Two Black Guys

by Leon (NY)

“Let’s hurry,” Karl said as Jay was pulling down his pants. “I don’t want my little brother to see us doing it.”

“Okay,” Jay said, understanding his friend nervousness.

Karl had his pants open, revealing the rigid ebony erection that he had, as Jay got his pants down to reveal his own. It was not easy doing this together as friends and to keep everyone from finding out.

Karl quickly slicked his boner with some lube and proceeded to push it into Jay’s willing and accommodating butt.

“Uh …” Karl grunted with a derived satisfaction to once again be filling his friend’s anal sheath with his maleness.

“Ohhhh…” Joy moaned, loving how it felt to receive his friend’s sexual stiffness.

They two of them had gone to the far end of the backyard, and behind the old shed, where weeds and grass grew thick and it was private.

Holding his hands on Jay’s bare hips, Karl began to fuck is friend with sure, deft strokes. They had started fucking about six months ago, just as friends and as so many boys did, and it was so wonderful. And somehow it just seemed even more wonderful doing that as Africa-American boys, who were just naturally close.

They took turns fucking one another, although Jay really did prefer it to have Karl in his butt. That was just so exciting and satisfying. Jay stood there feeling his tight butt hole stretching around the stiff male shape of Karl’s hard dick, each and every time with its length driving up deep into him.

“Uhhhh …” Jay breathed.”Damn your boner feels good!”

“Damn it feels good having my boner in your butt!” Karl said back.

His inward strokes were smooth an effortless, keeping his hard dick plunging into his friend again and again. He savored the excitement of being in Jay’s butt, of letting his erect male anatomy express the friendship that he felt.

Jay leaned forward with his hands on the weathered wooden wall of the old shed, his legs spread as far apart as he could get them with his pants still on and only down around his ankles, making himself as accommodating as he could be. His own erection wagged up and down with the forceful thrusts and he felt his own sexual excitement increasing. In a moment more he was ejaculating. His creamy liquid was sluicing from his dick and hitting the wall of the old shed.

“Ah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Jay panted while his bone was wildly out of control.

Karl knew that he was ejaculating and this excited to do the same. He shoved his boner in as far as it would go, and let his semen explode from his dick.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” he grunted with each surge of his boner.

Then it was so gratifying once more that they had been successful.

It was just a quick but much wanted fuck.

Jay was pulling his pants up and Karl was stowing away his no longer erect penis.

‘Hey! What are you guys doing?”

It was Karl’s little brother. He had just found them.

Karl and Jay just stood there, still recovering from their hasty experience. They looked normal enough, though.

“Just messing around,” Karl replied, sounding somewhat bored.

“Oh,” his little brother said. He disappointed, hoping that maybe they had been up to something exciting. Of course, never suspecting that that his older brother would be making love to his best friend. Now that would have been exciting, indeed.

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