Two Boys Out West, A Tale of Love and Adventure

by Dale (AZ)

Right then the two of them being nakedly expressive of their feelings of friendship felt so good, laying on their sides, with Marty’s stiff penis lovingly inserted into Danny’s butt.

The two of them had become friends a year ago, when Marty had come out west to work on his Uncle Jake’s small ranch, and of course Danny lived in the near-by town of Sage Springs. Needless to say, it was dull place with a very small population, so it was natural that the two of them would meet and become friends.

That there were so few girls around had perhaps contributed to how close of friends they had become, but there was also just an enjoyment of the male-chemistry between the two of them which would have made them close anyway even if either had been dating.

Marty was only too aware, of course, that his Uncle Jake would not approve of their being sharing of their feelings together like this, in such a personal and sexual way. And Danny knew as well that his parents would feel the same. But then such things between guys were personal and private, so they had no trouble in keeping it that way.

Their naked moment that morning was a relaxed one. Marty’s Uncle had to drive up to Bent Crossing that day, which was over a hundred miles away, so he would be gone for some time. They both knew that they could take off their clothes to enjoy being naked friends for a couple of hours, without having to rush or worry.

As Marty had discovered, it was fun living out west, and being in jeans and cowboy boots and hats, riding horses, and enjoying the desolate beauty of the empty land. Although, on occasion, and when it could be done, to be out of the western attire in favor of being just one’s bare and natural self, was just as enjoyable, and which could be said to be an appealing experience whether in New York City or out west.

There was an old legend of lost gold which said to be hidden somewhere up by Lonely Mesa. When they had the time, Marty and Danny would often ride their horses up there, traversing the rugged and forgotten trails searching for it. The thought of finding a fortune in lost gold was a tempting one, but it was also just nice having that as an excuse to be out enjoying the boundless land, and just being together.

Mary felt the agreeable warm and tightness of Danny’s anal sheath enveloping and gently caressing his male organ, just as Danny felt the agreeableness of having Marty’s male stiffness in his private quarters in such a personal way.

“You know …” Marty said in a soft voice, “A year ago I couldn’t have imagined being with another guy like this.”

“I know,” Danny readily agreed. “I would have never dreamed of it … or how nice it could be.”

“It is nice. I like being in you.”

“I like it when you are,” said Danny, pleased that he could say this to Marty as another guy, without embarrassment or fear of looking or sounding gay, simply because as two guys they felt like being so sharing of their feelings of friendship, and to use their penises as a natural means to accomplish this.

A couple of years back Danny had been dating a girl who had been secretly bisexual, and he had wondered at the time what that would be like. Not that he had really ever gotten to talk to her about it. Such things where they lived were never discussed let alone revealed, and not considered acceptable. Yet, she had enjoyed being sexual with other girls, and Danny had thought what a wonderful sense of uninhibited freedom that must be. Then she had moved away to go and live in the city, and he supposed that she was probably happy and enjoying it.

“Geez …” Marty remarked, “if my uncle ever knew that we were fucking like this …”

“I know,” Danny said. “If my parents ever found out that I was fucking with another guy …”

They both smiled in a privately amused way and did a small kiss on the lips.

Looking for a secret lost treasure and sharing secret feelings of a friendly male-romance was fun.

Marty began to move his hard penis in and out in a more determined manner, and Danny was ready for this. After all, their time was limited and they did need to be mindful and take care of things while they could.

“Ooo …” Mart moaned as his penis fucked into Danny’s butt with a pleasing rhythm. Before this he had only fucked a girl’s vagina, and he had been unprepared for how good and how male it felt to fuck another guy.

It was the same for Danny, of course. His sexual experiences had only been with girls, so he had been just as unprepared in knowing what it would be like to be receptive to male love. He loved feeling his sensitive butt hole stretching around the firm male shape of Marty’s penis, and to feel it sliding easily back and forth through it, stimulating in a very male way, as well as feeling its length going deep into his accommodating anal sheath. It was making his own erection very stiff.

“Oh. Oh, yeah …” Danny breathed as he laid there with his eyes squeezed shut, savoring the masculine intimacy of the moment.

Again and again Marty fucked into his friend with a joyful determination which was quickly rewarded as he began ejaculating and felt his male liquid coming out in powerful pulses.

“Oh! Ohhhh … Ohhhhhh …” he groaned as his erection went all the way inside of Danny without constraint.

Danny gasped. The intense pleasure and excitement of feeling Marty ejaculating inside of him was suddenly making him helplessly ejaculate, as his impossibly rigid organ issued a wet stream in an uncontrolled release.

Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” Danny panted as he climaxed and was momentarily overcome by the intensity of that happening.

As they both then laid there recovering, their penises almost gratefully softening after having been so big and outrageously stiff as they had been, and accomplished their purpose , Marty savored just how good and how satisfying it was to have just lovingly impregnated Danny with his sperm, and Danny found this no less significant and satisfying. Making love to each other and sharing the intimacy of the reproductive act as friends was wonderful, and has they had both discovered.

Nothing could be better than being two boys out west, sharing a secret side to their friendship and sharing in the adventure of looking for a lost treasure in gold out there in the great unknown. And this was just the beginning of summer. They both looked forward to what lay ahead.

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