They Finally Got Her

by Anonymous (Nevada)

Hearing from someone from the past reminded me of a time when I watched my wife get fucked by two guys.

Roy text me and said he would be coming through town on his way west and was wondering if he could stop by and say Hi he was a long haul driver and came through once and a while my wife Loni said no chance she didn't care for him much he used to be married to Loni's sister and used to hit on her all the time and couldn't take his eyes off her.

It would bother me a lot, the things he would do one time I saw him playing footsies under the table with her and any chance he would get he would touch her and one time he made a joke and said what is relative humidity he said it is when you are fucking your sister-in-law from behind and a drop of sweat falls down the crack of her ass.

I knew he was talking about what he wanted to do to Loni. Along with him my Mother-in-Laws husband named Big Bob who was huge and liked to spread money around like he was rich who she was married to for a short time wanted to Fuck Loni too he used to leer at her all the time and one time we were going to a party and had left are car at a restaurant he came in a Limo to pick us up and took us to the party.

Afterwards me Loni and Big Bob took the limo back to our house to drop us off when Big Bob said we need to go back to the restaurant and get your car I will take Loni and go get it and my wife was drunk as SHIT she wouldn't have been able to drive he knew that he was planning on having his cock in her Pussy before they would have left the driveway.

I took it as a compliment that these two guys wanted to Fuck her who could blame them Loni has a very beautiful face a nice curvy figure nice ass and tits great personality and friendly but it kept me on guard all the time.

One night we were at Loni's sister and husband Roy's home and Big Bob was there we were drinking and having a good time when Loni's sister went to bed. We stayed up and I could tell Roy and Big Bob were trying to get Loni even more drunk and hitting on her I finally said it was time for us to turn in you could tell they were pissed.

Once upstairs I was turned on by my Wife being drunk and took off her pants and moved her panties to the side and started eating her pussy and then started licking her asshole and proceeded to stick my finger into her asshole and as I was doing this I started talking dirty to her asking how she likes it she responded she liked it then I said do you know who wishes they were here now doing this she said yes Roy and Big Bob.

I asked her if she was feeling nasty she said yes why? I told her why don't you go downstairs in your t-shirt and panties and get me some water. She agreed she got up and went downstairs. I was able to watch from the top of the stairs when she got there I could tell Roy and Big Bob couldn't believe there eyes the woman they wanted to Fuck so Bad was back and I knew there was no way they would let her escape again.

I heard them offer her a shot which she said yes then another after the second one I saw Roy lift Loni's t-shirt up to look at her black panties she pulled her shirt down but he did it again and started rubbing her ass. Then Big Bob sat on the couch and pulled his cock out and demanded Loni come suck it she slowly went over and bent down and started to suck it.

Immediately Roy came over and lifted Loni's hips up and knelt down and pulled her panties down and started to eat her pussy. Now it was to late for me to stop this so I watched Loni suck Big Bob's cock and Roy eat her pussy after a few minutes Roy got up unable to contain himself and dropped his pants and started Fucking Loni from behind after a few minutes Big Bob came in Loni's mouth Roy came in Loni's pussy and Loni had an orgasm.

I went upstairs quickly a few minutes later Loni crawled in bed. We never spoke of that night but I know Roy and Big Bob want a chance to relive that night over and over again.

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