The Toy Store

by Carol (Florida)

I like to go to the adult store every once and awhile to buy more sex toys for myself. I’ve gotten to know the owners so they watch out for me that no one gets fresh with me.

I’m Carol and I have a body that was made for sex. I have big tits, a great ass and a pair of legs to die for. My husband, Rocky enjoys watching interracial movies with black men with huge cocks.

I get so turned on watching a white woman cum all over a big black cock. I just finished watching a movie and masturbated and now I think I’ll take a shower, get dressed and go buy a new black toy.

I saw one that’s big and has a suction cup on the bottom of it so I can ride it also. I put on my favorite, a yellow sundress and off I go. I pull in the parking lot and go inside.

Tony, one of the owners says Hi Carol how are you. I say I’m ok as I’m looking for my big black special cock. I’m walking around the store and there it is, 12” of rubber black cock.

I grab it and it’s kind of heavy and I go to pay for it. Tony says isn’t that a little to big for such a small woman. I say I maybe small but I’m big where it counts the most.

He laughs I pay for it and now I can’t wait to get home. I’m going to my car and I hear a voice hey pretty lady can you spare a dollar. I look and it’s a very big black homeless man and I tell him sure.

I reach into my wallet and my black cock falls out the bag. He picks it up and says why do you want a fake black cock when I can give you the real thing. I give him the dollar, grab my toy and drive off.

I get home get naked and my mind is going crazy. I start to fantasize about the black guy as I’m sucking my black toy getting ready to put it inside me. OMG it’s so big it’s stretching my pussy and now I’m ready to take it all.

I’m thinking what if I let the man in the parking lot fuck me. My fantasy starts with him grabbing me and putting me over his shoulder. He walks into the woods and there’s a mattress on the ground as he puts me down.

He pulls my sundress over my head and goes straight for my big tits. OMG what am I doing. He pulls his pants down and his cock is huge. He pushes my head down and I try to put it in my mouth.

I’m sucking his sweaty cock and he’s putting his fingers inside me. He says I’m Carl what’s your name. I moan I’m Carol. I ask him Carl are you going to fuck me.

He says Carol I’m going to do more than fuck you, you’re going to fall in love with my big black cock. Yes Carl fuck me I answer and I feel the head of his monster cock opening up my pussy.

Yes Carl give it all to me. He slams my pussy and I vim all over my black toy and now Carl is fucking me so deep. OMG I keep cumming all over my black toy.

Yes Carl fuck my white pussy and he says do you love my big black cock. OMG yes Carl I love it. Carl rolls me over and now he’s fucking me doggy, my favorite. I feel his big black balls slapping my ass as I cum again.

Carl’s cock is filling my pussy. Carl pulls out of me and says cmon Carol go for a ride. I climb on top of him and lower myself back down on his cock.

Carl says I’m going to cum where do you want it and I scream in my pussy Carl. He fills my pussy with his black cum and then he pulls his cock out of me and puts it in my mouth.

Carl says clean my cock taste my cum, which I do. We laid there for a minute and I got up, a little sore out my sundress back on and left. I’m cumming again all over my toy.

I think next time I go back to the store, I’ll let him do whatever he wants to me. My black toy will have to do for now, but I know I’ll be going back soon, very soon. TRUE STORY.

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