True Story Auntie Introduced me to Anal

by Stephen T (Bristol)

My dear old 72 yrs old aunty is sexier than I could ever imagine. After her husband died I often did all the jobs needed doing as I always used to. one day I bought some new trousers that she said she would take up for me so I took Nhem around on the Sunday morning when my wife was at work.

she said put them on so I dropped my trousers and put them on and she said stand on the chair so she could pin them up properly so I did . When she had finished i drooped them down again she was right next to me and she was looking at my cock and she said those pants you wear are almost sheer nylon and I can see your cock clearly and it is making me think things I should not.

Isaid like what and she said I wonder how big it is, so I slipped them aside and let my cock fall out, aunty ran out of the room and said I don't believe you did that then came back in to see it again as it started to thicken and lengthen, she said my it is growing even bigger, her eyes were wide open and she was stammering.

Her breathing was changing and I could see she very w excited and turned on as it started to harden to its maximum, ohh she cried as i took her hand and placed it on my huge cock and moved it up and down slowly then she did it for herself as she got into a good rhythm wanking me dripping with my juices.

What a beautiful big cock you have it got me thinking things like never before I placed my hand on her head in her silky scarf and slowly eased it forward and placed my huge slippery cock head on her lips then I gently pinched her nose and eased my cock forward as it pushed into her lips, I said go on you know you want it in your mouth then she opened her mouth and took it in.

Wow the noises she was making as she started to suck it she was in ecstasy gobbling my big cock then she built into a frenzy on it slurping and actually blowing it never heard such amazing noises.

She said quick I want you to fuck me with that beautiful cock so I got down from the chair as she slid out of her skirt and lay back on the couch legs wide open quick she said aunty wants that cock up me. I fucked her like crazy.

She then shocked me and said I want that cock up my ass please will you do it , fuck my ass now, I had never done that before but the moment was so sexual, raunchy and erotic she put some gel on it and I slowly pushed it in her butt then after a while she started to buck back on it until it was right up her as she writhed in ecstasy coming again.

Then she laid back on the bed dropped her head back and said now fuck my mouth you sexy bastard, so I edged forward put it in her mouth and slowly slid it in her , she took it all as my huge balls draped over nose.

She slobbered and sucked it so I took hold of her legs pulled them over her head either side of her ears and she said go on lick my wet fanny clean so I savoured our mixed juices, shoot that lovely cum in my mouth so I pushed it right in as she wanked and sucked it till I came then she got up kissed me and we shared my cum until it was all gone. That was the start of a wonderful aunty nephew relationship and she used to ring me at work and say finish work early I want you to fuck me, which I did at every opportunity.

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