The wifing of Mom

by Carla (NJ)

Jim’s mom was a teacher, with reputation for being a rather stern one at that. And she was. In school, he had always cringed when he heard other students complaining about what a bitch she was, not knowing of course that she was his mom. That was just the way things were and he was not about to argue with them and cause even more problems. His mom could handle herself.

Now of course he had graduated, and he just wondered what all of those kids would say if they knew that he and his mom fucked. His mom was a very attractive woman with full breasts, and he had always found her attractive in a way that he wasn’t sure if most boys did when it came to their mothers.

He and his mom had always been close, and after his parents had divorced, he and his mom became even more aware of this. It was to the point where they both felt a little self-conscious of it, although at the same time being discreetly encouraging of such feelings and liking it, without denying the allure that it had.

One day his mom had remarked in the matter of fact way that he had about her, “You know that one day we’re going to get ourselves into trouble.”

“Trouble?” he had questioned, not entirely sure by what she meant.

“Well … maybe not trouble. But there could be complications.”

“Complications?” he repeated this word too in the same way.

“There can be when mothers and son do things like that together.”

“You mean … sex?” he questioned a little unsure.

“Yes,” she confirmed and then Anita had smiled in a sort of way that was both amused and a bit modest.

Jim looked the same. “Oh,” he said. And then he said, “But it doesn’t have to be complicated. “

“Well …” his mom allowed. “It could be nice. But there’s no telling how you might feel afterward about doing something like that with your own mother. Or how I might feel doing that with my son.”

“We could try it once … just to see,” Jim said a little self-consciously, presenting that as not being unreasonable.

His mother responded with a somewhat skeptical look.

“If we don’t like it…” Jim said.

“All right,” she agreed. “We’ll try it … once.”

They went into her bedroom and took their clothes off. It felt delightful to be naked together on the bed as they exchanged small affectionate kisses on the lips and held one another. Jim felt prideful of the erection that he was having with her, just as she did when she laid back and spread her legs apart to reveal her hairy crease.

Jim’s penis went into her vagina and in that moment, they knew that they were committed, and they looked at one another with that realization. It was just a little breathtaking to suddenly be physically intimate like that as mother and son. And yet it felt so wonderful. And once they had intercourse, it was quite an incredible experience to have shared. They had sex twice that day, and both times they had been so overwhelmed and delighted.

The following day they enjoyed a prolonged session of being nakedly intimate and had sex four times.

She had held him tight and said, “I love how it feels when you fuck me.”

Jim had never heard his mom use that word before. But under the circumstances, with his hard penis moving in and out of her wet vagina, it was an appropriate word to use.

“I love fucking you, mom,” had been his response. And he did.

To see his mom having an orgasm had been a new experience, just as it was to ejaculate in her.

For Anita it was less of a surprise to see her son being sexual than it was for him to see him mom being sexual. Yet it was all quite thrilling and fun and passionate and loving. It was this way for an entire year and with no regrets or even feeling that it was somehow wrong. But there were complications in that now neither could imagine not doing this together. Fucking had just become a part of who they were as mother and son.

“You know, I’m thinking of retiring at the end of this year … in a few months,” Anita said. She had mentioned this before, so it came as no surprise.

“You’ve been teaching for twenty years,” Jim remarked.

“Yes,” she confirmed and she smiled and rolled her eyes over this fact. “But what I was thinking … was that after I retired, maybe we could move. Go someplace new and where nobody knows us, and we could just live openly together. It would make things a whole lot easier … I mean, considering.”

Jim smiled. “That would be great.”

Anita looked at him questioningly and a little unsure. “Do you really think so?” Hesitantly she said, “It would be like us more or less living together like husband and wife. Or at least as partners.”

“That,” Jim assured, “would be wonderful. Actually … we could start being a little more romantic and maybe in love with each other?”

Anita grinned. “I think we already are … just that we wouldn’t have to hide it.”

“The let’s do it.”

The decision was mutual and perfect and Anita was thrilled. “Then I say, let’s go fuck and celebrate.”

“Let’s go fuck,” Jim said.

And they did.

I am a friend of Mirissa’s and she motivated me to write this story, so I did. I also live thankfully in New Jersey, and as a divorced mom, I have been enjoying having sex with my grown son, so I suppose that I do know something of what I write about. I have found having a sexual relationship with my son to be extremely rewarding as well as satisfying. I will say that this may perhaps not be for all moms and sons, it really does depend on what their relationship is like. But personally, and to be frank, I’m thrilled to be boned by my son, and he is thrilled to bone his mom! We both love it!

I should mention that I have also tried to include the male perspective as supplied by my own son. I hope that you enjoy this story.

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