Truth Will Out

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

My wife and my sister always go shopping together on a Saturday and just spend the day idling between shops and cafes. They seem to enjoy each other’s company and have a lot in common.

This particular Saturday, as Annie, my wife, was getting ready to go out she asked me if I knew the location of the Adult store in town and I asked if she was planning to visit it, she just smiled but said no more. Anyway, off she went to rendezvous with her sis in law, Debbie, in town.

The result of this foray I will relate to you verbatim as Annie to me in her own words what transpired that day, and that evening............




"Why did you never tell me Debbie was gay"


"Your sister, she’s lesbian, she sips from the furry cup, why did you not tell me, WHY for goodness sake?"

"I didn't know babe, honestly, good God!, this is a bombshell, how did you find out, did she tell you?"

"She did more than THAT, darling, she came on to me, your sweet lovely sister came on to me, she KISSED me........and ......More!"

This is Annies ensuing drama.........

"I love this dress Annie, that colour suits you, you look good in it"

"Thanks hon I like it too, and the undies. Those shoes look nice on you, Deb's. Do you always wear Holdups too"

"Oh yes, much better than Tights, they let the air get at your Jewel Box."

"JEWEL BOX!! I’ve heard it called many names but never Jewel Box.

"Well it is a special Jewel and I keep one or two items of jewelry in it"

"What do you mean?"


"Oh my God, DEB'S"

"Yes, pierced and the jewelry are genuine, after all Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend".......


"Bryn, Debbie actually exposed herself to me, hoisted her dress above her waist, she wore no knickers and she was completely hairless, her pussy was as naked as the way she was born, BUT her outer Labia was pierced and she had diamond pendants dangling there, two in each lip....and her clit, well the hood anyway was the same, a silver ring with a tiny blue Amethyst set in it...........

"I stared at her pussy adornment, I was fascinated, Debbie got hold of my hand and put it on her pussy, it felt....I mean I've never felt another......I was startled by the fact I was feeling another woman’s........

I felt Debbie gently pull me to her, she put her arms around me......

"Debbie, what are you ...what are we....Oh God, Deb's I’m not a........

"Annie, what I’m doing is Seducing you my love"

"But...but...I’m not into women, I’m not.......


"Bryn, that’s when Debbie kissed me, your sister actually kissed me, not a sisterly peck but a full blown lovers type kiss.....her tongue was in my was...I nearly....I couldn't help myself Bryn, I felt as if I was melting inside..


Annie, darling, sweetheart, I've wanted to do this with you since the first time I saw you, I want you so much, I want your delectable body, soft and warm next to mine, naked, exciting, responsive, ardent and wet, very wet with excitement, please sweet precious Annie, come to bed with me........


Bryn, those next few hours with your sister were the most astonishing thing...I've never felt so .......We undressed and crawled into her bed, GOD! The feel of another woman’s body on mine, so warm so soft and curvy, and I was wet, as wet as April. I think my whole being became a part of Debbie, as if I melted into her, she took me to another plane, she played me like a tightly strung violin, I can’t describe the exquisite sensations she aroused in me, I felt as if I was in a state of constant orgasm, she kissed me, we kissed, all over, everywhere, my mouth, my eyes, my neck, tits, nipples, then.......Oh my God her mouth was on my.......she was kissing and licking my PUSSY, I CAME, she made me Cum, she sucked my pussy lips, then my Button.......I don’t know how many times I came, she had me streaming wet.


I lost it with Annie at that point, I tore of my clothes, my cock was rearing painfully hard, I pulled her onto the rug, pulled up her dress, tore off her knickers and..........

My sweet converted wife is going out with her sis in law next Saturday I can’t wait till she comes home and reports. Needless to say I won’t remark on this to Debbie, I'll let her think it’s their secret.

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