Three Weeks in Bed with a Work Friend: Part 1

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

About ten years ago I worked at a Mobil plant in Houston Texas. When working maintenance, you were not allowed to work alone so a work buddy was assigned to work with you at all times.
Some of us called each other our work wives.

Mobil plants had a shared labor policy which meant we could volunteer to go work shutdowns at other Mobil plants for extra hours and more money.
About 200 miles from our plant Mobil had an emergency shutdown and was asking for volunteers.
My work friend and I decided that we would go for the three weeks shutdown.

Right from the start things didn't go right. The company did not make reservations for us a motel found that out when we got there so we had to find our own place with filled hotels and motels.
We finally found a motel 30 miles from job with only one queen bed which meant we have to sleep together.

Craig my friend was around 6' 5" tall and a very huge black man. The manager of the motel said he try to find extra roll away bed but that never happened.
That night in the bed was close quarters with Craigs size.

Craig took shower came out in his boxers could see the imprint of his dick limp was bigger than my hard dick.
Next day Craig and another black guy was joking about him bringing his work wife with him and the other guy asked if I was going to be his motel wife for the three weeks?

Craig said he was going to be working on it and he did like white meat.
I took it as a joke and we all laughed.
After getting off work we went to a restaurant and had dinner Craig paid for dinner then he said usually when he pays for a meal, he at least gets a blow job in return.

I took that as a joke also and said well Craig the night is still early anything can happen. LOL.
We got to motel Craig took a shower first then came out nude and set on the bed which did not bother me since I was a nudist anyway at home.

I went in took my shower dried off come out bathroom Craig setting on side of bed stroking his dick hard as a rock. I have to admit when I see it, I wanted it.
It was the biggest darkest and hardest dick I ever seen in my life.

I starred at it and could see myself trying to swallow that beautiful black dick.
It was at least 11" extra thick black dick and it was most beautiful dick I had ever seen on a man.

Craig said okay Bob I am ready for you to pay for your dinner I told you when I pay for dinner, I get a blow job at least.
I said I don't know if I am ready to be motel wife this soon.

I was nude also Craig grabbed me as I passed to get in bed, I am 5'5" weigh 140 pounds very small compared to Craig he was strong but he did not have to use a lot of strength to get me on my knees licking the precum from his beautiful black dick.
I licked and mouth his dick getting it good and wet with him saying whole time yes baby you are ready to be my wife suck that black dick you white slut.

His dick was so thick I barely got the head in my mouth my jaws where hurting but I was not going to get off his hard black dick and I wanted his huge load of cum.

I guess I had about half of his dick in my mouth when he hit my throat but his head was too thick for throat fucking, I thought. He pulled back and shoved again and part of his dick got in my throat it hurt bad so I pulled back and he let me suck what I could and then I felt his hard dick get thicker and jerking then came that wonderful load of sweet hot cum a huge load. Craig put his hands in back of my head and rammed his dick down my throat to his balls I have sucked many dicks and big ones and long ones but none ever put as much pain in my throat as that monster black dick did to me the first time, he throat fucked me.

After he finished shooting all his cum and I swallowed it with hurting throat but loving every drop.

After that we went to bed and my voice was gone for days just a whisper for couple days pain went away also in couple days.
After getting in bed Craig ask me to jerk him off awhile when he got hard I licked his dick again until he was rock hard then we soaped my ass and he put that big dick in my ass but I could not stand him getting balls deep so he fucked me with about 8" of his wonderful dick and that was enough to make us both cum.

As the nights move on the better the sex get oral and anal but that is another story.
I am enjoying the role of Craig's motel wife.

He pays for dinner and I pay him back after showers each night.
Part 2 to cum soon.


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