Tired of the Complaining

by Anonymous

My parents had divorced a few years back and Mom had done what she could with 3 sons and no male role model. Somehow the 3 of us had managed to graduate high school although no one knew how. One of us was always into something that got us in trouble but mostly it was pot, beer or girls, usually all at once.

It was a rather cold and snowy New England winter night and as it piled up outside all there was for was to party. The 3 of us drank and smoked by the fire as Mom was sleeping. As we got wasted the topic of conversation turned from Patriots football to neighborhood chicks we had fucked and who we had in common.

My older brother had even done a few of their moms. I guess we must have gotten loud and woke our mother who stormed down bitching. She was really out of control, screaming and waving her arms at us and going on about some kind of bullshit that we were losers and a disappointment to her.

Somewhere we all zoned out to her and we’re now fixed on her tits shaking and flopping around her worn out pajamas. I guess that must have triggered the oldest brother because he got up and shoved her onto the couch and pulled at her top. Once her big tits were out, my other brother and I jumped into action and pinned her down.

Now this bitch was going to pay for years of nagging. I grabbed a tit in my hand and gave it a hard squeeze and then a good twist. Her screams were getting way out of hand and we ripped off her draws and underwear, which were then stuffed into her month. That, at least quieted her down but she still had plenty of fight.

As we held her down, the oldest went first and fucked her hard and without pity. We all took turns and kept changing positions, like a well oiled machine. I think she actually thought it was over when I had finished but not a chance. We were just getting into a groove but the fight had certainly left her.

The middle brother pulled the underwear from her mouth and lines his dick up with it. After a strong warning not to bite him, he pushed it in to his balls and made her gag. She choked so he backed out and let her breathe, if only for a second. He then face fucked her as she struggled from the attack.

It was fun to watch her try to fend off the facial assault and we did have to hold her down a bit. The oldest then suggested that she had two other holes and we should plug the leaks. He laid on his back and we dragged her onto his cock and filled her pussy quickly.

The middle brother returned to her mouth and was pumping in pace with the cock in her pussy. That left her ass for me. I spit a couple of good ones on her shitter and got into position. Her ass was tight but I crammed it in and started to fuck her.

This feeling was incredible, I could actually feel my brothers cock in her cunt as he worked her over. Her resistance was all but gone and she actually started to fuck us back as the brother fucking her mouth came.

She choked a bit swallowing it down but soon was moaning like a whore. My turn was next and I pumped it deep into her ass and got off the ride. The oldest then pushed her off of him and then climbed on her back and finished in her ass.

We all stood around her and admired what we had done. She was beat, used and stretched out. Things now would change and we would fuck her anyway and anytime we would like. I really enjoyed fucking her ass but she was good at sucking cock too. She was our fuck meat from here on out.

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