Throat Bulge for Wife

by Jim Wilson (Longview, Texas, USA)

I remember the first time I saw the movie Deepthroat the image of her taking a cock deep in her throat was such a turn on.

After I married my wife, I asked her if she would learn how to deepthroat my cock that way I could cum in her throat and not her mouth since she didn't like the taste of cum.

I had purchased her a dildo so she could practice with. It took her about a month to get over the gagging reflex when it went into her throat.

One day I was talking about my wife's special skill Ray a black friend of mine was really listening to every word.

Later he got me alone and asked me if my wife would consider deepthroating his 13 in cock.

I told him that it was her decision and her would have to ask her directly.

I told him to stop by the house later and have a beer 🍺 with us.

He showed up around 7 and came to the living room and sat down. I didn't tell my wife why he was here.

After a few drinks Ray started telling us about his wife and that he hadn't had sex in over a year.

He told my wife that he knew about her special skill and asked if she would help him out.

He was begging for her help. She looked at me and I told her that it was up to her.

I guess his story got to her because she finally agreed to help him.

She told him to follow her to the bedroom. When they arrived, she told him to strip everything off that's when she saw the sizr of his big black cock.

She removed her shirt exposing her small braless tits to him.

She told him to squeeze them when he was throating her.

She got on the bed and lst her head hang over and brought her knees up.

This put her throat at the perfect angle for him.

She was ready and told him to come over to her.

She then took his long thick cock in her hand and slowly started putting it in her mouth.

I watched as he slowly started guiding his cock into her throat. I knew that it was in because I could see 👀 it created a bulge in her throat wall.

I watched the bulge in her throat every time it moved in and out.

I decided to go over and place my ✋ on her throat feeling his cock sliding in and out. I told him to try to get all of it in her throat.

He managed to get all 13 inches down her throat with his nuts 🤪 touching her nose.

I noticed that her was squeeze her breasts telling her that he was going to cum.

I told him to make sure that his cock was deep in her throat because she didn't like the taste of cum.

Then I felt his cock pulsating 5 times I told him that he had a lot stored up.

When he was done, he thanked her telling her how good it felt.

He then asked her if she would consider doing it again for him.

She told him that she would consider it.

After he left, I told her what a hot little slut she was.

She never had a repeat performance yet.

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