Twins Are Alike

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I'd just got home from college and about to go up to my room when my mum called out to me and told me to come into the living room, She was sitting on the edge of the sofa and looking very grim

"I don’t want you hanging out with cousin Tommy any more, or going round to his house, ok?"

"What? Why mum, what’s he done, what’s the problem..Tom and I are best mates........."

"Look, something has come up that I’ve found out about him and my sister and I want you to stay away from them both...and their house, that’s all."

"Mum, Toms mum is you sister, your twin for Godssake, what’s going on............."

"Are you aware that your best mate, your cousin having a.......relationship with sister......his MOTHER!!! did you know that...did you know your cousin is FUCKING his own MOTHER....Bloody Hell, of all the things....CHRIST!!!"

Mum was raging, glaring at me, face flushed, fists clenched, horrified at what she’d found out.

"Does uncle Ron know about this, mum?"

"I don’t kow, probably not otherwise he’d kill Tommy....and Steph...God! what a slag, what a demented slut, a perverted debauched whore, shaggin her own son, letting stick his........Ohhhhh GOD!!!!"

"Not good news then mum, but best stay out of it I reckon"

"Bryn, Steph is my sister, my twin, I love her to bits, how could she do this, why is she....why are they....doing it in her bed....her marriage bed for God’s sake, while my brother in law is away working down south..Oh my God!"

" might as well know now while this is gnawing at you."

"What?.what!....what else do I need to know about.....Oh! not you son, say it’s not you as well Bryn...the two of you....the THREE of two are FUCKING MY SISTER, his MOTHER, your two are shagging my twin sister......"

Poor mum, she fled out of the room and ran upstairs, I heard her bedroom door bang shut. I shrugged, the cat was out of the bag the shit must hit the fan soon, thank goodness my dad’s deployment overseas was not due to terminate for another year. AS I went up to my own room I could hear mum crying in her room.

I left her to it, there was nothing I could do now anyway but I wondered if this meant no more Tom and I fucking his mum, she absolutely loved it, two fit guys, lots of energy, big throbbing cocks boring into her greedy splayed wet hairy cunt, devouring them and loving every second of it.

In the few months I’d become involved in this incestuous tryst, Tom and I had been at his mother’s beckon call, vaginal, anal, oral, she wanted it all, creampies, oral, swallowing besides pissing inside her arse or pussy, it seemed there was nothing my mum’s twin would not do to satisfy her craving for sex. I wanked myself off before settling down to untroubled sleep.

Mu didn’t speak to me for days, she avoided looking me in the eyes or speaking to me, she avoided being in the same room as me as much she could. There was nothing I could do about it, but my consolation was to still be able to meet Tom, go home with him and join in a mind blowing threesome with his nympho mum and fuck her bandy legged. At certain times I would imagine I was fucking my mum and that would lead me to fuck her sister more vigorously and dump what felt like a stream of spunk in her.

And so it continued for a few more weeks until the day I was walking up the street to our house from college. I spotted my cousin Tommy leaving our house, I whistled him and he stopped and met me, I asked him if he’d been calling for me, he just looked at me and winked, I knew what he’d been up to and I gave him a friendly punch on the arm and left him to wander off happily.

End of Part 1

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