This is the follow up story of the two black gardeners the father and the ex convict taking my wife on my birthday

by John Rowley (Adelaide South Australia)

Having received a phone call from the office I was not needed so returned home to find the gardens with the younger one slowly putting sun screen on my wife and she hated blacks but was allowing them to touch her and arouse her.
I watched as he he took his 10 inches out for her to feel and the father with his eleven inches feeding my wife’s face with these big cocks.
I watched them cum while she swallowed all the cum. There cocks were still hard and their ball bags slapping against her cunt while she was screaming out for more and more cock in her fertile cunt which was ready for seeding.
I then drove off and and thought about it for over the next hour and a half while driving I came up with a plan of revenge.
As I drove home to pay the gardeners I saw them leaving and stopped to pay the $50 dollars for the work during the day. On asking how they got on and they said they had done plenty of seeding and would be returning next week for more seeding with big grins on their faces and trying to be so smart.
In the mean time I cancelled my wife’s credit cards for a start she was not aware I had done this.
When I walked in and greeted her with enthusiasm and she likewise.
She was washing the sheets and I know she and the black gardener were using our matrimonial bed. I said that I would give her a hand and said would you mind putting the kettle on for a cuppa while I would wash the sheets. As I was washing I saw the cum stains on the sheets which had turned brown. So I got hold of a tissue and wiped it for DNA. As my wife came back and asked what was spilt on the sheets and she said it was a coffee stain. I did not believe of course and she went red.
As I have a big high Tech. firm servicing many clients in security. My plan of action for the start of the revenge period.
My wife suggested that we employ the gardeners twice a week and I decided that I would speak with them next week to tell them what my wife wanted done in the garden.
So I told her for her safety I would put security camera,s on the outside and I would include a big TV. And outside speakers for outside music. Little did she know that all rooms would have hidden camera,s linked to my office and recorded.
So on the Monday is when my firm arrived and saying to my wife need some help in the office and wanted her there and she said yes.
It took two days to complete the job
Revenge is sweet and the security system was working the speakers played music with the touch of a button and likewise the T.V.would go into roof and the security would come through.
The gates we placed razor wire along the top and the fence. The outside gates were equiped with locks on the outside.
My wife was unaware of these changes as she was not overly bright.
I then employed a plumber in the en-suite to put taps on all pipes leading to the hot and cold water to the shower, toilet, and hand basin but leaving the handles loose so I could take them and not unscrew.
I then had bolts put into the floor under the bed so out of site. I also put super glue around the windows.
Having put in a big security system into one of my clients The Hell,s Angels.
So I went to the top and paid for two burley men to help with the next plan.
So Wednesday arrived and so did the gardeners. The bikies first Job was to lock the gate from the street so the van would not get out but became captive in the back garden.
Having done some research on castration through e.bay I bought an Elastrator and a box of rings same as they put on bull calves and ram lambs. So the fun started for me and the revenge was o so sweet.
The Bikies were given instructions to place the rings in the blacks. It included handcuffs and a big net and ropes to hold them down.
So the gardeners arrived and we were ready for the day. With text I was able to communicate with the bikies.
My wife again was sun baking and and making herself available to the blacks beside the pool. She was again taking the sunscreen and then produced his big cock and started to penetrate her pussy. His big cock was enormous and could not stop fucking her as he came his father who was bigger and just pumped away with cum coming out of her mouth and cunt and the son opened up her arsehole and made her scream and then it felt so good with two cocks I side of her leaving their seed in my belly. They both said you belong to us now you love black cock and no more white cock not your whimpey 4 inch cock of your husband who would not touch you any more we own you now.
After two hours of fucking and me looking at it on security camera,s it was making me so angry at the disloyalty of my wife.
It was then that the young bull took her upstairs to matrimonial bed. What my wife failed to realise that I had changed the locks on the door and could only be locked on the outside.
Then the two bikies waited outside the door and when the moaning started they marched in as my wife lay naked on the bed and the black stud as well.
The bikies grabbed hold of the black stud and handcuffed him. My wife tried to escape but was told to lie there and shut up.
As the handcuffs went on he was crying at being caught then it started he was then castrated with a rubber ring on his balls.
Not finished as a ring was placed on the small finger and the thumb. On the left hand rubber rings were on the three index fingers.
Just before that the tap handles had been collected and a small cup left to take water from the cistern only water in the be room.
A bowl of dog food was left for them and just before we ringed him we got him to masterbated on the dog food.
The black stud was now in agony.
A dog collar was placed on his neck and a long chain placed on the collar.
My wife was nude and begging for mercy she was tied down with legs apart she was so frightened that she had peed the bed and crapped herself.
The father thought that they were taking a long time and wanted a part of the action so climbed the stairs but became entangled in the net
He was taken to the bedroom and handcuffed. With a dog collar and long chain atached to the bolts in the floor.
He then masterbated onto the dog food. The bikies held him after a struggle and was ringed the opposite hand three fingers ringed the other hand thumb and little finger removed.
So far everything had gone to plan and the next part of the plan was put into action over the next two days.
First thing was to a disbarred doctor. He made sure she was not pregnant.
Then to the Tattoo parlour with my wife wife pleading forgiveness there was none as I got angrier and angrier. So we started .
On her bum we had tattooed I love black cock on her arse cheeks. Then I had her nipples pierced with hollow studs and a silver dick on one tit and a cunt on the other she was in pain did I care. Above her mound I had a black penis dripping cum. And at the same time I had her belly button pierced. She was crying in pain but had the doctor inject her with pain killers. A stud and ring through the nose and the lip 12 earrings in each ear and ring through the eyebrow. And two tounge studs. A lovely horizontal stud through the Clit and 6 rings through the libia. And she was completed with her new roll as a whore.
Next day my bikies took the father to the tattoo parlour in the van owned by him as his fingers were turning blue and his blue balls.
He had a big ring through this dick and tattooed was I fuck white married cunts in big letters he then had a stud in his tounge and studs in his ears and then studs in his belly button and lips. Back to the bedroom in agony and likewise to his son.
After three days there balls were going black and the fingers as well
She was swollen and sore and crying for help I spat on her in disgust and I left her naked for 4 days. And at this stage the blacks were in no position to get erections no interest and no deposit as the banks would say.
As they had run out of water and crapped themselves time for the next move.
The father was released and taken down stairs and place in the back of the van.
He was driven all night some 1000 miles away and released on the streets.
His son was driven the same distance in the opposite direction and dropped of as his balls were black like his fingers no more seeding.
The van went back to the bikies as part payment for the job and $30000 later a cheap job.
Back to my wife I bought her a chastity belt and I trained her to pole dance. So every Saturday night she pole danced in a black Club
with a chastity belt on I dropped her off and picked her up and took home and locked her in spare room.
I put a collar round her neck and a dog chain attached to the collar.
I told her I would not divorce her but treat her like a dog.
I decided that we would have a dinner party so I put her in the kitchen to prepare for the guests as she was a good cook.
When the first guests arrive she met them at the door in the nude with the tattoo writing on her. The guests were shocked but explained what had happened and went along with it.
I had fallen in love with a woman nearer to my age and she did not mind my 4inch dick.
My revenge was complete and my wife is so submissive as I had forced her to sign a contract to have tattoo,s and body piercing,s.
I also have sold her car and so dependant on me for everything.
The final humiliation was when I asked her parents for afternoon tea and she met them at the door in the nude they were horrified by the sight of their daughter defaced and turned and left to never see them again.

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