!" he exclaimed and moaned with the inward surges of my male stiffness.

Neither of us were bashful or shy, but nakedly enthusiastic and ready to share our passionate male-feelings. The idea that guys actually got the best of both worlds, that they could give and receive was so incredible, just as Ron and I were discovering for ourselves, as well as the fact that guys did not have to be gay to enjoy being so sexually indulgent.

I began to feel the urgency building within my stiff length, and in spite of my best efforts I was fighting a losing battle to hold off the inevitable. Finally and suddenly on my last inward plunge I could not hold back.

I started ejaculating deep in his anal sheath, my semen pulsing forcefully out. It was fantastic impregnating him with my sperm as another guy. I was amazed by how satisfying this was to let my rigid penis throb its male liquid deep inside of him.

Ron loved the moment and found it every bit as fulfilling to be on the receiving end of my male discharge. He gasped and with uncontrolled excitement he started ejaculating, too. The white liquid shot out across his stomach in repeated bursts to satisfy his climaxing needs.

In another moment our glorious release had left us exhausted and breathing hard. But we smiled at one another over our being as close as two boys could possibly be.

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