Tiny With Mom, But Of So Good!

by Anonymous

After my parents divorced, it was just mom and me. We had a good mother and son relationship and we had always gotten along.

One day my mom was out in the sun and plant room that was on the side of the house, taking care of her green plants. She was a great indoor gardener and always enjoyed doing that. It was summer and, right then, she was her usual self, in a sleeveless top, jeans and was barefoot, which she often was around the house.

“Oh, it’s so nice out here,” she remarked. “Like a tropical paradise.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, thinking that it very much like that.

“I should start coming out here to have my morning coffee,” she mentioned. “I could sit and have it in the nude.” Addressing the issue of privacy she added, “It’s nice and private.”

I was a little surprised. “Well …” I responded, “That’s fine with me.”

She gave me a pleased sort of smile.

Early the next morning I saw that my mom had decided to do just what she had said. She was lounging on a wicker chair in the sun and plant room with her cup of coffee, casually smoking a cigarette in the nude. I didn’t want to go out and make her self-conscious or anything. But later, when she was dressed and in the kitchen I said, “I saw that you were having your coffee in the nude this morning.”

She smiled. “Yes. And it was so nice.”

My mom was so perfectly straightforward about it, that it didn’t seem like a big deal. She did the same thing for the next several mornings. Then when I happened to be in the kitchen one day and she saw me, she called blithely out and said, “Hi.” I sort of ducked my head through the open doorway and grinned.

“Hi,” I said back.

My mom didn’t look embarrassed or self-conscious at all.

She grinned. “Care to join me?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant. “What? You mean … take my clothes off, too?”

She gave a small careless shrug of her bare shoulders. “Sure. I don’t see why not. It’s just the two of us. It perfectly private.”

I responded with a modest look and tried not to blush.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” she assured. “I have seen all of that before, you know.”

Now I did blush. “Well, there’s not all that much to see,” I confessed. I rolled my eyes. “I’m always laughed at in the locker room.”

“Oh,” my mom said, having no idea. “Well, I won’t laugh at you. I promise.” She gave me a reassuring smile. “You can just be naked with your mom and not worry about that.”

I looked at her, unsure. “I … I guess,” I said hesitantly.

She then gave me something of an expectant look and waited for me to get undressed. So summoning my courage I bravely did that. I was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans and was barefoot, so it only took me a moment to get out of my clothes. Then suddenly I was standing there with nothing on. I felt very self-conscious, especially about my tiny penis dangling down. My mom just smiled and I felt a little better.

In the next moment, though, in spite of my best efforts not to, I started to get an erection. I just couldn’t help it. My penis stiffened and pushed up, all five inches of it.

“Oh, my!” my mom said, not surprised as such nor offended by my arousal.

I really blushed. It was so humiliating having such a small penis, even when it was erect. It just pushed up from between my legs like a big finger.

‘You look very nice,” she complimented.

In spite of my diminutive size, having an erection like that in front of my mom was exciting, and the smooth, mushrooming tip expanded visibly.

“You know,” my mom commented, “it’s not the size, but what you do with it.”

“I wouldn’t know,” I confessed. “I … I never have.”

“Oh,” she said, again having no idea.

“Well …” she said in a very clam and nonchalant way, “you could practice with me. I wouldn’t mind.”

“You mean …” I stopped.

“Just so long as nobody knows,” she said, setting the conditions, which were prudent.

“I … I wouldn’t tell anyone,” I assured.

My mom smiled and stood up, taking the towel that she had spread over her chair and placed it on the floor. I watched as she then laid down on it. Somewhat awkwardly I went over and got down and my mom gave me a small kiss on the lips. I felt her hand take hold of my erection, fondling and caressing its stiffness. In a moment more she was maneuvering me to be on top of her, and assisting my penis to enter her vagina. It felt so amazing, warm and wet and wonderful. I could hardly believe that my penis was actually in my mom’s vagina.

“Mmm … that feels so good,” she murmured.

I slowly began to slide in out. It was incredible and so exciting to think that I was fucking my mom. To my complete anguish, though, I was suddenly ejaculating. I gasped and shuddered as I lay on top of my mom, feeling my male-liquid squirting forcefully out. Her hands gripped my bare buttocks.

“Oh, yeas … yes …” she breathed as she felt coming inside of her.

In a moment more it was all over and all mover far, far too soon.

I was embarrassed.

“I just couldn’t help it,” I said.

My mom gave me an understanding look. “You’re just a little excited. All you need is more practice. I’ll bet that in ten minutes you’ll be ready to go again, and you’ll be able to make it last a lot longer,” she told me confidently.

Already I was excited by the prospect of getting to do it again with my mom. It was so great.

Then a kind of horrible thought occurred to me. “You … you won’t get pregnant?”

My mom laughed. “No. I won’t get pregnant. We don’t have to worry about that.” She grinned and teased me. “Unless, that is, you were hoping to have a little brother or sister.”

I blushed and laughed, as well. Although I did have to admit that the idea of getting my mom pregnant was quite motivational. Sure, it was a scary kind of thought. But at the same time, it was very appealing … fathering a baby with my mom.

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