True Encounter with Mom: Part 1

by Stevie (Wisconsin)

My mom was 60 and my father worked night shifts, one night I was coming from the bathroom moms bedroom door was ajar and I could see her kneeling bent over her bed in just her lovely big silky panties.

She heard me and said Stevie would you massage my back please as it is aching so much, this was not strange as I have done it before a few times.

I was naked she said it does not bother me as we never worry about nakedness in our house, I stood beside the bed as always and she passed me the lotion to use on her back and I started to massage her back.

She stopped me and asked could you do it differently from behind so both your hands are either side working up and down together, I said sure I will and got behind her, it may be easier if you kneel behind me, so I did.

I started again massaging her up and down her back and sides mmm she cooed that is lovely, and I admit for the first time as my navel and bits touched up against her lovely big rounded butt and the silky softness of her beautiful panties was a turn on.

I began to notice a little mmmm escape from mom every time my cock touched the back of her and she spread her knees wider so every time my cock touched her she could feel more of it as it could now touch her labia each time.

I noticed and felt a big wet patch appeared on her panties as my cock touched her each time and also a lovely musky aroma. My cock started to thicken and grow so more and more of her was touched by m y cock.

OHH Stevie, she cried that is wonderful then she pulled her big panties aside and I could now see her big lips glistening as my shaft became erect she put her hand underneath her and felt my cock wow I was so turned on.

She opened her lips and put the huge head of my cock into her lips and rubbed up and down moaning ohh what a lovely big cock you have Stevie then positioned it at her lovely sopping wet slippery hole and pushed backwards as my cock head slipped into her.

Wow I could not believe my lovely mom just put my cock up her then I started to thrust into her fabulous wet fanny. I caressed her luscious great breasts and fucked her untill she came loads.

Then she got up turned around and kissed me lovingly, passionately and said I want to suck that lovely great cock and taste your spunk.

She eased me onto the bed got on top of me took her wet panties off so her big juicy fanny was right over my face and said lick my cunt while I suck your cock and sank her lips right on my face as she sucked and wanked my cock.

I put my tounge right up her as she deep throated my cock we both came together as I shot jets of spunk in her mouth as she squirted in my mouth. Wow I said that was so sexy and amazing, she said can we do that again when we can, I nodded eagerly.

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