True Story First Time with a Man

by Paul Griffihs (Bristol)

Uni summer recess was upon me again a nd I needed a job to boost my finances for the coming year a guy I know informed me there was a job going on the local farm so I applied. The guy I saw Albert was about 40 and was very nice and offered me the job 4 days a week and Saturday morning which was great. The 1st week went well and on the Saturday after work Albert said he was pleased and did I want to come back next week I said yes.

He said i cannot pay you until I have drawn some cash out so can you come back in the morning around 12.00 am . It was a lovely hot day so after a shower and breakfast I walked along to the farm. He lived in a big caravan at the rear of the farm , he invited me in and said would you like a glass of cool cider so I said yes. The caravan was lovely and spotless and smelt lovely. He was a very clean, tidy man and smelt nice also I had another pint of cider and we chatted a lot as we did during work and got on well.

I noticed a car magazines on the coffee table and picked the top one up and started to look through as I was a car person underneath I noticed a soft porn mag, I kept glancing sideways at it Albert smiled and said you can look at that if you want. It was a whitehouse magazine and was quite explicit for those days and I liked it, I picked up the next mag down it was pure porn and I was engrossed in it he laughed.

I turned the page and there was this huge breasted woman in stockings and suspenders holding a massive cock glistening with his juices oozing over the huge cock head with both hands up to her lips as if to suck it, I thought wow never seen anything like that what a beautiful cock it took my breath away I turned the next page and she had most of the huge head in her mouth.

The sight of that beautiful cock took my breath away which surprised me and I was fidgeting as I had a huge erection now and I let out a whimper, Albert said are you ok I just nodded red faced he said my that has you very turned on hasn't it, I nodded again he asked is it the woman or the cock that did that I said softly both. He said have you ever done that before I shook my head would you like to I nodded.

Albert was also looking at a porn mag he lifted the mag up and his cock was out of his shorts and sprung up it was massive just like the mag I swooned as my heart skipped a beat, oh my god I said it is beautiful he took my hand an placed it around it first time I have ever done this before. My fingers did not meet round this 12 inch wrist thick cock I moved around between his legs put my other hand around it and felt its weight them slowly began to wank it my mind was thinking things that I never dreamt of before.

I was in heaven wanking it and his juices started to ooze over his lovely pink mauve head I pulled his foreskin up until it created a pool of his lovely clear juice I rolled it back slowly and watched mesmerized as his juice coated the whole of his cock head i was whimpering and he placed is hand on the back of my head and said go on you know you want to suck it and slowly pulled my head until his cock was on my lips.

l loved the smell of his cock and and the taste and slippery feel of his big knob and slowly opened my lips letting it slide in inch by inch until I was comfortable and started to move my head up and down sucking and moaning as I bobbed up and down. he put his hand down and felt my erection and said come lets get more comfortable went into the bedroom and undressed he laid me down with my head back over the edge of the bed.

Albert put his monster back to my lips I opened them and let his monster enter me again but tis time I found I was able to swallow nearly all of it as he slowly rocked back and forth with his huge warm balls caressing my face as he rocked then he bent forward and started to suck me also. I could have never dreamed I would react like this to another man and loved every second of it. Albert warned me he was going to come and it would be lot I did not care I craved for him to shoot his semen in me and all over me.

He did come loads and my mouth was so fill it was running out as I swallowed then he shot the next few spurts all over my face then I came like never before , he sucked it all I thought I was in heaven. We got up held each other then he kissed me passionately , another first and me with my cum splattered face as we caressed each other which we did for a while my cock was still rigid with this new excitement.

I caressed Alberts beautiful cock and would love more of it dropped to my knees and sucked spluttered and gobbled his beauty as it slowly rose to its magnificence again I said Albert I cant help my self I want that beautiful thing up me please and got on the bed again on my hands and knees bent right over with my ass high in the air eagerly waiting.

He came in behind me gripped my waist and rubbed his huge slippery cock head around my rose bud he applied some gel and slowly pushed forward and eased his glistening knob in, I was crying with emotion as I completely lost myself to him and bit by bit his cock eased in then he allowed me to get used to it, then he slowly rocked back and forth fucking me.

I moaned why have I never had this before and started to push back as I wanted more deeper and deeper until I had it all. I then stopped pushed Albert back on the bed got astride him holding his huge cock and placed it at the rosebud and impaled myself on his big cock and rode it like a stallion pounding up and down.

Albert fucked the life out of me and I came anally, I never dreamt I could feel like this with a man , I was smitten as his warm cum filled me until running out of me. I fell of him and we held each other and fell asleep it was now late my parents were on holiday so he said stay the night so I did wrapped around each other. When I awoke I could not help myself and slid down and sucked him again and we sucked each other. After breakfast I went home, I could not wait for next weekend.

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