This Maybe You, How I Finally Got My Wife Good And Fucked

by LowC (Kansas City, Mo)

I married young, 19 and my wife was 18. We had a fairly long courtship, about a year and a half, engaged after our first sex together. I was a virgin, she was very experienced for only being 18. I didn’t learn this before marriage, but there were signs that I ignored, I was totally in love, I refused to believe she was well screwed and even slipping some more in while we were engaged.

I ignored comments from other guys, I ignored her younger sister who told me another guy had came to the house and picked her up. She was so sexual. At her age it was like such a hot pussy , hot wet, and she would cum so hard and well she was just born to fuck. 5’3” dark black hair, long curly bush , about 115 lbs and athletic. She would just drain me, we would fog the windows up on our mobile bedroom, good old youthful car sex.

We had the church wedding. We settled in to an old one bedroom house, early 1970’s, small town, $40 month rent. The landlord was gracious, knowing I was bringing a new bride to live there, he painted and hung wallpaper , actually pretty nice digs for our first home. I had been painfully shy in our dating, I was slow to getting my first sex. Hand holding, breast fumbling, touching the genital area took me a while and several dates.

She went along with it, played the part of a virgin quite convincingly, even crying out oh you’re the first!!! As I was ejaculating into her warm and wet, very easily penetrated hot hairy hole lol. As a new husband I soon became more dominant. I also had more time to reflect on our relationship as instead of seeing each other once a week we were in constant contact.

I dwelled upon the signs I ignored while dating. I couldn’t help it , curiosity kills the cat, it also is irresistible, especially sexual curiosity. I found that during our torrid love making sessions it became very easy to talk about sex. And I learned that things she was irreproachable about at times during the day , were open for discussion when she had a pair of lips around her vagina and a tongue gently bring the little man in the boat to the bursting point.

I asked her, you faked being a virgin didn’t you. Yes. Who got ya? Randy . How , at a basketball game, he brought a blanket, we went behind the school. That was the first admission, I knew Randy’s friend was Jimmy. Jimmy's sister was her friend. So another night I brought up Jimmy. Yes she had been in a band, she sang, Jimmy had fucked her regularly. I knew Jimmy , from sports I knew he was hung like most men would give a body part for.

So during sex I would ask, and she would tell. I learned a lot, I trusted her , but I knew she was “easy” in high school. Well I had it, I married a wonderful sexual wife, I’m inexperienced, more than a little jealous. I tried buying cheap sex magazines at the drug store, there was one that had a swinger section in it. We shared reading Penthouse forum. We explored sex, I learned that she was a heavy squirt woman when she’s really worked up. I was a master at cunnilingus, she was multi orgasmic.

Over the years, I had found she enjoyed vibrators, we had went shopping. She really dug anal beads while getting oral sex. I would pull them after painstakingly pushing a string of about a hundred into her tight pooper while she reached orgasm from my oral attention.

I learned my 7” did not reach her cervix with regularity or with more than a glancing blow. This after a night of fingering, oral play, and nearly my hole hand in her vagina, her bucking and squirting when I managed to prod that little guy with a couple fingers and stroking it like a penis, which I was amazed to discover.

Now this was over years of marriage, we discussed a threesome many times. I was a cheater. I had bedded a couple of hotties while in my 20’s and again in my 40’s. I also discovered adult bookstores, anonymous sex with other males. I had become fully bisexual. Even trying to let my wife know. Joan was very adaptable. She learned to fist me anally, and I think she quite enjoyed it actually.

From taking me to the bathroom and giving me an enema to make me squeaky clean to the act of fucking me almost to the elbow, she knew when I had enough, I would be super erect for her. Yes , there were half truths , hints, from us both we had been married 34 years and we were still learning about our sexual makeup. We would talk about it, another man, she said she was scared, ...why ... I don’t know how I would act .

The kids, what if I get out of control. Fast forward the kids are grown. We’re in our early 50’s , she is still an attractive woman. She worries that a few lbs makes her less desirable. Actually she’s got that nice milf look, great in blue jeans , big tits, Mother Earth looking mama you just know would throw a great fuck look! We were home, she was cleaning, I was in the middle bedroom of the house, a door on each side of it open, as you had to pass through it to the laundry area.

Well I was enjoying the day off, watching my favorite porn, interracial, well hung black guys fucking pretty white women. Monster cocks in all the holes, women having great orgasms while a huge cock bumping the in the belly from the inside. She came by, I said sit. She sat by me, I said watch with me, a question, yes she said ... for a bit . We snuggled close, I felt she was actually watching with interest.

You know hon, that girl isn’t faking, she’s cumming hard! I know that’s not a fake squirt, she’s cumming like you do. Uh huh she says. You know I love you honey, would you ever consider, I mean you think you could enjoy a go a a handsome black guy like him. Uhhm ..maybe. Oh my God! She said maybe. I said you know I would love to see you get the dick you deserve, I mean this, I know what a great thing it would be for you to take a really big long cock.

How good it would feel, and I really want to see it. Her...are you sure ...Me , yes you know I want this for us, I will only love you more. And so it happens ... As usual, at bedtime things get real. I have a pitch weekly , a newspaper with events around the closest big city to us. There’s a personals section. A black man ad. I call on my cell. Hello, hi my name is.. I’m interested in your ad for myself and my wife.

We talked at length, not really about sex but about ourselves, our age, our looks, our interests. I told him it was to be our first time experience, how long we had been married, that I was in bed with my wife beside me. Of course he wanted to talk to her, rather than ask, I handed her the phone.

He broke the ice, he was very polite, well spoken , writing a book, an abuse counselor, said he was 6’2” 185, and when I asked him if he was good in bed, he said, never a complaint yet lol. They talked, really non sexual about interests, weather, lifestyle, at the end she handed the phone back, I finished.

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