Twins Are Alike: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Inside I called out for mum, there was no answer, I looked in the kitchen, no sign, I checked the study, another blank, upstairs no one using the bathroom. I tapped on mum’s bedroom door, there was no answer but I knew she must be in there.

Quietly I opened the door and stepped inside, the drapes were drawn and the room was dim but it was light enough for me to see my mum. She was sprawled pre-eagled on her back, hands under her head, legs spread obscenely and smiling beautifully at the ceiling.

I padded over to the bed and gazed at her nakedness which I had never seen before. Her brown eyes were closed and her smile betrayed a certain contentment, her normally buoyant breasts had flattened and sagged away to the sides slightly but the nipples were very brown, thick and looking vey erect. Mums belly was no longer youthfully flat, but beautifully rounded without being fat. But it was her crotch that drew my eyes like a homing missile.

My mum is a "Hairy Mary" a forest of long rich thick brown hair, from her deep belly button to her prominent mound under to her as yet unseen arse and on down the insides of her porcelain white thighs.

And there was more...I could smell her, I could smell my mum, a sharp heady aroma was radiating from her, from her crotch, from her concealed cunt which I imagined must be like her sister Stephs.

I bent closer and inhaled deeply that fetid fragrance of cock ravaged pussy and I saw plainly that the hair at her pussy entrance wss wet and tangled into stiff tendrils, evidence of very recent heavy fucking obviously by my cousin, her nephew Tommy, her sisters son. No wonder he had smiled and winked at me outside.

"Mum...mum..are you ok mum.?"

"I am just fine..just oh sooooo fine my dear"

She whispered this, her eyes opened but remained a bit huddled, she was still smiling.

"I never imagined, never believed this could happen to me, I’ve been deliciously fucked to exhaustion, I feel elated, full, overflowing with happiness, he ravished me, Bryn, Tommy ravished me, he ripped my clothes off, I thought he was going to rape me but.....Aaahhhhhh!! that young man, that body, that big hard cock of his, he pillaged me, plundered my body, kissed me like never before, sucked my tits....ohh GOD, it’s wonderful, the whole thing was just soooooo............"

Mum voice trailed off ad her fingers went to her crotch, she began fingering her wetness, in spite of my presence. I thought to myself that I had shagged his mum, Tommy and I had shagged his mum, we had done things with her I could never have imagined, and now my cousin had been shagging his mothers sister, his aunt, MY mother.

Well I thought, if it’s good for the Goose its good for the Gander. In no time I had stripped naked, I was solid hard and throbbing, I could wait no longer, quick as a flash I was between mums spread thighs, she looked up and tried to close her legs, too late, when I penetrated mum she screamed, but softly, I lanced her spunk lubed cunt balls deep while she tried weakly to fight me off but she was too beaten to offer more than a token of resistance as I shagged her savagely and erupted deep inside her, spunk grouting from me and leaving me gasping for breath.

It took several minutes for us to recover, that’s when mum rolled onto me kissed me and said

"You realise you have just raped me, raped your own mother, you do realise that don’t you my sweet"

I thought for a moment...No, not so, twins are so alike, and I’d fucked her twin and her twin’s son had fucked my mum so.....

"No mum, it wasn’t was more like....Assault with a Friendly Weapon."

The End

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