True Encounter with Old Lady

by Paul Griffihs (Bristol)

A large very nice old lady I know from the supermarket about 80 yrs old has difficulty reaching various items in supermarket, I have assisted her many times she always kisses me on the check after as she said says that is how god thanks you. I have stayed with her a few times to ensure she gets all she requires.

I see her pushing her old trolley along the road on the way home from shopping many times. This day her trolley looked a bit suspect as the wheel was wobbling about and it is about 200 yds to her abode. I said I have some tools in my car let me have a look at it before you try and push that home.

It was no good so I offered her a lift home, she accepted, it was a warm day so she said would you like a drink of squash so I said thankyou that will be nice . She led me to her conservatory and said sit there if you like and got the drinks, I was surrounded by airing laundry most of it underwear and very fine soft pastel colours.

She saw me glancing at a clothes horse festooned with voluminous silky knickers and slips , she said sorry should have cleared that away. I said don't mind me and said how lovely and silky soft they all looked. She picked up a pair of beautiful pink knickers and surprisingly dropped them in my hand, wow never felt anything so soft and let out a small noise, she said my you like them don't you, I nodded then she picked up another pair and smoothed my face with them I let out a little whimper.

I wriggled in the chair as I felt my cock spring into life and she watched as a huge tent appeared in my shorts, she said you certainly do like them then lent forward and kissed me again like always only this time full on the lips only this time a lingering kiss, I was shocked her lips were the softest I have ever felt then I felt her hand rise up under my shorts and her hand wrapped around my cock.

They were the softest hands I have ever felt so was her face, she pulled out my cock and said my it is a long time since I have felt a cock especially one so big and beautiful with a huge mushroom head like yours then slowly started to wank it. I could not believe this dear old lady was going to do this, she then took her huge knickers and wrapped it around my cock and wanked it some more.

The soft feeling was amazing then she took her big knickers of and said I put theses on just before going out to the shops then pulled them down over my head. She placed the gusset right over my face and I could smell and taste her lovely big fanny then she pulled my shorts and pants of and pulled the knickers up my legs .

My cock was making a huge tent in her magnificent knickers as she wanked it some more . She then grabbed a massive silky nightie said raise your arms and slipped it down over my head as it fell about me. She smoothed me all over with the softness then lifted up the nightie and got in under it took my cock with both hands and slipped it in her mouth then lovingly gobbled it slurping, I could not see her under the nightie as I smoothed her head as she bobbed up and down on my cock.

I thought I had gone to heaven, she then got up took her clothes of, my she was big cuddly and beautiful with a beautiful big round behind and huge melon like pendulous breasts with fabulous big nipples and all so soft.

I melted into her flesh which smelt like a peach then she said come with me then she got up on the bed bent right over and said bury your face in my fanny and make me come, I did not need to be told twice she was spotlessly clean and smelt almost edible and lapped at her huge fanny oozing with her juices, she said please fuck me now.

I fucked her carefully because of her age and wanted to ensure she really enjoyed or time without hurting her. She took my cock out and please put it up my other hole so I did and she loved it, she said never had my ass so full its fantastic.

When she could take no more she got up under the nightie and sucked me off again until I filled her mouth then she came up kissed me as we swirled my cum between us. I said wow that was the most erotic and softest sex I have ever had, she said I hope you will repeat this when we can so I see her once every week and she is very special to me just wish she was 60 as I am with plenty of time ahead of her.

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