The Unexpected Mom

by Jason (CA)

Denise was standing naked in the kitchen taking a sip of coffee when her son walked in through the backdoor, and she almost choked.

Brendan just stopped and stared, not expecting to see his mom standing there naked like she was.

“Oh,” She said. “I wasn’t expecting you home so early.”

Brendan could see that.

She smiled. “I just happened to feel like being naked,” she said simply and with no more explanation that that.

“Oh,” said Brendan. He could see that, aside from surprised to see him so unexpectedly, his mom really did not looked particularly embarrassed and certainly in no rush to try and cover up.

He grinned. “Nice boobs.”

She gave him a playful smirk. “Do you want to have a feel before they’re put back up?” she teased.

Brendan stepped over. His mom had fairly large full breasts. He brought his hands up to fondle their soft shapes and she just stood there while he did that. Then he leaned his head down and kissed and gently sucked on the broad expanse of pink nipple on her left breast and after a moment did the same on the right nipple.

“Mmm,” his mom murmured, not objecting. She slipped a hand down to run her fingers over the front of his jeans, feeling the firmness that was there. “Is that giving you a boner?”

Brendan blushed a tiny bit.

She was grinning in an amused way. “Why don’t we go take care of that real quick? Come on.”

Brendan followed his mom from the kitchen and into the bedroom where she sprawled on the bed. He took off his clothes, letting his boner spear stiffly up in its display, and joined her naked on the bed. They slipped into each other’s arms and did a kiss on the lips. She grinned and wrinkled her nose over their delightful and uninhibited nakedness.

Brendan got on top of her and between her legs which she was holding apart, and pushed his boner into her soft, wet vagina. It sank in easily and smoothly.

“Ooo … that feels so nice,” she said. “So hard.”

Brendan raised his hips and pulled his erect penis part way back and then slid inward again.

He could not believe that he was actually doing this with his mom. He had no idea that she would ever be willing to fuck like this.

“Oh, yes. Oooo … Oooo …” she moaned softly as she felt his penis moving in and out of her, its stiff male shape filling her vagina again and again.

Brendan looked down at his mom. Her head was back and her eyes were squeezed closed and she was breathing hard.

“Are you going to come?” he asked, wondering.

“I think I am …” she said. “Just keep giving it to me. Keep fucking me.”

Brendan did, plunging his stiff penis again and again into her female organ, letting her feel every rigid inch.

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” she panted, her arms encircling his back. Then she gasped. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

It so incredible, using his penis to make his mom have an orgasm like this.

It was exciting seeing her being so sexual.

He kept fucking her while she climaxed and she moaned and groaned and struggled beneath him, shamelessly with her legs apart to accommodate her son’s maleness in her womanly depths.

“Ohhhh … yes … yes …” she gasped.

In the next moment she was lying limp beneath him and Brendan fucked his mom’s prostrate naked body, his thrusting making her large bare breasts sway loosely from side to side as she lay there helplessly enduring being passionately fucked.

Brendan chocked as he felt his boner ejaculating, doing so in huge, excited surges.

“Oooo …” his mom moaned softly as she felt his organ ejaculating deep inside of her, and so satisfyingly giving her his sperm. She always loved it when a man came in her, and having her son doing this was so special.

Finally as they lay their recovering his mom said, “Oh! That was so wonderful!”

“Yeah. It was,” Brendan agreed.

His thoughts were still reeling not only over the fact that he had just fucked his own mom, but that his mom had been so willing to do this with him. It was just so unexpected. Yet moms could be that way – unexpected.

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