Tokyo Massage

by Liz (Lake District, England)

Tokyo Massage

I was in Tokyo on a short holiday and I heard that there were some good professional massage parlors for special services. I visited one to relieve my aching breasts. I usually do it myself but I too longed for different hands for a change. This lady - Ono, almost my age, mid-40s, briefed me that I needed massage from my breasts down to my arm pits as the boob-muscles ran from there. This would alleviate my aching boobs. I gave her consent to go ahead…

Ono asked me to remove my dress but bra and thong, and she laid me on my back on a narrow bed and asked me to raise my arms over my head. She covered me with a white sheet waist down. And then she unclasped my bra exposing my 36C breasts standing to my head, my nips got hard as soon as they were exposed. I could smell her fragrant body. She started with my boobs using warm oil. She kneaded them with her palm downward moving closer and closer to my nipples that soothed my boobs a lot. With her fingers, she traced the contours of my boobs - straight down to my armpits. It actually felt really good indeed and I should admit, it gave me a deep erotic feeling too!

Then she moved aside of me and cupped my boobs and pressed her thumbs deep on my flesh rubbing my skin. She separated all her fingers, her hands fully spread out on my tits. She pushed them up towards my head, and then squeezed. It felt amazing. She stopped and let my boobs fall back almost flat. Then she did it again … and again. I arched my back a little in pleasure and she smiled to say - feeling better? Ummmm, yes, dear, I moaned. Then she started moving her palm in circles lightly pressing her hands on my boobs. I felt amazing and could feel my pussy was getting wet - wetter.

She put some more oil on my boobs that ran down to my belly as she drew the sheet down to my abdomen. I left my body to her mercy – really!! She took my thong off. I just laid there as she massaged my abdomen. I felt my nips turned to hard erection. I could feel her breath on my boobs. Ono asked me whether I wanted her hands down to my thighs and massage there… Yes, I did wanted more and nodded to her. She came down to the bottom of the bed and she started doing long strokes up my thighs.

She then asked me to bend my knees… and started to work on my thighs. Intuitively I let them fall wide, exposing my shaven pussy as she uncovered my entire pubic area. Ono started to rub her hands up to my inner thigh. She went so high that she lightly grazed my engorged pussy lips. She pushed her palms up my leg for several times.

She rubbed her fingers along my crotch area between my thighs up to my outer pussy lips. I closed my eyes and enjoy the exquisite erotic feelings … She whispered saying that this was the most neglected part of a woman’s body and that she would now take care of it!! She was indeed right - we hardly pay any attention to this vital organ excepting clitoral masturbation or fingering and not to speak of massaging it.

Pouring some oil she pulled on each labia, pulling till her oily hands slipped off and my lips would snap back. Then she lightly tickled on them, sending tingles down my back. Intermittently she would scratch the inner labia with her nails… now soaked with my pussy juices mixed with her massage oil. She repeated the movements a few times. I moved my hands to my boobs to squeeze my them together and drawing my oil-lubed nips. I thought that I would allow her if she wanted to go further. She padded her fingertips around, exploring my folds. She traced her finger around the rim of my vagina. It felt so good. I let a moaning and breathing heavy.

My whole body felt amazing. In fact, it seemed only natural when she slid her fingers along my slit – lightly massaging, stroking my clit, scratching the inner lips and finger fucked me massaging my g-spot. My breath caught in my chest and I orgasmed.

I arched my back. I was shaking as Ono stopped for a split second to pinch my nipples before massaging my pussy area some more. I grasped the edge of the massage table, holding it tight. My body was shaking with pleasure. I was bucking my hips as Ono finger-fucked me again. A powerful orgasm overwhelmed my body once again. The muscles in my vagina burst into frenzied contractions, I cried out, moving my head up and down and clutching the bed. Ono stood up and kissed my mouth deep as the orgasm subsided.

I was still dizzy when I realized what has happened and I did enjoy the whole session. Ono offered me an orange drink as she cleaned me up using a hot-wet towel to make me ready to leave her massage room.

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