The Very Good Grandmother

by Grace (VA)

I was being a naughty grandmother and I loved it, as I sat nakedly astride my nineteen-year-old grandson’s slender hips right there on the living room carpet. And he enjoyed being a naughty grandson, having she stiff erection up in his grandmother’s hairy wet vagina.

Danny was grinning. “Oh, Gran …” he said.

“It’s nice doing this together, isn’t it?” I said, also grinning with delight.

“It’s great.”

As I rode my vagina up and down his stiff organ, thinking of what my daughter would say if she knew that I was doing this with her son, I was became curious. “Do you ever do this with your mom?” I asked.

“No,” was his quick response, looking surprised by the question. “She’d never do anything like this.”

“I was just wondering,” I said casually. “Some boys do fuck their mothers.”

Danny laughed. “It’d be fun … fucking my mom and my grandmother.”

I laughed, too. “It would be. Maybe we could do it all together. The three of us.”

I could see that Danny liked that thought.

Although I was a grandmother, and actually quite a respectable one, I had a few sexual secrets. I had enjoyed having threesomes on more than one occasion. And then, once at a party, which had turned into an orgy, I had been fucked by four different men and I had given I don’t know how blow jobs.

That had been ten years ago in a wild and crazy moment which I had loved. And, in addition, I had also enjoyed a few very lustful bisexual moments with a women friend or two. No one knew, of course. Those were just my secret passions.

Right then I was concentrating on enjoy some delightful sex with my grandson.

I raised up and down, letting his hard-male organ be wetly caressed by my vagina, as I felt my clitoris bulging. I reached my fingers down to stroke its extended protrusion and was quickly giving myself an orgasm.

“Ohhhhh!” I said, gasping just a little as I climaxed.

Seeing his grandmother coming excited Danny and suddenly he was once more ejaculating and doing that deep inside of my vagina, which felt so good and so satisfying, happily providing me with his sperm.

“Ohhh … yes …” I moaned softly as I received his maleness with pleasure.

In another moment we were through fucking and it had been so wonderful.

Although I already knew that we would do it again and maybe even a third time while he was there. At nineteen, Danny had the staying power of a young race horse and I thoroughly loved it, like any grandmother would.

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