Tied Small Breast Surprise

by John Wilson (Longview, TX, USA)

I guess this all started when I first tie up my wife’s small saggy breasts. I didn't know at the time she really enjoyed it. I had tied them for breast suspension which was ok. I had also tried them tightly for fun.

By tieing them up I turned her small saggy breasts into nice round shape orange size and round looking. I would let them change color from creamy white to different shades of purple .

By tieing them it change the whole look of them. With her tanned body her breasts looked very sexy. As I said they the size of a orange her nipples flatten out to the size of a coster with her erasers nipples also stretched out flat.

Well one weekend her father came to visit us and stay. So while we were outside she was in the house. After a while we went in and sat at the kitchen table and I yelled to her to bring us a beer. She yelled back ok in just a minute. She was in the bathroom at the time.

So when she walked into the kitchen I was very surprised when I saw her with her small breasts tied tightly. At the time her father couldn't see her because he had his back to her. I my mind I thought how sexy she looked and wanted to see the reaction on her father's face.

He had seen her topless around the house and knew that she was doing it for me but he had never seen her this way. She put the beers on the table and sat down between us. When her father saw her she asked him how they looked. He told her that she looked very sexy and he was impressed.

They still looked white up were slow changing color. She asked him he wanted to feel them. Naturally he said yes. She turned toward him taking both his hands and placed them on her breasts. She told him to squeeze them and get a feel which he did. I was enjoying just watching them.

After a few minutes she asked him if he would like to cum on them. She knew that since her mother passed he was not seeing anyone and needed relief. He told her that he would love to. She was no longer shy and got up and knelt in front of him holding her breasts for him.

He stood up and unzipped his pants exposing his hard cock. He started stroking it and she was telling him that she needed his cum on her breasts. She then let go of her breasts and started stroking his cock for him. It didn't take long before he told her that he was going to cum.

The next thing I noticed was him shooting load after load onto her breasts. He managed to cover both of her breasts with a lot of cum. I watched as she started rubbing his cum on her breasts making them all shiny. He told her thanks he really needed that.

She got up and sat back at the table and looked at me. I reassured her that it was fine and she needed to take care of her father's needs sexually. I asked her father if he wanted her to sleep with him tonight. He said yes so I knew that he was going to fuck her good. Couldn't wait for the night so I could listen to the both of them in action.

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