True Confessions

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

True Confessions

I absolutely love fucking with my twenty two year old son, it all started when Jr., we’ll call him, graduated high school and wanted to take a hiking and camping trip up to an alpine lake where the trout fishing was so good, fly fishing with his father John. Three sleeping in a two person tent, hiking you keep weight down, I was sandwiched in between husband and son, John snoring like a freight train.

Jr. or I unable to sleep, Jr. got up to relieve himself, I poked John to roll over and face away. John was snoring again by the time Jr. returned. Butt up against Jr., I soon realized his cock was hard, knew it couldn’t be a morning wood or hard because needed to pee and thought he must hard because of his mother’s butt was up against him. My pussy got so wet thinking Jr., just may want to fuck his mother, shoved my butt into him a little harder, felt a slight hunching and knew for sure.

For sure Jr. was bigger than his dad, way bigger, I’ve had his dad’s cock in the crack of my ass many times. Managed to wiggle my panties to below my knees, reached behind starting Jr. huge cock in, taking his arm to bring over and under my t-shirt to my tits. Had to bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud. Jr.’s big cock felt so fantastic, never had one so far up in my pussy, held Jr.’s hand clamped to my tits and I turned my head toward Jr.

With my tongue I searched for a kiss, Jr. fucking my pussy, rolling nipples and crushing tits, our tongues battled with a passion I’ve never known. Wanted so badly to scream out how wonderful Jr.’s huge cock felt inside his mother’s pussy, biting my lip orgasm after orgasm. Jr. filled my pussy with twice as much cum as his father and kept fucking, never losing his hard. I felt so beautiful and sexy, my pussy could keep Jr. hard and fucking.

Don’t know if any of you girls have ever had a man cum far up in your pussy and keeping fucking but let me tell you, it’s wondrous feeling. Jr. came three times in his mother’s pussy that first night, I had to resort to stuffing my mouth with the sleeping bag covers, stifling my moans. Jr. the first to sleep, both guys toted more weight up than I. Asleep I fell dreaming of Jr.’s cock in my mouth shooting cum down my throat.

John trying to awake us early, I refused, informing his snoring kept us awake, nearly the entire night. Clutched Jr.’s warm hand to my tits once John was out the tent, felt Jr. roll my nipple between his finger and thumb, rolled to him kissing. Raised the blanket wanting Jr. to see his mother’s titties and hairy pussy, wanted to see his big cock fucking his mother’s hairy pussy. I do love to watch a cock sliding in and out. Hearing John moving around outside excited me tremendously, stuffed my mouth with the covers, muffling moans as I orgasm three times to Jr. once.

Prepared my men a meal as they went off to fish, happy as a lark, the saying goes. Reveling in the knowledge my son loves his mother’s pussy. Waiting to get Jr. home and his father off to work was going to be hard but I had the past night’s memories to get me through. John loves to eat from the wild, left Jr. and I in camp setting snares traps and sometimes he has caught rabbits. Long ago John taught Jr. to build a trap of sticks stuck in the water’s edge, keeping their catch fresh, and evening and morning meals of fish.

Jr. and I all smiles, I love my son and now I could love with my son, so very pleased we couldn’t keep our quick glances away from each other. John even remarked but he didn’t know what we did during the night. Nightfall came and I was the first to bed, Jr. wasn’t long in coming, I made sure to park my ass up against as John slid in beside me.

Wiggling my butt against Jr., he was hard in no time but I was sure his mind was where mine had been the day long, wanting his huge cock back in his Mama’s pussy. Wet and ready, I had Jr’s cock far up inside me by the time John began snoring. Jr.’s hand under my t-shirt clamped to my titties and cock deep in my pussy, orgasming three times biting the covers. Jr. came and kept fucking, three times just like the night before.

Wanting Jr.’s cock in my mouth so badly, we fucked for hours with Jr. lasting longer and longer between cummings never losing his hard until the third time, he blew up his Mama’s pussy with his huge loads. Dawn breaking, soft light into the tent I woke to Jr.’s cock deep in my pussy, such a pleasurable way to wake, slowly being fucked to orgasms. This went on for the three nights we spent of the lake and I lead the charge down the mountain with John complaining, to slow the pace.

Returning home we found a message of the answering machine, a client needing John help immediately, Jr. to drive John to the airport which suited me to a tee. Cum stains from sleeping bags immediately into the washer, bathed and ready for Jr.’s return, I lay of Jr.’s bed naked. Quick shower for Jr. could have hardly been more than a rinse, Jr. came scooping up my legs, diving in to eat my pussy until I was backing the headboard. Pussy outrageously sensitive from all my orgasms, Jr. fucking me and I began to beg.

“Don’t cum inside, Mama wants to eat your cum, Baby. Mommy wants you to finish by jerking your huge cock, in her mouth. Mama has never known a man who could cum and keeping fucking like you, Baby,” the men before John and as much as we fucked in our early days, had it ever happen for me.

“With all the girls I’ve fucked, Mom. None have ever affected me like you. I love your pussy, Mom.”

It’s been two years now and Jr. is still cumming three times before taking a rest. He truly loves his mama’s pussy, loves eating my pussy until I beg for him to fuck me, I have never felt so loved. When Jr. is in from college I make sure we have our time alone, for a good fuck feast but secretly I love Jr. fucking me as his father snores away. Have whispered to Jr., coming to my bedroom of late night or early morning, fucking me on the floor beside my bed, John snoring away.

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