Training Day

by Sara horny mom (MO)

"I have a training Saturday from eleven to four," I told my husband as he read his magazine.

"Who turn is it this time." my husband asked referring to who was gonna teach the class.

"Mine." I smiled thinking about Saturday.

Every six weeks I have a "Training" for work.

Anyway, that is what my husband believes it is.

What actually goes on at our "Training meeting" is an orgy.

It started with Shanna and me.
We were at work one Saturday doing some stuff to our offices when we saw Tim the repair.

The truth is that Shanna and I would meet at work so we could fuck without being caught.

Tim is a twenty-six-year-old, tall broad shouldered stud.

Shanna and I started talking to him casually.

I noticed him checking me out.

So I started flirting playfully.

One thing led to another and Shanna and I took turns fucking and sucking him for over two hours.

Shanna some homework and found out Tim came to our office every six weeks on Saturday to do touch-up painting and minor maintenance.

So, Shanna and I started having "Training" every six weeks at the office.

It was training number six.

I was riding Tim and Shanna had her fist shoved up my ass when the lounge door opened.

There stood Kimberly.

A smoking hot athletic redhead with big tits.

Kimberly just looked at us for a moment with a crooked grin.

"Is this a private party or can anyone join in?" Kimberly asked as she stepped inside closing the door.

So we added Kimberly to our little club.

Neither of us knew how much of a slut Kimberly was.

Kimberly had access to the entire building.

So, we had more places to fuck during the day.

Most lunches were spent on the third floor in a trio.

Tim introduced us to Mike and Jim.

Kimberly brought Brian, David, and Lewis.

Six dicks and nine holes that wanted fucked.

It was during a lunch fuck that our little trio decided we needed three more dicks.

So we added James, David, and Don.

Three guys for each girl.

It was the perfect combination.

Shanna is forty-two and I'm fifty-two while Kimberly is closing in on forty.

The boys are all under thirty and none of them work with us.

Every Saturday Shanna and I meet at Kimberly's house while our husbands fish and play golf.

Kimberly is single.
So we don't have to worry about being walked in on.
We also keep all our toys there.

We talk, laugh, and fuck till mid-afternoon.

Kimberly is a submissive slut.
So normally Shanna and I gang up on her.

Kimberly will let us do to her what we only wish our husbands would do to us.

I like the sex we have.
But, I'm always waiting on our meetings.

A girl has never experienced anything like having nine guys run a train on her, taking turns on whichever hole they want to fuck.

I've gone home from our training with my asshole so stretched out I thought my guts might fall out my asshole.

Sometimes when I'm bored I'll meet one or two of the boys for a good romp.

I've even had them to the house when my husband is out of town.

I've had all nine of them over a couple of times when my husband has been gone.

Nine hard young cocks is a lot of dick and a lot of cum.

I will be covered in cum and sweat.

Kimberly is the lucky one.

She gets to have them over anytime she wants.

More than once I have gone down on her first thing in the morning and she will have a pussy full of cream or her asshole will be oozing out a creampie.

You ask how this all came about.

I've always been into a woman since I was in high school.

My first woman was my high school softball coach.

We dated secretly and I dated my now husband openly.

When my husband found out about Carla, he was a little pissed at first.

So I talked to Carla and we decided to help him get over his jealousy with a threesome.

In college, I played softball.

Our main bed partner was Annie.
A stupid redhead that would let me and my husband do as we pleased to her.

After college came marriage, jobs, and a house.

We had a great life and great sex life.

By our early forty's our sex life started to peter out.

I still wanted the same amount of sex.

But, my husband didn't.

Loving him I didn't protest much and took what sex I could get from him.

Never once did I ever cheat on him with another man.
I also never met a woman without my husband being there.
It wasn't right and besides.
If I was going to fuck.
My husband was going to be involved.

I was always happy with him and the woman we had together.

Our late forty's got hard on us.

We only had sex maybe twice a month and our third had become a thing of the past.

The moment I met Shanna I wanted her.

Thick, blonde with a big broad ass and fat full tits and come fuck me eyes.

We became friends very quickly and started spending a lot of time together.

At home, my sex life continued to deplete to the point of non-existence.
I finally got to where I didn't even try anymore.

If my husband wanted to fuck.
I would fuck him like a banshee.
But, that only happened maybe every other month or so.

Tim, well.
Tim was just the need for a cock.

The rest.
That is a need to get fucked.

If you say I'm a skanky slut.
You are right.
I am.
I don't care.

If my husband fuck me two to three times a week I would never do the things I do.

I would bring Shanna over and we would fuck his balls off.

But, he simply has no interest and he has never once asked me about Shanna.

I'm not mad at my husband and I don't hate him.
I love him dearly.

But, I need fucked and get it when I can.

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