Three Weeks in Bed with a Work Friend: Part 2

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

After about three days I was getting use to Craigs big black dick and loving it more each night.
We got good anal lube to take place of soap and we found it easier to swallow his dick to the balls if I was laying on my back with my head hanging off the edge of bed giving him a straight shot in my throat.

I would still make him pull back in my mouth to fill it with that wonderful hot cum then he could shoot rest in my throat balls deep.
I did love his big black dick balls deep in me no matter what hole he had it in.

Craig would make me cum a lot of times by just fucking my little ass balls deep but there were times when he like to swallow a load of cum or get his ass fucked to.
Even though he did not care for being bitch every night like me.

Some nights I was his bitch and some nights I was his slut but every night I was his white wife and he treated me like his wife too when it comes to giving me his big black beauty balls deep.
One thing Craig like the most was when I suck his balls and eat his big black ass before I get balls deep in his ass.

Sometimes he would squat over my face grab his cheeks spread them and come down on my mouth and I could slide my tongue all the way in his ass.
Tongue fucking Craigs ass I could feel he had a few way bigger dicks than mine in it a few times.

Of course, he could feel the same about my ass. My ass got broke in when I was a teenager throat too I guess you can say by my cousin and uncles.
I was raised on a farm with lots of incest. I don't think any girl or boy reached their 20's as a virgin always a relative in line to take their virginity at 18.

Only thing we didn't have on the farm was dicks like Craig's dick.

You know the old saying if you go black you never go back. I do know that is true if I could get all the black dick, I want but I do know if I get offered a white dick, I would suck it too or fuck it but if I am offered a big white dick or Craig's big black dick, I would suck the black one every time.

Craig and I went back to our plant in Houston things have changed in our work duties.
If we in a tower working and get where the hole watch cannot see us, then that was a blow job or ass for Craig.

Even the boss said it take us much longer to do a job now since we went to other plant.
Of course, that is only jobs out of sight where we are seen they got good days work.

I am retired now but I still go to Houston every couple month to give Craig blow jobs and ass or he come to Missouri to get it.


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