The Walking Couple

by Axara (UK)

I just thought that you might like to hear about what happened to me last week.

The following encounter did take place.

It is so much easier to write about an event that actually happened, because instead of dreaming up a story line, all you have to do is tell it just as it was.

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Adam, I have just turned 19, and I enjoy going out for long walks in the country and beside the sea.

It was on one of these trips along a narrow path that I could see a couple heading in my direction, so I thought that I would sit on a seat nearby so that they would be able to pass easier. As they drew nearer, I could make out that it was a male and a female. He looked to be in his late 50's and she in her early 30's. Instead of passing me by, the male said “Do you mind if we join you” ? “No; not at all” I replied a bit taken aback by this request. To my surprise and delight, the female who's name turned out was Jane, came and sat next to me, with her partner Bill next to her. So there she was, sandwiched between us.

He was bald. She on the other hand had lots of long blonde hair which kept obscuring her face as the wind blew it about. However, what she did have that were prominently on display were two of the longest shapeliest sun kissed legs I have ever seen in my life, shown off to the full by her micro denim shorts that she was wearing.

After a lot of small talk, I couldn't help mentioning to Jane what a fantastic pair of legs she had. She smiled and thanked me for my comment. I noticed that he was also smiling, so I knew that I might be on to a good thing here if I played my cards right.

“We were wondering if you might help us with something” Bill said slightly nervously. “Only too happy to oblige” I instinctively replied. It was then Bill dropped his bombshell.

“I would like to see you lick Jane's pussy”! He said, not being able to look me in the eye. She nodded her approval at the suggestion as I turned to her for confirmation. “Blimey” I remember thinking to myself at the time, ( or words to that effect ) my pants immediately started to bulge at the thought of doing it..

So;....I got off of the seat, knelt down on the grass in front of Jane and proceeded to remove her shorts as she lifted her bottom up off the seat a little so that they would be released easier. I undid the button at the top of her skimpy shorts, pulled down the fly zip, and slowly slid them down until they were around her ankles, revealing her damp knickers. Deftly I quickly removed these to join her shorts without any trouble at all. Just before I went down on her, I thought that I'd better check that they had not changed their; not at all, they certainly hadn't, in fact I could see by their faces that they couldn't wait for me to start!

I slid my arms between and under her wide opened legs, and hooked my hands over the top of her thighs, and pulled her legs apart as I zoned in on her shaved privates. When I got close to her moist pussy, I could smell her wonderful musty female scent, and that really turned me on. I decided to make the experience last as long as possible by tracing out all of the capital letters of the alphabet using the flat of my tongue on her most sensitive bits.

I heard a sharp intake of breath as I made first contact. When I had got as far as the letter “I”, she was squirming all over the place muttering sexual obscenities under her breath, as I relentlessly continued on my way towards the letter “Z”. After a short while she gripped my head in both of her hands and pulled me into her, my face was squashed into her private parts, making it difficult to breathe as I relentlessly lapped on her sensitive love bud, also giving it a suck as well now and then, making her squeal with ecstasy.

When I eventually reached the last letter, her pussy was completely soaked in her love juices, and my face was covered in it as well. “That was fantastic” she managed to say when I had run out of letters to perform on her. With her eyes closed, body quivering, and the top of her legs wet from my administrations, I considered it a job well done much to Bill's obvious delight, who unnoticed by me had had his cock out of his pants and been wanking furiously all of the time.

Jane then stood up and dressed herself, thanked me for the use of my tongue, and said “We must do this again sometime” I never knew if I had made her come that day, but I do know that she thoroughly enjoyed it, as had Bill ( not to mention me! ). Apparently they take to walking along this path a couple of times a week during their lunch time break. So I very much hope to bump into them again very very soon for a repeat performance, and with any luck, perhaps go a little further. If it happens ( and I hope it does ) I will let you all know.

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