True Encounter at the Stall: Part 1

by Stevie (Ohio)

I was on my way home from work and had to stop at a toilet stop, it was getting late and while I had a pee a very tidy guy came in and stood beside me undid his jeans turned slightly towards me lifted his jumper and he was sporting an erection.

I was a bit shocked had a good look, his cock was very big with a huge head wow I thought that is big and I can't explain it but I could not help myself and wrapped my hand around it and started to wank it as I let out a little moan.

I have never done that before so it was a first for me but somehow could not help myself. It was a bit dangerous and he said he had a winnebago camper in the park and would I like to go with him, he zipped himself back up I just nodded and followed him.

We got in his camper and I found myself lustily opening his jeans and freeing his huge cock again and dropped to my knees in front of him took his lovely great big cock in my hands and started to wank him again, it felt fantastic as his huge cock head started to leak loads of his juices he said come as he sat and removed his jeans.

I could now see his equipment properly as his lovely great balls swung into view, I cupped them with one hand as I wanked his huge cock and had a huge urge to put his lovely slippery juicy cock head in my mouth. I opened my lips and let it slowly enter my mouth mmmmm I moaned as I slid it in and out of my mouth, I loved it and thought why haveI never done this before.

His cock was so beautiful, so big, so slippery and smelt and tasted wonderful as I slurped and gobbled on his monster cock my head bobbing up and down moaning like never before. I also had this enormous feeling in my stomach that I have never experienced before and realised I wanted his beauty inside me.

I took his great cock out of my mouth and put one of his great balls in my mouth sucking it as I wanked him. I looked up at him with his juices running out of my mouth a wanton lost look on my face he said, you are gone arent you, I think you want me to fuck you dont you, just nodded and moaned with that lustful look on my face.

Is this your first time I just nodded then his raised me up and kissed me a slow loving kiss, again my first with another man he took hold of me undressed each other. his great cock bobbed up and down in front of me and I had to suck it some more then he laid me back over his bed with my head over the edge put his great cock back in my mouth and took my aching cock in his mouth as we sucked each other wantonly.

He licked my balls and rubbed my bud which was twitching he got some lube from his bedside cabinet and put his finger in me, again a first it felt lovely, then he turned me around lifted my legs up and put his beautiful, cock head and rubbed my bud. OOOH fuck me please as he slowly eased his cock head into me.

I accepted it easily as my bud stretched to let him in, he moved very slowly gently easing his cock in bit by bit slowly rocking as it went deeper and deeper into me. He kissed me lovingly as my body moved to him to ease his cock deeper into me then he started to move his hips to meet my upwards thrusts.

Wow it was wonderful, I have never felt anything like this in my life then he started to cum and I felt his first warm jet of lovely spunk coat my insides as I came also like never before.

I started to cry he said why, I said because you have awoken something in me like never before, I said I want to bend over and feel that cock right up me so I got on all fours with my but in the air, I could see us in the mirror as he put his huge cock in my bud again fuck me again as I felt him thrust bin deeper and deeper as I thrust back to meet him as I felt his fabulous great balls slap against me as I felt all of his great cock inside of me.

I said will you lie on the bed so, he got on the bed and I sat astride his great big cock impaling myself on him as he wanked me in total abandonment never was I ever so lost in something as we bucked together in rhythm then he came again as I felt him flood my insides again, I never wanted it to stop but we were both spent.

We locked together kissing loving each other. Wow he said that was amazing so sensual and I cant believe it was your first time, he said I think we can have something very special here, I replied I hope so it also turned out we are both married so it will take planning. So we are looking forward to our next time hopefully soon.

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